Playtime with the Petersiks

 This past weekend we had some very special guests all the way from Richmond, Virginia.   The short version: it was FUN.  with a capital awesome. 

The Petersiks are actually blog friends if you can believe it.  Blog friends turned real life friends.  When I try to explain that to people, especially people that are older than me, they give me this look like I am crazy.  YOU MET SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET AND INVITED THEM INTO YOUR HOME?!  What if you didn’t like them?! What if they robbed you blind?  What if they were psychos?! 

To which I reply…have you met me?  Because I think psycho would be a nice break.  And there is not much to rob.  And if I didn’t like them, well, the entire world wide web would hear about it.   

Thankfully, a couple years ago, that didn’t happen.  At least on our end.  (hmm?)  And this weekend, our IRL friends John & Sherry & their little cutie patootie Clara came to visit for a second time… 

When they first arrived, they got the whirlwind tour around the new abode and then I whisked Sher off to pedicures while the boys watched the littles…we also brainstormed what we could do for the blogs. 

Bloggin’ is important to Sherry because it’s her livelihood.  Can you imagine the pressure!?  Each month, your mortgage & groceries & bill payment being determined by the public?  Crazy.  And in my opinion STRESSFUL.  It’s basically like running an online magazine with only two people…but they both handle it like champs.  True pros.  I humbly acknowledge your amazingness (imagine me tipping my virtual hat to you both with a fancy twirling of the wrist!) 

But there is a heckova lot more to these guys than meets the general public virtual eye…hopefully with this post, you will see a little bit of why we love these guys beyond their vast know-how of DIY projects and their impeccable style.   

Okay – so when we got back to the house, the guys were out on the riding mower and the 4-wheeler…puttering around the lawn with the kids in tow.  Note…there is no need to send me an email about the danger of riding a tractor with a baby.  I do not recommend it for your precious darlings…I just know that we took it on ourselves to endanger the babies we love. 

I promptly stole the 4 wheeler and took Sher riding in my favorite place.  This is my version of a fairyland.  Sherry might claim that I almost killed her.  Do not listen.  Everything, including the jump, was perfectly under my beefy control :) 

The rest of the evening was pretty low key….at night we played Minute to Win It games…and yes, I claim the pimp cup for winning.  John should get second place…he can snag Cherrios with a noodle and Sherry gets third for eating the gross ‘face cookie’.  Overall, muchos fun-o.

But as much fun as that was, seeing these two little ones play together was so much more fun. 

Yup.  Looks like all fun and games.  Which it was…until Will became a wild aggressive man-child. 

Seriously.  There were few moments when he wasn’t throwing something directly at Clara’s face, smacking her in the head or pooping in the tub…with her in it.  That really happened.  I almost died.  And then it happened again.  Consider me dead. 

There was a couple of sweet moments that I captured.  Like this one, where Will thought he could help Clara walk.  Logically speaking, he tried to pull her up with her hands.  That was right before he grabbed her head and pulled up.  Again…not joking. 

Jeremy & John.  Do you guys realize how funny John is? 

I don’t think it comes out in general….but this dude is FUNNY.  Like in a totally subtle make me spit kind of way. 

Oh and I wish that you knew this girl.  Happy.  Sweet.  Expressive.  And there are moments it is like the world stopped spinning and everything is slow mo….like she controls the time space continuum…and she becomes this magical little fairy.  It’s true. 

So after the little guys woke up from their nap, we headed to Goodwill…where we shopped and rambled and intruded on other shoppers.  I got stuff.  Can’t wait to share.

After that – we headed to Stone Mountain Park. If you haven’t been there or heard about it.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  A big ole rock.  with a park built around it.

We actually pulled out a blanket and had a mini Arby’s picnic.  High rollers, I know.

John likes em long :)

And snapped a few obligitory St. Mt. pictures…

Will tried to show off his mountain climbing skills to impress Clara…while I hummed Mission Impossible music in my head…

This girl is worth impressing too.  Already more stylish than I am.

Oh and since this may be the only photo of Will actually smiling…it gets included.

This is real life people.  This was actually the best photo of us girls holding our babies.  It’s sad and true.  But at least Will isn’t mauling Clara.

Weird randomness…

See these two fellas?  Yeah…I hope you have someone in your life like them.  Someone willing to hold the mom-bag and push the stroller and play with your baby when it’s 104 degrees outside because you want to chat with a friend.  These are real men. 

While we were waiting to ride the skylift to the top of the mountain, John suggested that we get a photo strip done.  Can I tell you something about Sherry?  Something you may not know?  This girl is kind through and through.  And I know some very kind people.  But this girl never makes you feel like even the smidgieness of embarrassment (like when you burn ground beef for dinner for very special guests)…and she’s encouraging even when she doesn’t have to be (like when your baby craps on her baby, she tells you what a good mom you are for cleaning up poop)…and she’s just plain easy to be with.

Okay, enough Sherry praises.  I don’t want it to go to her head and realize she could get cooler friends than me.

Here’s the tram thingie to the top of the mountain…

And the carving on the side.  It actually is a natural formation…the three dudes.

And here is the photo that Buck (the skylift operator) took at the top.


At the top of the mountain, we had a mini snack time…

Will’s still exploring the joys of silverware…

…and feeding other people. 

Again..Will demonstrating his climbing prowess…

And Clara demonstrating the elusive hot-girl-look.

The best photo of the two of them on top of the rock…

This one is tied for first place.  And yes, we plan on showing these at their future wedding rehearsal.

Oh – do you see my ring below?  the amber one?  It’s glass and I got it in the park at the Glass Blowing Exhibit shop.  It was $2 and I will call it my Clara ring. 

Ridiculously photogenic people….unfair.

Our happy little crew.  I told Sher that she was sitting so lady like.  And then John told us that he was also sitting ladylike.  You may have had to be there…but it almost made me pee myself. 

Afterward, we rode back down and got everyone packed into the car….

There was this one sweet moment that I actually got between the Bean and my Tinkler…sharing at it’s finest.

Overall it was a uber fun weekend.  I’m trying to convince them to move a little closer.  It’s like a personal challenge.  Some people want to lose weight.  I want to coerce friends into coming south.

Thanks you guys for coming.  And oh by the way, I found your changing pad in the back of my car along with that bag of naughty magazines you picked up at the Goodwill.  Nothing says friendship like shipping you your second hand ‘stuff’ :)  



  1. Brianna says

    Katie, a very random question with this post… Could you let me in on your stroller secret? My husband and I are expecting our first in October and I’ve overwhelmingly started to research all the baby gear we need! So many choices and so many reviews. Thanks for any input!

  2. Karen says

    What a great post! I think it’s wonderful that y’all met thru blogging and have become such good friends.

    It’s amazing how the internet brings people together.

    I “met” my husband on the message board of a television show. :)

  3. shannon says

    I am actually obsessive over your blog and the sherry/john/YHL crew. It’s true, I’m not even afraid to admit it! Thanks so much for sharing all of your adventures..I feel like I know ya’ll even though you dont know me back. So maybe that does make me a creep? Oh well, I’ll get it over it. Thanks for the entertainment!!! ps. I heard that poop in the tub is a sign of true love..and it happened twice. Go will.

  4. says

    I am in the commenting mood today! I don’t think I have ever commented on your blog before and this is my 3rd today!

    Anyway, the reason I love your blog can be summed up in the awesomeness of this comment: “I don’t want it to go to her head and realize she could get cooler friends than me.” SO funny!

  5. says

    Love it! What a great post. The comment John made about sitting lady like was SO hilarious – definitly not a location joke. I lol’ed. I was also laughing just imagining Will trying to help Clara up by the head. Ditto what everyone else said…great pics, clever writing, precious babies and beautiful friendships and relationships. I beg y’all to set up a tripod and record the whole weekend and then put together a video of all the funnies! Actually, I would be happy to come run the video for y’all!! :)

    Blessings to you and the Petersiks!~

  6. says

    I mean this as creepy as possible – I love your kids. It helps I have one the same age, so your comments about them crack me up.

  7. Maria says

    Loved your post, came way of Younghouselove. I was so excited when I received my June issuse of House Beautiful and on page 18 in the “the Best” column saw a very similar compote , just like the one you bought for (get this) $170.00. It can be found on So if you have the issue or you can get your hands on one, check it out! What a good buy. Love your post! Keep on shopping at GW and posting!

  8. Laura K says

    Katie, can you tell me about the stroller you use for Will/how much you love it? We live down a mile-long gravel road and I want to make sure the stroller we buy can handle the rough treatment it’ll surely get.

    • says

      We got the Phil & Ted’s Sport…and we love it more than we love Will. Not really…but we love it a lot. And I love the newer version even more. It’s amazing.
      xo – kb

  9. NIKKI P says

    Is it selfish of me to secretly pray that Clara never grows hair and will never grows sideburns. They are both so darn cute just the way they are!!!

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