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DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post and giveaway brought to you by HauteLook.  Let’s remember that I am no Gisele…that goes without saying.   


Y’all remember when I told you about HauteLook?  Well, consider me officially on the bandwagon.  It’s been a few months and I check in with them for great deals all the time.  I’m borderline obsessive compulsive about it because they get stuff so often and let’s be honest…I don’t live near a store that has cute stuff.  So online shopping is my life line to accessories.

Speaking of accessories, I recently ordered a few pieces of jewelry.  At such a deep discount, these prices rival the big box stores but the pieces themselves look so much better.  Also, I have a hard time showing off earrings without looking like I am saying ”eh?!” while appearing hard of hearing.

I had gold earrings but the boys decided that they were perfect for jamming into their piggy bank.  In their defense, they did look like gold doubloons.  I think I should be blaming Jake and the Neverland pirates.  So these new gold ones will take their place in the regular earring routine.

These pink ones are for special occasions.  I like a little color near my face sometimes…helps distract from the baby weight (or so I believe…if it’s not true, don’t tell me.  I don’t mind pretending.)

The last thing I got recently was this coat.  It’s a maternity coat…my first true maternity coat and I LOVE it.  The weather here has been really sporatic.  One day we have snow, two days later it is shorts weather, then an ice storm hits.  I honestly never know what to expect.  But now I am prepared for the cold…because the hot just means I can get more naked.

My favorite part is the fact that it is single breasted (helps do a little slimming) and the big collar.  I love me a popped collar.  Not to be confused with a pooped collar :)

So because HauteLook is constantly getting new stuff, I thought that it was kinda unfair to tell you about the things I got (the things that are no longer available) without telling you about some of the things that ARE available that I would totally buy.

That polka dot scarf is THE PERFECT accessory for any future nursing mamas.  I could totally use it as a cover up during the breastfeeding sessions, disguise any spills or mushed Cheerios (because that happens with a toddler in tow) on my tshirt and then rock it even when it’s warmer!  Plus…can we just call it like it is…leakage happens people.

I constantly watch the clock during those first newborn months…this one is worth looking at.

And seriously…giant map art?  colorful to boot?  You had me at hello world.

And that little dress might not be the most friendly thing right outa the hospital but pair it with some leggings and some sandals and you have a very comfortable outfit fit for a hot Atlanta summer.

Ok ok…so Jeremy and I decided that we need more date nights.  I am just putting it out there because saying it out loud helps me get er done.  I think if I got some of these inexpensive dresses, it might actually happen…incentive, people, incentive.  I love both of these…and I love the simple jewelry.  Just stunning.  Is it Friday night yet?!

So here’s how it works…if you have not yet joined, go enter your email address on their site.  Click here to do that.  It’s easy and free and they don’t send annoying stuff…so go join.  Then you can shop.  The prices are up to 75% off the normal prices for Men, Women’s and kids fashion, home stuff, and jewelry.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Nordstrom off the rack section (that’s where I found the coat for me!).

The best part about this post (minus the 33 year old mom trying to model earrings – ha!) is that the fine folks at HauteLook are giving you a chance to win!

Here is what is up for grabs….

  • PRIZE: (1) $100 credit to HauteLook
  • TO ENTER :  Go on over to HauteLook, browse around and then comment back here with “Lookin’ Haute!” and tell me what item you’d like to order if you won.
  • PRIZE SHIPS :  Worldwide (!!!)
  • NITTY GRITTY :  This giveaway closes on Friday, February 28th at 8pm EDT.  Only one contest entry per email address.  The winner will be chosen using Random.org and will be announced in an update to this post the following Monday morning. We will email the winner directly, so please make sure you use your regularly checked email address.





  1. Rachael says

    Looking Haute!! There’s a free people sale going on right now that I absolutely LOVE!!!! I want everything from free people!

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