12 Days of Christmas – Make Your Own Adornament

What the heck is an Adornament? 

Well, simply put, it’s an ornament you adore.

Or an ornament that you have adorned. 

Or a dorn you have mented. 

Whatever floats your boat. 

What floated my figurative Christmas boat was thinking about making my own ornaments.  I don’t know about ya’ll – but sitting in an office all day is hardly the way to get me into the holiday spirit.  So when I got the chance to be Mrs. McCrafty in my own house, I was really oozing Christmas cheer.

I started by snagging a box of plain opaque white ornaments at my local Hobby Lobby for half off:

And then I gathered some inspirational ornament photos:


I loved the Ballard Designs alphabet lettered ornaments – don’t they kinda look like Lotto balls?  They would be just darling for teaching a baby their ABC’s since they sell them in packs of 26.  And the monogrammed ornament from Pottery Barn is oh-so-classy.  Finally we have some fabulous blinged out votives from Zgallerie.  I know…what do candle holders have to do with ornaments?  Well, you’ll just have to read the rest to find out.  In the mean time – you could order these sparkly suckas to give at your office gift exchange (both for $10!).

So now that you have seen my inspiration – let me show you how I DIYed a few ornaments for around the Bower house.  

First I located my Sharpie paint pens – I love the metallic colors.

And then I used a bit of painters tape to give me a guideline for my monogrammed ball:

Then using the paint pen against the painters, I just drew two straight lines to give me my stem for the letter “B”.  The rest I just free-handed.  If you have a letter with all straight lines – well, consider me officially Christmas green with jealousy. 

Unfortunately when I finished, I had some uneven clumps of paint on the letter – so I used the pen tip to dot inside the painted letter until it appeared a little mottled – like snakeskin.  (I also painted the little ornament cap to give it an overall cohesive feel!)  In the end it looked a LOT better.

Not only is it cheap but it’s totally personal too – perfect for a putting at the dining room place setting, identifying who gets what gift or just classy-ing up your tree.

My second ornament was inspired by those ZGallerie votives.  I just dug out some old clear vase filler stones – ya know the kind that weighs down a jar full of flowers.  And I also whipped out my trusty glue gun.

After gluing as many clear stones on the white ball as possible, it goes from glah to glam.  (Does anyone else want to spell out GLAMOROUS Fergie style with me?!)

Anyhoo…I definitely would like to try this on a clear ornament as well.  Oh and this one is more like a paperweight rather than a tree ornament.  I found that the weight of the stones was a little too much for the weak little cap…so my fellow crafters, it is a good idea to keep this kind on the tabletop.

Don’t make fun of me.  I like mixing and matching the ornaments in a grouping…and then taking photos.  I had about ten.  But I will only subject you to one. 

My third type of crafty ornament was inspired by the Alpabet lettered ornaments.  At first I thought it would be nice to just stamp on the bulb.  But then I saw my embossing stuff way back in the craft drawer.  Not only is embossing fun (you get to use a heat gun) but it is super shiny and gives a little more 3D effect.    

So I stamped the word “JOY” on the ornament with the lettered stamps and sprinkled a little black embossing powder on the letter before heating away.

I even like the little specks of black dust around the word…it gives it such a homey feel, doesn’t it…homies?

(crafting must make me even more cheesy). 

And this homemade version would be grand for doing numbers (maybe one for each of your child’s age that Christmas) or words that invoke Christmas cheer (stamping “T’was” or “Naughty” or “Peace” or even “Ornament” would be a fun way to spread the holiday spirit).  And don’t forget that you could use stamps that are stars or holly leaves or bells and the powder comes in every color you can imagine. 

And the last ornament I wanted to share with you was actually inspired by a mistake.

I started a chevron pattern on an ornament and totally messed it up.

So what do you do with botched craft ornaments?  Well, I figured that the solution to my paint-pen mess-aster was to cover it all up…with twine.

I just simply started at the bottom (you could start at the top too) and kept wrapping the twine around the ball as I dabbed some hotglue in it’s path. 

But twine is not the only solution!  Using yarn, thin strips of felt, or even moss would be a great way to cover up your funky ball and have a very merry Christmas. (that’s what she said). 

So whattya think?  I think I wanna make some more…now that my fingers know what to do.  I think those twine balls would be perfect for a seaside themed tree…or a rustic kind like the one in my living room.  And the embossed version was so easy – it might be just the thing for friends Christmas hostess gifts.  Wouldn’t a mini-initial ornament look just darling around the neck of a bottle of sparkling cider? 

I know you guys have made ornaments before – any favorites?  Tell me what you did to jazz em up and then tell me if this was a holiday tradition.  Or maybe you tried and failed miserably (like my chevron pattern) – how bad was it?  Did you attempt a quick fix or just toss it?   Whatever the craft, I’d love to hear all about it.    

For more adornament inspiration, check out these crafty plaid shirt ornaments from Eddie Ross.



    • says

      Since I stamped with embossing powder, the heat gun makes the little dust particles melt a tiny bit and meld together and raise up just a hair. It’s very cool.
      xo – kb

  1. Rae says

    I love love love my paint pens… and have found that nailpolish remover makes the “boo-boo’s” better… fyi…. thought I’d try it and wa-la… worked like a charm.

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