Kiss Me I’m Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Are you wearing green?  Are you getting lots of pinches or are you the prowler who doles them out to the folks who aren’t in the green swing of things?  I tend to completely forget the days (they all run together when you have kiddos) and somehow I always wear green either two days too early or three days late.  But I bleed green.  I pee green.  I have green saliva and when I blow my nose, small children think it’s green jello.  You’re welcome for that visual by the way.

The point is….I love me some green.  Also I have Scotch-Irish blood thanks to my dad.  So it’s only natural that today I talk about the green that I really love…the hue that I just can.not.quit. in my home.

I did a short survey of some old photos and these are just some of the green spaces that I have had/have currently and they are all boasting a very lucky color…the old sitting room (now it is my office) had my green sitting chairs (long story short…these were destroyed thrift store finds and I recovered them myself.  least favorite job ever.)

That same room got a makeover and a fancy new title “MY OFFICE” (did it sparkle when you read that?!) and now it has a little green bookcase (also another thrift store find…from college no less…and I gave it a couple coats in green and it is perfect in this color)….

The foyer and the living room still boast a minty green color on the walls (don’t love it) but I have learned to work with it till we can repaint everything.  The turquoise and the emerald green really help things, dontcha think?!

Of course you have seen recently the green that we introduced into the boys playroom.  It’s on the rug, the map, the pillow….the countless number of primary-colored toys :)

Weston’s nursery also had green.  Sniff sniff.  I remember this.  I guess I will have to tweak it for LJ because he will get this space when we finally kick him out of our room.

I painted our garage door green and YES, I am still obsessed with it.

In our old house, I loved green too…like the old kitchen with it’s green runner….

And our living room had a green and navy and white theme going on.  Many a good movie were watched in here.

And I can’t forget my green accent wall that I had painted on the top of the stairs.

So I thought it would be fun to link up and share all your green spaces too!  I would love to see them and celebrate the luckiest holiday of the year with you. Go ahead and click that “LINK UP” button below and link to your own blog with the St Patty’s day crafts, green hued spaces, or your favorite emerald outfits :) MWAH!