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Some Facts About LJ

2014 April 15
by Katie

It’s easy to forget how hard this post-partum stage is.  In my book it is harder than pregnancy…but then again, I get 9 months into pregnancy before it stinks a little (dang sciatica) where as some folks deal with morning sickness, bed rest, etc…so others might be pshawing at their computer right now.  But for me…yeah…post partum is rough.  Like nails on a chalkboard.

This post partum has probably been my easiest…(watch out now…here comes some details that may or may not gross you out more than gas station sushi)…I tore less, I didn’t fracture my tailbone, I didn’t take any drugs, all in all, pretty good.  I do have some non-fun stuff…I had PUPPS (I get it after delivery every time), I had a little first degree tear, I had a lot more clotting this time around which was more scary than anything (yeah, you can bet I was googling “am I going to bleed to death?”) and I had a hormonal imbalance which was causing me to be constantly in the bathroom (TMI sorry!).  Also, I always have a touch of those baby blues the first few weeks but I’ve been getting lots of help so that helps up my resting time which helps me stay a little more balanced.  But I think in general, those side effects are past now…which is cause for celebration :)

LJ had a backward schedule at first but I think we may have worked past it now…which is pretty awesome.

Oh and for those of you that didn’t know…LJ did have a moderately anterior tongue tie at birth.  At one day old, we had the doctor at the hospital clip it.  So far breastfeeding has been pretty good….once I got past the uber-fun engorgement stage.  Note the sarcasm.

I did a bit of newborn photos.  The kid has weird angles.  Sometimes he looks like the lovechild of a hobbit and an elf…sometimes he looks like a baby….sometimes he looks like a little boy.  I think the one below looks most like him right this second…

Will and Weston are somewhat obsessed with him.  I love that.  They constantly want to hug and hold and kiss him.  Weston has this idea that LJ is a perfect wrestling partner…so we have to make sure we don’t lay LJ anywhere within Weston-reach to avoid Weston tackling the baby.

Will on the other hand has been darn near perfect with him.  You know…if perfect means not wanting to smother him alive with a sumo-style elbow to the head.  His favorite thing is to lay down next to LJ and get ‘kisses’…and to tell me what LJ is saying…which usually involves Will needing candy.  Who knew that newborns were so generous?!

It’s pretty ironic that Leonard means ‘brave as a lion’ because this kid was born with the best hair…aka mane.  My friend called it ’30 year old man hair’…which is a perfect description.  It’s not super full (like in your 20′s), but it’s well coifed with highlights and a bit of style.  Some folks have been saying that it looks identical to Jeremy’s hair.  That’s true.  Except only identical to Jeremy’s hair now…because when Jer was a baby, he had white blonde hair.

The thing that strikes me most different about LJ is that he pulls his feet up under him.  He ‘tucks them in’ all the time.  Both of my other boys never did that.  They stuck their legs out straight like pool sticks.  The tucked legs are so ‘newborn’ to me.  Also…he is a horribly slow burper.  It takes FOREVER…and he cries the entire time the little bubble is stuck.  Also…his belly button hasn’t fallen off yet.  We followed the directions from the doctor to a T about the darn thing but it’s still clinging on by a thread.  I can’t wait to have it come off so I can give him a proper bath…sponge baths are just not my favorite baby task.

And my favorite little things about him are that he is noisy all the time and that he is a hand holder.  He LOVES holding onto people’s fingers.  He often has his little hands up near his face and will pull your hand up there and rest his little cheek on your hand while clinging to your fingers.  And the noises?!  OH THE NOISES.  He is such a squeaky little guy.  Constantly making noises when he is awake or sleeping or eating.  The nurses at the hospital were concerned about him (I guess the snoring can be an indicator that something is wrong?) but after three different doctors checked him out, they just ruled him a ‘noisy little guy’…maybe that means he’ll be a musician or something?

Let’s just hope that he’s not tone deaf like his mommy :)

p.s.  these three pics are already in my bedroom….my boys…my heart :)


Jumping on the NatureBox Train

2014 April 10
by Katie

DISCLAIMER: NatureBox sponsored this post.  All statements are true.  Especially the one about me being able to read minds.   

This week marks four years.

Over 1400 days with one of the most special people I have ever met.  He’s sweet and funny and serious and silly and everything I never knew that I always wanted.  My Will.  My firstborn.  My little Baby.

And for his fourth birthday, we wanted to do something really special that HE picked.

We asked him…to which he said that he wanted to eat cupcakes.  And drink orange soda.  Ten minutes of clarifying later, we decided that he had no idea what we were asking and that we should just ask him simply if he wanted to go on a train ride.  He of course said yes very emphatically. (there was shrieking)  We knew that would happen because he asks to go on a train ride pretty much every other day…and because we have that special Parent Mindreading ability.  The good news is that Stone Mountain is nearby and has a five mile train ride.

We love these type of activities…family fun days filled with local attractions.

Weston came along for the ride…ya know…because he’s a little too short to drive the train just yet.

Despite his face…it was really fun.  He was in take-it-all-in mode.  This might be one of my favorite photos of him for this year…absorbing the ride, the scene, the sounds and speed and everything in between.

It was going well…the pointing…the oohs and awwws…LJ wasn’t crying or pooping…my boobs weren’t exploding #postpartumproblems

The boys started asking for treats so I grabbed the snack bags I had jammed in my purse.  The responsible mom in me likes offering more than fruit snacks or Cheez-Its.  I like having fun and creative (and nutritious) options for them…to expand their snacking horizons and to cut off the impending toddler/preschool breakdown before it begins.

So I pulled out a bag of our favorites.  The greatest thing about these snacks is that they are from NatureBox…a subscription snack service.  Ya know those expensive snacks that are like $5 for a handful of tasty snacks at the grocery store?  Think yummier and more interesting.  And they send them to your house.  And they are not your normal grocery store snacks….they are nutritionist approved, and they have no high fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oils, no trans fats, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors.

Basically these are the JLaw of the snack world….everybody loves them.

Since their smallest box comes with a set of five different bags, I have found that the snacks fall into two categories…perfect by themselves or perfect for combos (like a topping on top of a salad or with yogurt or with fruit).  These honey macadamia pretzel pops?  Perfect solo.  Their french toast granola?  combo with vanilla yogurt and strawberries.

Needless to say the full meltdown was thwarted.  We made it all the way around the mountain…seeing a whole lot of rock and trees.  #mostinterestingrideever

And Will LOVED the entire thing.  He actually told us that he wanted to ride the train again….immediately.  But there was more on our birthday agenda :)

The best part about birthdays is the presents, right?

Well, NatureBox has a gift just for someone special….


Here’s what is up for grabs….

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DISCLAIMER: NatureBox has provided this prize to give to our readers. We hope your day is happy…like a birthday…with yummy snacks :)