The Beginning of the Guest Room

I mentioned that we were taking on our guest bedroom and I am oozing excitement.  Any time I get to slash through our list of unfinished trim rooms, I get giddy and act like I am hopped up on sugar and caffeine.  Which makes sense because usually I am hopped up on sugar and caffeine.

If you are new, our trim is all painted the lovely color of putrid flesh.  Slowly but surely we are working our way through all the rooms and painting the trim and the ceiling (also skin rot colored) to the nice bright clean white!

Here’s our list of zones that we have already done:

And here’s the zones we still need to tackle:

  • living room
  • foyer
  • stairway
  • guest bedroom
  • master bedroom
  • sitting room
  • master bathroom
  • Will’s sink room and closet
  • Weston’s sink room and closet
  • play nook

Did you catch that?  We are down to ten rooms in the first and second floors.  And most of them are bathrooms and closets….really SMALL rooms.  Basically I am the energizer bunny of excitement.  This beast of a house is finally becoming OURS.  It’s such a great feeling.  Someone might need to slap me just so I can focus on this post.  Not really.

So the point here is that we are striking another one off the list….the guest bedroom.

By far this is the brightest room in the house.  It faces southwest and in the afternoon, it becomes super light.  At that time, the trim doesn’t seem so bad because the sun is blowing everything out.  But at night and in the morning, the room is warm toned and really not clean looking.

Our goal with this room makeover is to change the trim color, the wall color, the accessories, and to add some privacy.  The furniture will stay.

My biggest roadblock design wise is this wall.  I kinda wanna do a gallery wall but I feel like it’s so…predictable.  I don’t know what else to do though.  We need to preserve the walkway between the bed and the wall…according to most decorators, you should allow for at least 24 inches.  That eliminates the option of putting any furniture on the wall except something REALLY narrow.

So now that you have seen the befores, here is what it looks like now.  We removed everything and took these photos in the morning so you can see how golden the room really is.

Our plan is to go dark with the walls.  It will be the most dramatic bedroom we have ever done.

I’ve explained our process before for painting the trim.  We do not sand.  We simply wipe everything down with a deglosser, prime one to two coats, then use untinted bright white paint for the two to three regular paint coats.  So far, this process does the job.  We don’t use fancy primer or expensive paint…just the normal stuff.

Also, we figured out that it goes like 60% faster if we prime and paint all the trim first…then do the ceiling…then the walls.  That way we have very little taping to do and Jeremy doesn’t mind help painting if he can do it quickly.

The biggest problem with the room is the windows.  They are in pretty rough shape.

We tried hand sanding them but that didn’t get enough of the chipping paint off.  I went at them with our little electric sander and I am hoping I did enough to get a smooth enough surface.  It’s hard to tell until it’s painted if you did enough sanding.

So after we did the trim we painted the ceiling bright white.  It’s just normal bright white untinted ceiling paint.  Usually it takes two coats…and about six showers to get all the splatters.

Jeremy asked me if we were gonna change the light fixture.  I am on the fence.  This one is already installed and free :)  It may not be my favorite light ever but free has a certain appeal, ya know?!  Jer suggested putting in four small recessed lights…he can run the electrical in the attic and the lights aren’t super expensive.  I guess I will wait to make the decision until after the room is put back together.

So that is where we are at….room torn up, paint going in.  And one ridiculously excited Katie about the under-ten-rooms-to-go list.  Can you imagine when we get the living room done?!  I think my brain might explode.  In a completely awesome way.  If brains exploding can be awesome.