A New Adventure

A new adventure is on the horizon and I have been dying to share the details with you.  So let’s start at the beginning….we have these friends named Brook & Kent….

I’ve known Kent since high school and met Brook in college.   We actually cheered together (me and Brook…not Kent….although I’m pretty sure he would have done a mighty fine toe-touch) and then later she met Kent and the rest is history.

When Jeremy moved to Georgia, we searched for a church that would be a good fit for us as a dating couple and we ended up deciding to attend the same church I went to in high school….the same one where Kent was just hired as the youth pastor.  Soon, we were their youth group ‘assistants’ and we spent lots of time together having a blast with those kids!

In 2006, we all visited Florida for Brook’s sister’s wedding…and Jeremy ended up proposing and we all celebrated our happy news with dancing, dessert and late night shenanigans.

They both played parts in our wedding.

And then later when we started having kids, I threw Brook’s baby shower.  She threw me one for Will.

Brook and Kent only lived about five minutes from our old house and we definitely missed them and their family when we moved further out to the country but we still kept in contact.

They actually have three kids – Lilley (6), Maggie (3), and they added Jack to their clan a little over a year ago.   AND…Brook is pregnant with #4!

So am I painting a good picture here?

Good people?  Long time friends?  Weird in front of a camera?  All that…

Well, in mid-December I texted them to let them know the details of Jeremy’s birthday dinner.  Over our italian dinner, they told us all about their dream of downsizing to a smaller older house in Old Town Lilburn.  It’s similar to our own beloved Monroe but much more developed and closer to the city.  It’s a really popular little place right now and nothing was on the market.  But they decided to put their own house on the market even though Christmas is traditionally the slowest time of the real estate year.  I think they wanted to get a feel for what improvements/changes that needed to be made for when the market picked back up in the spring.  That way they would be ready to sell!  Well….low and behold….a couple weeks later, they called us and told us they got an offer….and eventually that offer turned into a UNDER CONTRACT sign.

Now comes the tricky part….where does a family of five live till something in Lilburn goes up for sale and gets renovated for them to move in?  (don’t hurt yourself trying to figure out an answer)

Well, we have the basement.  This giant basement that was basically a dumping ground for our junk and old toys and random christmas decorations.  A basement that we really want to use for more than just the random birthday parties and storage.  We always said that it would be a great place for serving missionaries but that hasn’t panned out yet.  We even contacted a bigger branch of our church to offer it and we got put on a list and nada.  So it has been sitting….not empty…but stale.

We decided that even though this would be much more long term than visiting missionaries, it would be serving a family that serves the community and that is full-time in the ministry and plus…they are our good friends….so that was definitely enough reason to offer it up.  They accepted and that’s where our adventure begins.

You know how they say you shouldn’t pray for patience because then God will give you opportunity upon opportunity to be patient?


Don’t pray for organization.

Trust me on this one.

Because what happens is that you get smacked in the face with a huge basement of box after box of personal memorabilia, past financial information, decor items and random crap that needs sorted, sold, donated, stored and trashed.  And a hard deadline.

We have spent the last few weeks trying to figure out how to outfit the space for a washer and a dryer (they are bringing their own), how to get a functional kitchen down here, and how to clean out 80% of our junk so that they have enough space for their life.

Their move in date is officially the end of this month….which is a huge relief considering the first move-in date was the 21st!  But we need to have all our stuff OUT by this Saturday….yeah….like tomorrow….because that is when they are moving their stuff IN.  Thankfully, we talked with them about storage areas and they are renting a storage unit for a lot of their stuff.   That means we can still use the workroom (labeled STORAGE in the floor plan) and half of the long back hallway for our stuff (enter huge sigh of relief here because my holiday bins eat up storage like CRAZY).

Overall, I am pretty darn excited about this new adventure.  I don’t really know what to expect but I know that for at least a few months that we will be hosting them in this space and trying to make it as comfortable as possible.  And I am really thrilled that we get to build out a kitchen for this space.   What could be better than adding value to our home while using it to serve some of the best people I know?!  So if you could….say a little prayer for them….they have a whole house to pack up and moving is super stressful….as is house hunting…house tweaking…and being pregnant to boot….plus the fact they want to live with us?  yeah….you know they would have to be saints :)  And I will let you know when we start the basement projects…it should be really fun to see some cleared out before & afters!  Now I gotta run…I have seven more bins of old office supplies to sort before bed :)