Rugged Decisions

In the playroom, I was on pins and needles.  Not literally.  I was on the world’s smallest and thinnest ikea polka dot rug.  And usually LJ was on the floor crying because he would try to stand up and it would get slippy-slidey underneath him.  I had to teach Will how to say “Baby DOWN!” just for effect.

We really needed something else.  A plush, thick, wool rug that would be fun and vibrant but functional for little crawling knees and for a big mama booty.

Over the holiday break I waited to get the email from about their holiday sales and when it came I looked to see what was available that fit my wish list requirements.  Here is what I wanted…

  • wool – hand looped or hand tufted
  • at least 8×10
  • under $300
  • matches the playroom map
  • patterned
  • fun

Here are the options I found….

OPTION 1 – Blue Chevron – At first I loved the blue stripes and had visions of the boys driving their cars on the ‘lanes’ but a half white rug with little ones is kinda asking for trouble.

OPTION 2 – Orange Trellis – I love this pattern and the orange is really fun but I worry about the long-term style and versatility of this rug.  Will it be able to grow up with the boys?

OPTION C – Green Trellis – Again, love this pattern, love the fun color, and it seems more versatile than orange but I worry that the green will be too bright (matching the map) and look like a neon light….or be too dull (not a perfect map match) and end up looking dusty.  Color woes.

OPTION D – Rainbow Tiles – It would hide imperfections well….but that’s a lot going on.

OPTION E – Navy on Navy - I like that it’s dark and would hide all the stains…but I am afraid that it kinda would look like a big navy sink hole.  Plus, it doesn’t show pattern easily making it less ‘fun’.

OPTION F – Navy Trellis – The navy and white combo is one of my absolute favorites but I just don’t love the white border….it could totally work in other spaces but with kids, it seems like it would end up with a tan border before too long.  And the pattern is smaller scale so it might be too busy….but I wouldn’t know unless I got it in here.


All of the options were under $300 (after the 75% off sale + free shipping) and had sizes available that were big enough to create a nice plush play space.  So really the decision came down to preference…..which one would you choose?

Spoiler alert – I already have it and have lived with it for a couple weeks and I can’t wait to show you the new rug and the other improvements in the playroom!