About Us

The name is Bower.  Katie Bower.  And I married that goodlookin’ studmuffin.  He’s Jeremy.  We are just a couple of young-ish sleep deprived parents to four boys (seriously we should play the lottery with those odds!) that live outside of Atlanta who decided to write about this crazy adventure called life.  Sounds exciting, right?  Yeah.  It didn’t to us either.

You may be wondering about how we came to be bloggers.  Well, I am a 34 year old former homeschooler who has a love for decor, entertaining, jokes and photography.  Jeremy (who I affectionately call my boyfriend) is a preacher’s kid who can’t get enough power tools, CrossFit, fantasy football, and well, me :)  And after we got hitched, bought a house, and started renovating, a blog seemed like the best way to catalog our transformations and update our family without actually picking up a phone or breaking out the stationary.  Plus it helped me get the millions of thoughts out of my head without yappin’ Jeremy’s ear off.  Along the way, we started adding tidbits of just about everything to this here site…especially when it came to our passions.

Speaking of passions, we would be remiss to leave out our favorite pasttime…raising four little boys named Will, Weston, LJ and Maxwell.  Yeah we know.  Will Bower sounds like Will Power.  It could be worse…his name could be Katie Jr.  but we decided to name the kid after his father.  Don’t worry – that would be Jeremy’s first name.  Let’s not get awkward.

Will, aka Spiderman’s biggest fan, was added to our crew in April 2010 and he’s a bundle of five year old energy.  His favorite thing in the world is any time he gets to ‘help’ with a project…especially if it can be messy (aka dirt under the fingernails, paint on clothes or walls, etc.).  In November of 2012, Weston joined us and literally is all rough-n-tumble boy and pure joy.  He constantly is getting into mischief, loves to dance and play with Will, and we call him Munchkin (Munch or Munchie for short).  Our sweet one is Leonard Judah (we call him LJ) and he is by far the cutest kid that does the cutest things.  You know those cartoons of sweet babies that shake rattles and give hugs on demand?  Our first two would chunk the toy at your head and run away….but our LJ makes up for it with the extra dosage of sweet baby-ness.  Our newest addition was a complete surprise (I didn’t even know I was expecting till he was half cooked!) and so far he is the most kissed kid on the planet.  His older brothers love calling him Baby Max and holding him with some help and about ten thousand throw pillows.

Right now that rounds out my house of testosterone.  Yeah…I guess I have enough estrogen to balance things out.  We love knowing that our sons are going to be raised in a home that adores home improvement, eating everything in sight, crazy adventures and television almost as much as we love Jesus.

We are excited to unfold this life and we are thrilled that we can share it with you.  So we invite you to follow along as we catalog our journey in changing our home, having kids, photography, eating artery cloggin’ food and kicking back with friends and family.

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