Video Questions ANSWERED

Hi Guys.  Thanks.  Really.

You were so sweet about yesterday’s video and I truly did love making it.  It really does capture our life right now….messy and fun and happy and everything in between.  I thought since there were so many folks with so many baby-related and video-related questions, I would recap that real fast so that I didn’t have to rewrite the same answers in the comment section #lazy.  So if I didn’t reply to your comments recently….hope you find this post because it should answer a bunch of most-asked-questions.

#1 – What is that song and who is the artist?

What Can I Do (But Love You) by Joy Williams.  It is one of my new favorites and I think it perfectly describes my feelings about this part of my life….I just get so overwhelmed by how truly blessed I am.  I have this obsessive love for my boys….I know what a gift they are.  I always say that parenthood helps me understand not how to love more but how to love deeper….what an amazing gift that is.

#2 – Did we get the results of the full spectrum test?

Yes.  In fact, we got the call a couple days earlier than expected and it is actually a very funny story.  In a land far far away (my bedroom), it was about 8 am and I was sitting on the bed talking to Jeremy about how we should wait to find out the sex of the baby.  I figured at that point we only had about 14-16 weeks to wait and I said “It’s gonna be so fun!  I’ll be laying on the bed with a baby in my arms and you’ll be standing there and the nurse will say IT’S A BOY or IT’S A GIRL and it’s gonna be such a fun way to find out!”.  I had Jer too.  Hook line and sinker, I knew he would go for it.  And then the phone rang.  It was the nurse from the lab and she introduced herself and told me that the results came back and everything was low risk.  I thanked her and asked something along the lines of “What is the test for again?  What does it show?” and she said a bunch of technical genetic terminology and then said “And you know it’s a boy right?!”

I DIED laughing.  It literally struck me as the funniest thing in the universe that I had just said all these things about finding out and they ALL came true….I was in bed, LJ (different baby but still a baby) in my arms, Jer next to me and the nurse told me.  I had to put the phone down I was laughing so hard and Jeremy picked it up and asked her if she could tell him what she said.  So we both found out that minute and it was WAY more exciting than I imagined because it was SUCH a surprise.  And next time I announce something into the universe for God to make happen….I’ll throw in that I want to find out IN THE HOSPITAL and WHILE HOLDING A WINNING LOTTERY TICKET :)  We still haven’t opened the ‘sex envelope’….maybe we will do that on the due date :)

(Will circa April 2011)

#3 – Where did we film the video?

We actually have that creek in the back of our property.  It isn’t the prettiest this time of year but in a few weeks it will turn completely green and it is the most special and magical place on the planet.  I swear that fairies live there.  The shallow rock bed part is our property (where we were sitting and it goes back up stream) and the steeper banked areas is our neighbors.  We go down there pretty much everyday for at least a few minutes…sometimes spending all day with our snacks, sometimes just to pick up trash, sometimes to discover new critters but most of the time getting barefoot and always getting dirty.  We wanted to capture things how they felt…not as they actually are and this video was a very real and typical representation of what we do a lot…outdoor paper airplanes and boats with snacks and playing at the creek.

#4 – How did we film the video?

We used my camera (Canon 5D Mark II and an 85mm lens).  We are NOT experienced with it but we just would try to manually focus on the subject.  Jeremy and I would take turns filming and since it was an 85mm we had to stand REALLY far away to get the subjects.  If I had to do it over again, I would go for a different lens.  I used iMovie to put it all together editing-wise.  I am no videographer and so this was definitely a challenge.  Both Jeremy and I are still figuring out how to use the video function on the camera and we decided to just go with the out-of-focus-ness of it and do our best.  The inspiration came from a bunch of different places…a cute photoshoot we saw of a picnic with strawberries, some wedding, engagement and gender reveal videos.  We wanted to show that boys are dirty and fun…but super sweet too.  It’s easy to get that romantic, slow and lovely vibe when you put a song over the whole thing and cut out the boys screeches and us parents saying “don’t step on that!  Be careful!  You might slip!”.  If you want to do one of these videos for your own reveal, I recommend picking your song first and then making your video clips fit that.

#5 – Do we have a name for the little guy?

Nope.  We have a few on the list…but nothing decided like with William or LJ.  We joke that we will be those people that after he is born, we will have to send in the birth certificate because we can’t decide.  Will has decided to call the baby “Sparky”.  He knows it is a dog’s name.  He said “Dat’s okay.  He can be Sparky too.”  It actually was very helpful because we ordered the baby a lovie (all my boy’s have different ones) and this time we got a little spotted dalmation in honor of the cute nickname.

#6 – Are we done?  Will we want more kids after this?

We always have said that every child is a blessing.  That is the truth.  And we believe that.  But we also believe that we have humanly limits….and that each family has a to have peace about their ‘number’….a peace from knowing their family is complete.  I honestly don’t know if we are done having bio kids.  I probably won’t know until after this little one comes.  And when the time comes to make any decision, I pray that peace or desire is clear for both Jeremy and I.  But I will say that I feel like five pregnancies is the most I physically can handle (I’m feeling OLD)…and Jeremy feels like five kids is the most he could handle as a dad.  So right now….let’s just say, we might be done but if not, we will definitely be done after the next baby….unless God does something to change that.  Does that clear things up?

#7 – Symptoms?  

It’s been a mix between Will’s pregnancy (hardly any symptoms) and Weston’s pregnancy (sciatica pain).  I have sciatica pain, craving more salty food, and feel BIG.  Some of the things that are different with this pregnancy are that I crave banana peppers (never tried them before this) but now LOVE them.  I also like greek salads, Chickfila’s frozen lemonade, Krispy Kreme donuts and of course, giant soft pretzels (I love these even when I am not pregnant but when I am cooking a babe, they are AMAZING in my mouth).  I have to force myself to eat protein.  Also, I sometimes forget how crazy tired you get when you are pregnant.  It’s like fall-on-your-face-on-the-living-room-floor tired.  We are in the middle of some really big projects (basement kitchen, deck makeover, etc.) so it makes everything take longer.  I will be sanding the deck and wonder “why do I feel so tired?!  and why can’t I bend that way?!” and then I look down and the answer is clear.  Oh and I am carrying low.  At least lower than my last three.

#8 – What are the plans about the boy’s rooms?

Will and Weston are currently sharing a room.  I have a mini-makeover planned for it but we have to finish the two other big projects first.  And then we plan on transitioning LJ to the nursery soon.  He is finally sleeping through the night (he’s been sick since December with ear infections and bronchial stuff so we delayed the transition) and so ideally we would love to have him out of our room a couple months before the baby arrives.  We eventually will have the two baby boys (LJ and Sparky) share the ‘nursery’.  Our goals are to finish the deck, the basement kitchen, the boys room, the garage and the playroom before Sparky gets here.  That’s doable right?  Or completely nuts?  We have three months.  Oh dang…that is nuts :)


That should about cover the majority of the questions but if you have something else you would like to ask….please pop it right there in the comments.  And once again….thanks again so much for the love.  You guys rock my little world.  You really do.