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2014 August 19
by Katie

We got our toes in the sand party people!

As we speak (um…type/read) the Bower crew are sea-salt-smellin’ sand-dusting sunscreen-sprayin’ shade-wearin’ fish-eatin’ fools.  That’s right.  We made it finally to the beach!

Many of you probably thought we were going back to Destin.  It’s our favorite spot on the gulf and we hit it up several times in the past couple years.  This time we went to party central – Panama City.  Yes, Jeremy and I feel like we are 21 again on spring break…except now we haul 126 beach toys, swim diapers and wear momkinis - ya know…kinda like a bikini but much more fabric all over and milk stains (Jer rocks it).  We still get to experience screaming in the streets, sleepless nights and cleaning up vomit…so not that much has changed :)

Our drive down went great – one stop for lunch and one gas stop (where the boys got to pick out a piece of candy) and THAT WAS IT!  The presents distracted them great between Curious George/Veggie Tales movies and the favorite gifts were definitely the shark hoodies (both boys laid them on their laps and didn’t want to move them).

And as soon as we got unloaded, we took them down to the beach….

Look familiar?  Throw back to Destin two years ago and our little man still charges the ocean like he did back then…

We also did a little throwback with this photo….

That was LJ two days ago…and this is Will in August of 2010 at the same age…

Just in case you forget what he looks like now…here he is doing his thang in the sand.  He LOVES the beach.  And please don’t strain your voice – I know the photos in this post can cause excessive aww-ing.

Weston at first wasn’t too sure.  Rip currents, jellyfish stings and shark bites don’t happen to everyone Weston.  Geesh…overdramatic much :)

Once he warmed up to it, it was time to find buried treasure…

Also another throwback…last year at Gulf Shores…same pose, less slobber…

Overall, we are all really excited to be here.  We have a few REALLY big exciting things happening when we get back home so we are trying to soak in as much rest, fun and family as we can.  And I will definitely do a recap post once we get home.  Hopefully we will have lots of adventures to tell you about :)

And photoshoots.  HEAVENS.  Mama needs her photoshoots.  I have already seen two sunrises and squeezed in two little shoots with this babe of blue-eyed beachy deliciousness…

Of course…another throwback…to Will in the same outfit….because dude….it’s babies.  on the beach.

Just make sure you sit down somewhere away from sharp objects before you pass out from the cuteness.  Because eyebrowless babies in sand are the best.

If you want to follow along with our beach adventures and get sneak peeks at what we are up to….we are excessively instagramming.  Follow us @bowerpowerblog and be with us as we explore the Redneck Riviera!

Backyard Bubble Bath

2014 August 18
by Katie

 DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.  The opinions are 100% my own.

It’s back to school time!  Can you even believe it?!  Summer FLEW by.

And even though my little guys aren’t quite school age yet…back to school means two things to this mama…

  • time for back-to-school sales (!!!)
  • time to squeeze the living heck outta these last days of summer

This summer I really wanted to capture my little guys outside more but it has been pouring rain.  Seriously.  Just call me Noah and give me an ark.  It seems like it has rained every day here.  Maybe a cloud has just camped out over our house.  It’s been such a bummer.  But I got a shove in the pants when I was recently contacted by the fine people behind JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES ®.   First of all…I was like dude…I need a lifetime of your everything because I am addicted to that smell.  And also because my babes got that full-out-baby-boy-stink.  We’ve used their products forever….

exhibit A = Will’s first bath in the kitchen sink

exhibit B = Will at our current house when he was only 11 months old

And then I was like….ooohhh, this would be perfect incentive to do that photo shoot I wanted to do.

You know the one.

The one with the boys.

In the back yard.

In a big metal tub spilling over with bubbles.

And then they get in it and my heart explodes with rainbows.

Seriously people.  This is what squeezing the last bit of summer is all about.  Getting dirty.  Getting clean.  Getting dirty again.  Getting sudsy in the backyard and catching the world’s biggest bubble.

Will loves washing hair.  (Weston is undecided on his brother having any control of his head).

I love when they wash their own hair.  Yup…my boys are uber independent like that.  I don’t mind because the fact that JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES ® Shampoo really does nourish their hair in one step…because let’s be honest, I have three seconds till I am soaked!

Will also likes styling my hair.  He gets to use JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES ® detangling spray on my hair when he plays hairdresser.  It’s a fun game we play…first he does mine and then I can use the spray on his hair.

Weston has super coarse hair…we even cut it really early and keep it short because it is like little pointy wires that make him itch his ears and neck.  The JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES ® 1-2-3 Grow 3 step system is great for his hair because it helps keep it softer.

Our general hair care routine is to wash, detangle, and spike it up with a little bit of Got 2 B glued.  It is my favorite thing in the world to see the two big boys with their daddy’s style.

I also like mohawks.  And bath time Alfalfa sprouts.  And bubbly baths in the backyard.

This boy-mama is short on hair accessories and bows and all those beauty things…but I got three healthy little ones with beautiful heads of hair and even more beautiful smiles and those little things are a BIG blessing.  And LJ better watch out.  I’m never cutting his hair.  like I said….I’m gonna need a lifetime supply :)

p.s.  To see more cute toddler hairstyles, you can check out this cute video!

p.p.s.  Style Me Pretty Living included some of my photos from this post in a slideshow!  I’m totally honored to be part!  Check it out here :)

Compensation for this post was provided by Johnson & Johnson via AOL Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Johnson & Johnson or AOL.