Will’s First Year of Baseball

***Will had his first season of baseball this year and he already has started his second season!  I wanted to do a little video for him because…well…this might be the thing he talks about when he gets old.  His glory days if you will :)  I made it in iMovie and all the clips were just videos from our phones…some of the photos were with our camera phones and then others were with our DSLR.

Dear Will….

WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!  You said after every game that you tried your best and you had fun and hearing that makes us so happy!  We loved watching you play!  You really improved too and are super fast.  Have you been eating faster-beans again?!  We are so happy when you try new things and this baseball season was scary and new but you put your brave face on and tried hard and we think that is the best!  Our favorite part of the season was watching you hustle and SLIDE and how you shared your treats with your little brothers.   They enjoyed that too!  We love you so so so much baby!

xoxoxoxoxo – Mommy & Daddy