A Beautiful Mess is a monster blog (not a blog about monsters…that would be cool…but one heckova huge blog that has a staff of eight folks that talk about everything from style to DIY to cooking) and they did a couple posts this month about Frocktober.

I love that word.  It’s like my new version of a cuss word.

What is Frocktober?  It’s the month we get to celebrate FROCKS!  aka dresses!  aka that thing that women used to wear on a daily basis.  aka those lovely one piece outfits that can be casual, sporty, vintage or…well…dressy.    So I took to the streets of the internet and scoured the sites for my favorites.  It was harder than I thought.  Some of the items were just ridiculously priced (ahem, $300+ for a casual dress that my kid is gonna smear yogurt on?  nothankyou.), some were just not my style, some were just not cut for a woman of my size or shape (apparently it’s a trend to show your nether-regions).  After a very rigorous search, these fit the bill…affordably priced, age appropriate, and more adorable than a fluffy puppy in a bucket full of marshmallows.  Don’t google that…you will literally croak from the cuteness.

ModCloth had the most available choices and the widest range of styles.  I hated some of the styles…they were not for me….but others were my absolute favorite.  I think I could wear any of those shown above to Thanksgiving dinner or church or on those rare date nights with Jeremy.

I hit up Old Navy, Gap, and Banana to see what they had available.  It was slim pickings.  Old Navy and Gap were obviously more casual and Banana had more elegant options.  Of all the other sites I searched, I couldn’t find more than one dress to show.  Don’t people know that we are looking for dressy options for the holidays so that we can make sure our family and friends know we know still remember how to shower, shave our legs and pull on Spanx?

What are your favorites?