Rage Against the Garage

We bought this foreclosure almost four years ago.  FOUR!

Right now there are about three rooms that are ‘finished’…the office bathroomthe kitchen and the nursery.  That’s it.

How pathetic.


Go ahead.  Judge me.  I deserve it.  Throw all that shame right at your computer.  Go ahead and put my photo in the dictionary under “WHAT THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN WORKING ON?!”  I got it.  I know.  It’s terrible.

But since LJ has been born, we finally feel a burning desire to finish some of these spaces.  In order for us to wrap up some of these rooms – paint, décor, furniture that actually fits, the whole sha-bang…it requires us to have a workspace.  We tried tidying up the basement workroom but after a come-to-Jesus moment, we realized…the basement is just not a good fit for us.  We do a lot of projects in the garage (it’s huge!) and the boys have a place to play right there in the driveway so it just seemed like a great fit….make the garage a workshop.  That’s the plan.

The biggest problem with that plan is that our garage currently looks like this:

Did you see that butcherblock?!  That is our laundry room countertop.  Still not installed.

The back of the four wheeler currently acts like a wood rack…

And we have the miter saw in there but it wasn’t much of a storage space or a workspace.

My mom gave us her old standing freezer and fridge.  The fridge died so it’s going to the recycling center.  But the freezer has proved immensely valuable.  I back the car up to the garage after grocery shopping and all my frozen stuff just goes right inside.  Why didn’t anyone tell me about the values of upright freezers?!  I mean…that should be on every couple’s wedding registry!

Also…want to experience the fresh smells of nature while in the safety of your own home?  Handy with potty training and bouts of explosive diarrhea, the garage toilet is all the new rage.

Kidding.  It’s not hooked up.  Just a random toilet sitting in the garage for…like…a year.

Ideally we would like to make this space into a spot for doing building projects.  And storing tools, wood, and yard toys.  The freezer needs to stay because obviously it is my true love.  And I want have an ‘extra essentials’ rack – for extra drinks, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

Jer and I haven’t decided whether to keep the lawnmower or the fourwheeler in here.  And when I say ‘we haven’t decided’ I mean…we disagree.

Most people probably think…you have a three car garage and you aren’t gonna park your car in it?!  Why not?!

Well…that is a great question.

And we don’t have a great answer.  Well…not a great answer to most people.  We would just rather have a workshop than a place to pull in our car.  Pretty straightforward reasoning.

We’ve already started some progress…building some storage, removing a bunch of junk, planning for more organization!  And hopefully all of this will help us get other inside rooms DONE.  Because I am ready.  I am beyond ready.  I have ready in my blood and bones and git-er-done in my DNA.  Let’s do this thing…so then we can do those other things.  Can I get an amen?!