Totes Golden

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post brought to you by GoldenTote.  All opinions are 100% my own.  And yes, it is totally normal for me to sit on the kitchen counter.  totally.  normal.  

One of the best things about being pregnant is that you get to have this opportunity to try new looks.  And no…I don’t mean just the big-bloated-belly look.  I mean that you get to play with your style.  You can try new things…maybe something more feminine or more edgey or maybe neon…the style world is your oyster and because you will probably need clothing to fit the changing body of yours, your style gets to seize the day!

That being said….I have three little ones that are basically like chaotic crying tornados whenever we enter a clothing store.  It’s like a Broadway crime scene…all the shrill screams minus any actual crime.  I don’t get to try on clothing without full meltdowns.  It’s been five years now…and let me tell ya, dressing rooms are like a mirage in my style dessert.  I would love to try stuff on but there is just simply no ears on the planet that want to endure that torture.  And when I need a cute outfit, I end up destroying my closet in attempt to find something that was bought in the last decade. #momproblems

I’ve seen other bloggers talk about Golden Tote and always thought to myself…that’s what I need.   A personal stylist!  The way it works is pretty cool…basically you go onto and fill out a style profile.  It can be the style you have, the style you want, or just things you avoid like the plague (no skinny jeans please).  Then you choose a tote…big or small…and choose 1-2 items that you want.  The designers will pick out the remaining items for you based on your style profile and you get this happy package in the mail…no tears, no weird dressing rooms, no questioning whether or not you have something available for date night.  It’s kinda genius.

I did the large tote this past month and even though I am sporting a third trimester bump, all of my items fit and look so now!  The designers curated my collection to transition from pregnant to post partum and I can’t believe how great I feel in the pieces.

In the morning I can throw on these pallazzo pants and a longer tunic style top and even though it feels like I’m in pajamas, I look totally pulled together and ready for play dates, school pick up and even dinner out with the family.  And let’s face it….this isn’t my first rodeo and comfort is key.

I wore a fun handkerchief cut top to Wills baseball game this past week and I felt like I was walking a runway on the way to the field.  It’s amazing what a mixed pattern top can do for your confidence!  Isn’t it so cute?  I love that it looks simple from the front and then you get this surprise when you turn around.

And Jeremy and I had a date night out (we had LJ tag along) and it was so fun to actually have a cute and stylish top to throw on.  I totally felt like it was a special red carpet moment complete with designer duds!

The other items I got were pretty amazing too…a maxi dress that is perfect for these hot summer days and a long white textured top!  All things that I’m sure I would have loved to have in my closet but just didn’t have time or energy to hunt down myself.

One of my friends asked me about the service after she saw one of my cute tops and she is gonna order a tote as a birthday present to her sister.  It’s a great idea as a gift especially for people you want to give something special and different.  My friend is super stylish and so is her sister and I think she was sold when I told her that the company was founded by LA clothing designers who work with other brands to get deep discounts.  Her sister can even participate in the gift giving experience if she likes having more of a say in her style!  And if you aren’t into the surprise grab bag idea, they also have a boutique that you can choose from and purchase outright.  It’s a win-win!

If you are interested in trying out GoldenTote, it’s $49 for 2-3 clothing items (small tote) and $149 for 5-7 pieces (large tote).  The retail value on the items are up to $200 and $600 respectively so you are gonna get a great deal!  And new sales launch the first Monday of every month.  I’ve found that it’s super helpful to follow them on Facebook to get updates on when the new totes are available!

Happy Shopping!