Pot of Gold…err….Turquoise

The homemade little wreaths on our porch were great summer fun.  But they seemed lonely.  Like the drunk uncle at the formal wedding at the Plaza.  You know.  He makes a scene until you get crazy Aunt Linda out there and then suddenly…it’s a party.

That’s how I felt about our front porch.  Far reaching I am sure but I think you get the analogy.

The white pots were crazy Aunt Linda before she hit the open bar.  Just call me the bartender.  And today we are serving up a couple shots of COLOR.  Specifically Rustoleum’s Aqua and Rustoleum’s Lagoon.  I love that lagoon color…it’s just perfect.

This only took me about the amount of time it takes to make a mixed drink….mom, that means super fast.

I started with the lightest spray paint color and sprayed it from about six inches from the top using sweeping back and forth motions.  I worked my way down to the six inch mark from the opposite side.  And then I just side stepped around the pot repeating the motion till the pot had a even look to it.

I repeated that motion for the darkest color.  Starting at the very base of the pot (which being upside down will make it the very top), I sprayed until the bottom was covered – a solid eight inches.  The way I blended the bands together was to take the spraypaint can and hold it about 18 inches from the pot and aim straight down to the area where the darkest color and the light blue met.  It was like the overspray effect made the ombre blend.

After it was dry, you just wipe the entire thing off with a dry paper towel.  It removes any dry spraypaint dust and it’s ready for your plants!

Now who wants to dance with crazy Aunt Linda.  You gotta know the Macarena!

p.s.  If you haven’t voted yet for the Bower Build-Off, it’s time.  Click here to go vote!  Tomorrow we reveal who did what and who won and who has to shave their head.  (just kidding…hair loss isn’t part of this competition….although, maybe that would be one way to spice things up next time!)

Grid Mirror

I was just walking along in the Dollar Tree…yelling at my kids like every other mom in Dollar Tree (why they put the breakable ceramic pumpkin-headed-cats at eyelevel with an almost two year old, I will never know) …when I saw these adorable mirrors.  They are five inch candle holder mirrors and are beveled on the edges.  Suddenly, picking up aisle two was in warp speed and I had twenty of these little mirrors in my buggy.  I had an idea in mind and it looked a little like this…

Cute, huh?  It’s funny how you can take generally non-pretty stuff (dollar store stuff, wood, paint) and make it nice.  It’s like cellulite.  Put it on a baby bottom and suddenly it’s enough to bring the house down.

There are a ton of these make-your-own-mirror tutorials out there…so Pinterest that bad boy if you want more options.  For our project, we had to buy a couple 2×1’s and a few 1×1’s.  Keep in mind that a 1×1 isn’t really one inch by one inch and a 2×1 isn’t really two inches by one inch.  I just listed the wood that way so you knew what you needed.  The length measurement isn’t as squishy.

So basically you want to cut the wood and have it all ready to go.  Sand it down pretty good too.

First step is assembling a base with outer frame.  I liked this look because it is more finished from the sides.  Also, this way it avoids using iron on veneer tape stuff.  If you decide to abandon ship at this point – it would make a nice coffee table tray :)

The edges are gonna line up like pictured below.  There is an outer frame of the 2×1’s and an inner frame of the 1×1’s.

I fastened the outside frames with a slab of glue (does glue come in slabs?  question of the year) and then I used a couple brads to fasten the whole thing.  By the way…this is the Ryobi Airstrike.  It’s like a staple gun on steroids.  That’s an Ana White quote….from her show…Saving Alaska.  Did you watch it?  I still have both episodes on my DVR.  I am so proud of her.

Anyhoo.  The wood glue is basically your best friend in this project.

What I did was set up the entire project with the mirrors in place and then glued the wood grid pieces in.  First the long grid pieces get glued then the shorter pieces.

Some of the dollar mirrors aren’t perfectly square so it helps to do the wood pieces perfectly fit for each piece.  I would have marked my mirrors too with numbers if that helped but I didn’t have that foresight.

After all the wood pieces are in, it’s time to remove the mirrors.  If you push on a corner of the mirror, the opposite corner will pop up :)

Sand any rough edges down one more time and then dust it and paint it your color of choice.  Mine was Front Door Red (because I had that in leftover paint from our front door).

Now it’s time to remove the little foam thingies on the back of all the mirrors.  All EIGHTY of them.  I just used a fingernail but if you need to use a scraper, it would work too.  You also want to remove the sticker.

I used Elmer’s Pro Bond to adhere the mirrors in place – it bonds glass – which is something a lot of other glues and construction adhesives do not say they do.  Other glues might be fine but I had no idea which one and I dreaded having a random mirror pop out and shatter leaving me with a custom space to fit.

Personally I LOVE it.  I am on a red kick right now and this just makes my blood flow juicier.  Is that a thing?  When you feel your blood flow faster?  It’s like on The Office when Dwight said that he could control his blood pressure.  That’s me….I’m feeling my blood get…um….bloodier?  I miss that show.

Overall, the mirror cost me about thirty dollars because I had some scrap wood I used and really my only expense was a 2×1 and the mirrors and the Pro Bond glue.  Not the cheapest mirror ever but definitely impactful.

I was thinking about the other mirrors I have made or given a makeover in the past and this one is definitely a favorite.  Along with all the others.  Apparently I like a lot of stuff I make.  I’m super humble like that.

Wanna see more mirrors?  Well, you don’t actually have to answer that….