I like to Move it Move it

Can I be honest for just a second? I feel like sometimes my life is so crazy frantic when it comes to room renovations.  Nothing is done!  I’m running around like a dinosaur with its head cut off.   Imagine this.  I’m a human dinosaur wrecking ball with arms that are way too small to carry all the mess that is EVERYWHERE and even if I tried to fix one thing, my giant tail knocks over something else (giant tail is not an exaggeration by the way) and I’ve ended up with wasted time, wasted money and the entire house just gets more messy.  And on top of that…I get way more help now from Jeremy and my mom than ever before.  So I deal with the guilt of not getting much done and the frustration of wasting everyone’s time.

So I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m at a point where I cannot wait to get some of these rooms done.  Can.  Not.  Wait.  To date, the laundry room is still not finished.  Will’s room…still not finished.  The office….not even close.  Don’t even bring up the living room.  The dining room still needs work.  Mention the play room….I might punch you in the upper lip.  The list goes on and on and on it just feels like the entire house is upside down.

I just want to get something done.

I don’t care if it’s perfect.

I don’t care if it’s right.

I  don’t care if it looks the best or it’s the most pin-worthy thing on the Internet.

I just want to finish some spaces.  My sanity depends on it.

Okay.  Tangent over.

Let’s see where I’m at right now.  I have been working a little bit on the Great Switcheroo. If you remember, the Great Switcheroo is where we’re turning the office into a playroom so that we can get the big toys out of the living room.

My office is getting the boot and needs a place to go so we’re turning the reading room into my new office.

We first tackled the reading room space.  We cleared it out, we painted the walls, painted the ceiling and it looks way different.  It’s the first time that I’m experimenting with white walls so that’s….um….interesting.   Enter big eyed emoji here.  Apparently I don’t know how to play nice with white paint.

You got a sneak peek of my office here.  Honestly – that looked ok with the white walls but I didn’t know what to do with the rest.

I have discovered that the new office is not quite as large as my old office.  That means my dumping ground has become smaller.  But hopefully having a smaller space means that I am forced to keep it tidy and the fact that it’s one of the first rooms anyone sees will help too.  That’s why I need smart storage solutions.

The Ikea Malm dresser seemed to fit my “inexpensive but closed storage” needs so I went to Ikea to check them out.  They were having a friends and family special on it and that drop the price $10 off each.   One hundred and forty bones later, I am the proud new owner of two of them.  That’s eight large drawers of fabric and craft supply storage!  (apparently I can not resist fabrics.  I am a fabric addict.)

I also scored a clearance Billy bookshelf.  It was only $40 and you should have seen me trying to get this fully assembled piece into the car.  Maybe not.  It was probably like a cat giving birth…a little awkward and a whole lot of horror.   Side note – do not google animals giving birth.  It will eat up your entire afternoon.  And you’ll probably end up watching some lady on YouTube give birth to her son on the bank of a creek.

Anyhoo…my sewing table got moved into the little corner near the doors.  I am hoping my relationship with my sewing machine will become a little bit better now that were in close quarters.  Here we can spend some quality time together that does not include me verbally or physically abusing it.  No promises were made.

There wasn’t enough walls for the desk to sit on…so the natural solution is that it will be floating in the middle of the room.  Jeremy thinks it looks weird but I think that once I get a rug, it will work.  I haven’t found one yet that I absolutely love.  My BFF Sherry found this great one at West Elm and I was tempted to try it out in my office but in the end, the color won’t work so I am disappointed we won’t be rug twins.

When it comes to the doors, I am convincing myself that they’re just windows.  They’re not doors anymore.  They don’t have door handles.  They are just floor windows with transoms.  Nothing to see here people.  Move it right along.  Once they get curtains, you will be convinced and it will add some color and softness to the room.

The walls desperately need art.  The white white white room is really hard on my brain. I don’t know anybody else that has dealt with white walls but for whatever reason I am having a much harder time with it than I thought I would.  It’s like an empty canvas that is staring into my soul. So I definitely want to get some cute artwork up and photographs of the boys and stuff that represents me and inspires me to be in here so that I can get some work done.

Speaking of getting work done, when we moved out the furniture from the old office it is back to being empty.  Here’s what it looked like ALL THE TIME….

Just kidding.  It was this…

I know.  I did the walk of shame.  I said a prayer.  That office is terrible.

But we did clear it out and now it looks like a ready shell of a room.

We decided to keep a few things in here but if they don’t work out…we will just move it…in other words…don’t get too attached to the half done rocker in the corner or the bookshelf that has kiddo art supplies.

Also…Jeremy would like me to note that this is not the chandelier that is going to stay.  We will probably move this bad boy into a closet.  We both agree that those shells look like a pitching target to our two rambunctious boys.

I will definitely miss my white board.  It doesn’t really go with the vibe in the new office so I we are breaking up.  I think Jeremy is gonna use it though in the garage.  Oh did I mention that we are also working on the garage?  We are turning it into a workshop of sorts.  Yeah.  Add that to the list…because obviously we don’t have enough going already.

Speaking of projects….I know that we tackle a ton of different rooms simultaneously.  Nothing ever gets a grand reveal or makeover.  I know that can confuse people.  But hopefully someday in the future, it will mean a buttload of makeover reveals all at once.  That will be fun, right?!  Plus…this is real life…we just do what we can.  So just hold onto your pants as we continue tackling this house.  Literally hold onto them…because you don’t want to lose them in the chaos, ok!?



  1. says

    Katie, I love your honesty and humor.

    We are all there. Even those designers with perfectly, child fingerprint-less rooms. We all have a “monica closet.”

    You are doing amazing – juggling a family and a constant renovation! You’re doing great. Keep it up!

  2. Kristen Wax says

    You are also sustaining 3 little lives right now… which is hard work! Cut yourself some slack girl! You are doing more than me ;) I only have 2 kids.
    Instead of spending a ton of money on art – what about spray painting a bunch of your white picture frames a color? I know you and Sherry are caa-razy for white – but what about something like navy? would put color on the walls, you already have the frames, etc – easy!

  3. says

    Glad to know I am not the only one that project hops. We have my boys built in bunk beds to finish, a master bathroom redo I started spur of the moment. And a feature wall in our home office. All in the middle of being done, and my garage is so messy I cannot park in it. So garage clean up is on that list before winter comes. Nice to know there are others like me. The playroom for the kids will be awesome, hide the toys and mess away!

  4. Lisa says

    Maybe this is silly, but I really appreciate the honest “work on a whole bunch at once” thing – because, that’s how I end up doing things too. Its soothing to the jealous twinge in me to see other people go through similar things. So, thanks for keeping it really really real. :)

  5. Nicole says

    Do you know the color green you used on the bookcase? It’s fantastic. I want to paint my file cabinet something similar.

  6. says

    I hear you. We’re starting to renovate every room of our house and it’s sure overwhelming!!
    At least you find the time to blog about your process for us all to hear! I plan to blog ours (just for a record of it all) but I need to learn to keep up with it. Your power (Bower) blogging is inspiring. :)

    Good luck with it all. It’ll be worth it!

  7. says

    I love that Ikea Malm dresser – you made an excellent choice. I would have 2 of those if the closest Ikea wasn’t 5+ hours away :( But anyways, your new office is looking great and the white walls look great too! I’m excited to see how you dress them up :D

  8. KWolff says

    Thank you so very much for keeping it real here! Your office looks almost exactly like my office. I have this fabulous space but can’t seem to get to the point of using it in a fabulous way! It has become that room that I just apologize for in advance and move on. My hubby and I have a to-do list about a mile long and the thought of having multiple projects going at once just about kills me. But I seriously think I have project ADD so I’ll do a little here, a little there and so on. So here’s to us – the DIYers that keep life interesting for our significant others. :)

  9. says

    Katie, thanks for sharing the honesty that not every room is ever done or in a “picture-perfect” state. I feel the same way with having a ton of half-started projects in multiple rooms going on all at the same time. Fingers crossed that one of these days we can both have more rooms finished than unfinished. (At least until another great idea comes up!!) Happy Friday!

  10. Jenny says

    As someone currently living with two unfinished rooms (kitchen without cabinet doors and a bathroom with wires hanging out of the wall waiting for a light fixture) I am very impressed with everything you accomplish with 3 children. Its gets sad apologizing to guests for the paint drips on the kitchen counters. But at least its easy for house guests to see where we keep the frying pans.

  11. Rebekah says

    Are you reupholstering that tiny rocking chair? My MIL just bought one of my son, but it is very girly, and I’d like to redo the fabric on it, but I have no idea where to start. So, if you finish it, definitely post a tutorial!
    I totally understand your frustration. I have half a room painted and no idea when the rest of it will get done and a mile long list of other things I want to do before baby girl arrives!

  12. Jennifer says

    Thank you so much Katie for this “keeping it real” post. I needed it. BTW: you guys do more with those three babies than I ever have. We just started doing projects since our youngest turned five. Your energy wows me all the time. Give yourself a hug girlfriend. You’re awesome.

  13. says

    Katie- couldn’t agree/understand more. Our house is exactly the same way- and on top of that it still kind of feels like we never fully unpacked (so we can heap that onto the guilt pile). I don’t have anything substantive to add to the conversation but wanted to throw out a “I feel ya, girl”. Keep doing what you can when you can and I will, too!

  14. says

    I love your décor. I too have been in midst of reno’s and although all the painting is complete, I still have to decorate the walls, put up cabinets, frame pictures etc. With two young girls and working full time, the home project is last to fall on the to-do this.
    Wow, your place really looks great though. I will look forward to the final product!

  15. Kati says

    I think you’ll feel much better if you do focus on one thing at a time – you’ll be rejuvinated from having really completed something. It works for me! Gogole Eat That Frog, it helped me loads.

    We’re painting trim in a frenzy before the in laws arrive. Must. Be. White!!!!! It’s all brown now, so that should be fun… Wish us luck! And if you do end up finishing everything at once, then I am really looking forward to the whole “grand fantastic stupendous ridiculous amazing all at once Bower Power reveal!”

  16. Jeanine says

    This is why I love reading your blog. You always keep it real! Plus, it’s so relatable for me. I can never finish one project without having to start 4 others. Nothing gets done on time for me.

  17. Sloane says

    White walls scare me too, I never know what to do with them! I am sure whatever you do will look great. I’m glad to hear that someone else has a million unfinished rooms and constantly feels the burden of needing to work on them and get them FINISHED. Sometimes I find myself just staring around my house noting all the things that I want to change or that are not done but then never actually do anything until way later in the future. But, there are more important things to focus on like my SON. And my husband. Haha. So anyways, I like the realness of this post :)

  18. Josie says

    Thanks for keeping it real, Katie. We just had #4 in March and I feel I haven’t gotten anything done since. We’re getting ready to move to a new home in the country (keep your fingers crossed. . .we still need to get through the inspection and closing!) and it’s basically a blank slate in there. So happy that I’ve been reading Bower Power and YHL for all these years and feel ready to take on projects myself. (Seriously, it’s taken me about 5 years to get to this point.) Even though I don’t have any extra time on my hands, if you can get things done bit by bit and keep blogging, I can surely figure out how to paint a room. Cyber high five!

  19. Deena says

    Ok, so I have seriously done exactly that-started with animal births and ended with watching that lady give birth in a creek! I’m all for having a birth plan, but that was…odd. Anyway I’m digging the white office, I love that you get to add color in other ways. Looking good.

  20. says

    if you decide to sell that light fixture, please let me know!! everything is looking great! i bet you’ll figure out how to rock those white walls!

  21. says

    I’m SO LOVING the white walls. I know some people hate them because a lot of rental properties have white walls and they can’t paint, but I think they can look amazing if you know what to do with them. (And I think you’ll totally work it out. It is weird to suddenly have no color up there.)

  22. Molly says

    Not to be dirty but ‘rug twins’… sounds dirty! I got a good chuckle letting my mind go in the gutter. : P

  23. says

    This looks just like my house! Stairs ripped up, dining room a mess, hall bath half done, play room in need of built ins. The list goes on! But it’s real life :). And kids just up the real ness factor lol! Thanks for keeping it real with us!!

    Oh and I can’t wait to see what you do with the white walls! They always stump me too

  24. Carla says

    Howdy! Wondering if this is an “laterpost” (like a #latergram) :) since one of your instagrams looks like curtains have already been hung in your office? If so, the soft green color is pretty!

  25. Rachel says

    As a fan of white walls my top tip is choose a key colour for your accents – then you know what your looking out for and links everythibg together. Mood boards help too, and I know you’re familiar with them!

    Also, thanks for your honesty. I am always juggling projects and just chipping away at things. It’s worse when your switching things around as every task is dependent on another one – it can be so hard to know where to start. You’re amazing doing all you do with 3 small boys.

  26. Julie says

    OMG, I watched that video too. LOL. I don’t even know how I ended up there, but I couldn’t tear myself away.

  27. Becky Horst says

    Miss Katie, while I do love your blog, your boys, and your white walls….maybe just maybe the white furniture was overkill. I don’t know that’s just my two cents. I think if you had colorful or even wood toned furniture that would all pop and the white walls would be a great backdrop. But anyhoo keep on being awesome!

  28. Kate says

    I’m envisioning several red picture frames with black and white kid pics over your new dresser full of storage (isn’t storage grand??!!).

  29. says

    Ah!!! I feel your pain!! We are constantly jumping from one project to another. I call it project ADHD……I drive myself crazy with it sometimes! I think it comes from having too many projects we want to do and from doing what we can when kids are around :-) And doing projects during nap time that can only be done while they are sleeping!

  30. Pamela says

    I detest white walls. I know it’s a thing to do right now, and can look stunning when it’s altogether. However, unless you’ve got a vision, or are developing a vision, maybe white walls and three boys under the age of five are not the perfect mix right now.

    • Pamela says

      After reflection, I think my comment sounded a bit snarky. Of course, you will do a splendid job decorating no matter what colors you use. It’s just from my experience anything in a house with small boys should be the color of dirt: clothes, furnishings, walls, flooring…you get my drift

  31. says

    I like white walls, but I also like color, so I usually compromise with accent walls. Maybe you could do something like that behind the desk? Or is there some nice wood lurking under the white of your desk? Maybe some refinishing there would help break up the white.

  32. Gemm says

    Thanks so much for this post…long time reader, first time commenter. I am currently 32 weeks PREGGO with our first and am having a complete meltdown at all the half finished rooms and jobs we have, feeling like nothing will happen for a while once our precious one gets here…tears flowed this morning and I went it crazy clean up up mode. About 10 minutes ago I flopped onto the bed exhausted but knowing I have so much more to do. After setting the timer for a half hour rest I opened my iPad to Bower Power and feel soooooo much better seeing this very very real post. I know it probably doesn’t make you feel great but reading the comments you have made so many others feel better about the clutter.
    Can I just say- what’s up with clutter! It seriously breeds through the night.
    Thanks Katie this was a real soothing post to see that we are not alone!

  33. Jess says

    Love where this new office is going! 2 thoughts: a big mirror with a fun frame behind your desk between the 2 doors could be pretty and make the space look even bigger. And – the jellyfish – what if he got a fabulous dark or bright-colored frame? That would break up the white walls/white background and really make Mr. Jelly pop!

  34. Danielle says

    As I look at the school mess currently decorating the living room (um, yeah that’s only 4 weeks too late) with the half-finished DIY electronics dresser remake, ignore the flight simulator/computer centerpiece in the kitchen, block out the paint supplies, science books, and sewing projects (HA) in the bedroom, I breathe a sigh of relief reading your post. From one headless dinosaur to another – may we enjoy what matters. :) Happy Labor Day!

  35. says

    The hope of finishing EVERYTHING before any given holiday, birthday or gathering is the thrill for me! Never happens though (my ADD would never allow such a thing ; ) After 18 years in my home, I have a few projects that were “outgrown” by the intended user before they were ever finished. Hate it when that happens. Thanks for a peep into your reality. You have a lot readers who relate on this topic. There is an “I” in Team, and ours stands for incomplete!

  36. Jeanine says

    Looking good, but I have to agree with Jeremy about the floating desk. Right now, it’s like an eye magnet, so any messiness on there will be the first thing that is seen. I like the idea of treating the doors like windows and adding curtains. Have you thought about just having a couple of comfortable chairs or a sofa in front of the “windows” with a coffee table? I think the room would look and feel much more accessible, and you could add color with pillows, throws, etc. If you’re comfortable, you’ll probably be more likely to want to work there:)

  37. Jennifer says

    I think that while the room is gorgeous and the white can really work, especially once you get your photography up, part of the problem right now is that so much of your furniture is also white, in the same shade. In the blue office, it worked, but in here, your desk disappears, the dresser and shelves disappear, etc. Maybe consider painting the desk? Coming up with some attractive hack for the dresser to make it pop?

  38. Chrissy says

    Holy White Room!

    First, I agree the desk will look fine once you get a rug in there. Second… I think you need to add some wood tones, all that white furniture in that white room hurts my brain too! Maybe make wood frame for your jelly fish art? That might be a good start, and would probably look really nice?

    I have faith that you will figure it out, sometimes in the middle I think you are a crazy pants, but somehow in the end it always turns out beautifully. I am sure the office will as well.

  39. Kristen says

    Where is your white desk from? Looking for something similar! I feel the same way about so many things being in progress and never getting done!

  40. Monica says

    Am sure it will all turn out lovely in the end-always does!!!!! Wondering why the whiteboard does not fit the vibe of the new office???

    • says

      There was only one spot for it and it was on that big wall above the dressers. I really didn’t want that board to be up front and center to all the other rooms – you can see it from the foyer, dining room, living room, etc. So instead I would prefer art.
      xo – kb

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