Snooze Fest

I have issues.  Lots.  But today I only want to reveal one.


I have an incessant need to photograph people when they are sleeping.


I can’t help it.  They are so vulnerable and available.  I’m like Dexter…except less blood and more drool.

I believe this obsession always starts with the fact that newborns sleep so much.  It’s the only time you can really photograph them.  And I do.  Oh do I.


Both of our boys like to sleep with us – Will more than Weston.  And honestly, when they sleep in your bed, it’s hard not to snap a shot.


Will lately has been doing a lot of snoozing on the couch…taquitos not necessary.


And of course the car seat is a favorite. (in Daddy’s hat, or sunglasses, or while holding a photo of his cousin Clara)


This is his chair.  I find him there probably once a week.


And I always find him in various positions in bed.


Weston is more of a one-position kinda guy and always prefers to sleep on his belly…with or without the paci.


But the lovies are almost a must in the sleep department for both boys…often times, multiple lovies for extra comfort.  I will fully support this habit well into college…as long as the girls think it’s weird…I’m okay with that.


Weston does this thing called the neck snuggle…which of course, I LOVE and forbid him to do to anyone else.


And I love the fact that Weston will fall asleep pretty much anywhere if you do the cuddle right…(on the elliptical, on a lawn chair, at an outdoor concert!)


But my absolute favorite is capturing the little funny shots.  These are the photos that I will probably treasure when I am old and gray and can barely hold my Metamucil.  They are the ones that I will look back on while singing Remember When.  These are my microscope slides (Dexter reference).

Will has fallen asleep in some of the weirdest places…planking inside the toy chest, inside the Lowe’s grocery cart and even crawled out of his crib to snooze on the floor…complete with hand-on-the-toy.  just. in. case.


…digging for gold, while at the doctors office (he slept through the entire hour long appointment), and one time I found him under the bed (after a freak out that I thought he was taken!)


Weston can sleep at the beach..something Will never did, but Will has fallen asleep on a pillow on my lap under a blanket to the hair dryer…so we should call that a draw.   One of the favorite things in my mommy book is that Weston sometimes does this thing that I labeled ‘cell phoning’…because apparently babies also dream of keeping in touch with the ladies.


And we all know that the absolute best shot is when you capture both kids sleeping at the same time…because that means you can finally watch The Bachelor in peace.  This has happened maybe one time.  ever.

This weird obsession with sleeping photography must be genetic…because no joke…just look what I found on my phone.

Will took this gem of a flattering photo.  And yes, there is a lovie present.

So that’s my obsession…yes, I even have a folder on the computer called ‘sleeping photos’ so that I can keep them all together.  Do you do this or am I the only one?  Or maybe you have a different obsession?  Or perhaps you are already asleep….because yeah…this might be the lamest obsession ever…



  1. Regina says

    Katie, these pics are adorable! Your boys are the cutest! I only have one boy who is 5, but I tell you, if I can get him to nap with me on the weekends, it will only happen if he can fall asleep literally on top of me! Snuggled into my mid-section (is that weird?) is the only way, I can get him to stay still and relax. That means mommy will have to breathe very low (imagine 46 pounds on your lungs) though. But, that way mommy gets some most appreciated snooze, and the kid is happy. I am so glad my son is still a snuggle-monster at five years. Priceless! And we also do the neck snuggle. It just fits, right? Hopefully we have a few more years before they all think snuggling is totally un-cool….. Such a great post!

  2. Karen K says

    Weston’s neck snuggle has got to be the cutest thing ever! Second to that is Will planking and sleeping under his bed. Adorable!

  3. says

    Love sleeping photos! I’m also extremely jealous of how easily your kids seem to sleep in different locations. Ha ha. I sadly have no photos of odd napping places, though my son does wind up in some fairly strange positions in his bed.

  4. Alicia W. says

    This is my favorite post – at least for this minute! ;) I love the sleeping baby pictures… and fyi, the cuteness never stops… my boys are 5 and 6 (almost 7 already!) and they are the absolute sweetest creatures ever when they are sleeping. Thanks!

  5. Claire says

    Bah hahahaha–this post is hysterical, and maybe one of my favorites. From one mom to another, sleep is something we treasure from all pupils of the household; but boy, what cherry on top to have two eclectically awesome sleepers that provide many a source of entertainment!

  6. says

    I was having a rough mommy day. We have had 3 snow days in a row and I have run out of creative things to do with my almost 8, almost 6 and 3 yr. old. For some reason, you help me embrace the perfect and the imperfect moments of motherhood. I don’t know you, but I want you to know that you help me be who the Lord wants me to be in this HUGE job I hold as stay at home mommy! Blessings and lots of love!

  7. says

    These are so sweet! I love the picture of Will snuggled on the couch with his little ripped-up jeans — it’s like a Norman Rockwell-esque capture of boyhood.

  8. says

    I have a label on my blog called sleeping Sarah. I love taking pictures of her asleep. Just such a sweet and innocent face. I always want to just scoop her up. I could make a photobook with just sleeping pictures. And in fact, might add the folder to my computer. The mug I just made myself at Shutterfly includes a sleeping Sarah picture.
    Sweet boys!

  9. Becky says

    These are great!! My mom must have had this obsession too. There is a large envelope filled with pictures of me sleeping in all kind of crazy positions. I hope your boys have fun looking back on these pictures; I love looking at mine and I’m so glad my mom took them!

  10. Kate S. says

    This is the happiest post ever. Like whenever I feel bad, I should come back to this. I wish I had as many pictures of my kids sleeping. They never fall asleep unplanned and I would wake them up getting into their rooms to take pictures. Anyway, I lovvvve this collection! It’s the sweetest!

  11. Ann says

    I’m a mom of three boys. 25, 21, and 19. Wow, your photos bring back so many memories. Enjoy it! I dare you to get a dog.

  12. says

    I love sleeping pictures! I have a label on my blog names Sleeping Sarah which includes pictures of my baby girl. I even added one to my new coffee mug. I might need to make a folder in my pictures of sleeping ones and maybe make a book of them!

    Cute boys!

  13. tiffany says

    Thanks for that Katie! Finally got a chance to catch up on email and this just melted my heart. Especially as I sit here on the couch watching my daughter sleep with her hands behind her head. That has always been her comfy position. And I realized recently that both her dad and I do it too. Must be an innate thing though since she has been doing it since she popped out of my belly four and a half years ago.
    Thank you for sharing yet another sweet thing about your guys’ life!

  14. Andrea R. says

    AAAwwwww! I miss the neck snuggle!!! My youngest used to do the neck snuggle, and would do it til he was about 4 and starting school. How I miss those days!!! He’s 11 now. It would be weird if we attempted that now, huh??? LOL. Enjoy the snuggles while you can. They grow waaayyy to fast!

  15. Angela says

    I am the same way! I love taking pictures of my almost 9-month old daughter sleeping. I can’t tell you how many pictures I have of her napping on my husband. It’s the cutest thing and makes me smile. Babies/kids are so precious when they are sleeping.

  16. Lisa says

    Hey Katie, awesome photos. Check out, a website I discovered recently. The Mum gets some hilarious shots of her deep sleeping boys :-)

  17. Katie V. says

    I love it. I too, love taking pictures of my kids while they are sleeping. They are just so peaceful and look younger when snoozing!

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