La La La Bombas

DISCLAIMER:  This is a sponsored post brought to you by Bombas.  All opinions are 100% my own.

This is not a DIY post.  Sorry.  But it is a really cool product that was just too good not to tell you about.  It’s about socks.  

You read that correctly.


The cotton thingie that you wear on your feet.  More specifically, Bombas socks.  They are amazing in of themselves….AND these socks have a heart.  For every Bombas sock that is purchased, the Bombas folks donates a pair to someone in need.  It’s the same concept as Toms or Warby Parker but for socks.  Isn’t that awesome?  I mean….did you know that socks are the number one clothing request at homeless shelters?  I remember when I was a teenager, my parents would take us to Atlanta and we would give food and clothing to the homeless.  One year we gathered up loads of cotton gloves….and they were really thankful for them but they kept asking for socks.  It really is so needed.  And Bombas has donated over 300,000 socks to those in need since launching.  Providing for the homeless is a near and dear topic to my heart….because at one time, my uncle, who suffers from mental illness, ran away from home and was living on the streets.  My mom and my grandparents still talk about it because it was so traumatic.  When he was found, he come home and was barely recognizable.  I know that every member of my family is so grateful to any stranger that helped him.  Each meal out there was a gift.  Each penny was a treasure.  And each article of clothing was invaluable.

So these socks….they are also pretty incredible.  They are athletic-leisure socks but re-engineered to look, feel and perform better.  After years of research, they improved the basic athletic socks…..testing tension levels to keep those socks staying up….hand linking the toe seam so you don’t feel a thing….even adding a reinforced footbed to add to comfort without the too-thick feeling.  There are tons of other benefits but we had to try them out ourselves….and let me tell you, these are my JAM now.

Jeremy loves mountain biking and he said that his pair was similar to the length that he would normally wear out on the trails.  Who knew that there was a mountain biking sock?!   Afterwards, he came back in and raved about how comfortable they were and next he can’t wait to wear them to his next Crossfit workout.

Will got some too and basically he was smiling ear to ear because he was ‘just like Daddy’.  He also liked them because he said they were super slide-y in the house :)

Weston stole some of Will’s and would not take them off.   Now if you know Weston, you know that the kid isn’t very verbal….but he is very clear on one thing…he doesn’t like socks.  It was a total miracle that he even kept these on.  I’m telling you….he might as well be walking on water.

I got two pairs and am addicted.   I haven’t bought new athletic socks in over ten years….and these are so so nice.  I feel totally pampered.  And I picked ones that match my pink shoes.

And then I stare at my feet while I attempt to add to my mileage goal for the year.  Oh yes….didn’t I tell you, we moved the elliptical upstairs to make more room in the basement.  It’s a hallway….no it’s a gym…no it’s almost enough just to have pink socks to get me out here each night!


So if you are in the market for new really nice socks….please consider Bombas.  They are offering a discount code of 20% off your first purchase to Bower Power readers.  Just use BOWERPOWER20 and it applies to your first order of any size.  And for more info…here’s a great video about their donations and impact!