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Photography questions flow like honey or like the Nile or like the bacon waterfall on Planet Katie  (whatever analogy works for you) in my inbox…everything from how to photoshop questions to business starting questions to baby props.  And that my darling humans is what we are gonna talk about today…photography props. 

When I go to photo shoots, I do have some props that I have bring with me.  Most of them are found at thrift stores, Target, or Goodwill.  It doesn’t take a ton of props…usually a few blankets, a basket, or a big wooden bowl will do for newborn photos…and for kids & families, I like to bring a blanket that is ground-friendly with lots of texture and a little chair for some sitting shots.  I scored this little bitty ‘Jason’ choo-choo chair for a song at the local Goodwill and knew it would be perfect for my under 5 year olds.     

Three dollars and a Martha Stewart Living tester paint pot later, (oh and some awkward one-handed painting while the other hand is blowing bubbles, pushing a Buzz Lightyear car, and general toddler maintenance), we have de-personalized the chair, erasing the train detail and bringing some fun life back to the chair.

Plus a turqouise is a great color for both boys and girls.  So for all you budding photogs out there and moms who are trying to capture those moments of insane cuteness, look at the stuff at your thrift stores for props.  Everything from chairs to boxes to crates to suitcases (that could benefit from a quickie paint coat) could make it fun and interesting for your kids to pose in photos :)

Till next time, this is Katie Bower signing off as thrift store junkie and ridiculous photo snappin’ awkwardness lovin’ baconess.



  1. Louisa T. says

    Katie, it was so nice meeting you today. In the surprise of the moment, I completely failed to mention I have been reading your blog for a while as well. The first thing that came out was Young House Love (because that was where I first read about you and your great blog!). I didn’t want to hunt you down and seem like some weird stalker just to mention this. Oh and I completely see what Clara see’s in your Will. What a cutie! Thanks again for being so gracious and I hope your trip to Goodwill was as productive as mine!

    • says

      haha…actually I texted Sher later and laughed about how I was recognized as her friend! She’s so famous :) famous & fabulous…
      Did you get anything good at Goodwill?
      I had a whole cart full of stuff but Will was acting crazy (aka – screaming bloody murder) so I left without any of it! Hopefully next time!
      xo – kb

  2. Holly says

    YAY! Second Holly to comment today. :o)

    Katie — Do you have any recommendations on photography workshops or contacts in the Atlanta/N. Georgia area? Looking for a gift idea for my sister-in-law who has a fancy camera and needs some assistance using it! I’m leaving the country next year, and I need to be sure she can capture my sweet nieces in photos so I can pretend they’re right there with me! I share several links from your site when you post your tips, but some real “live” help would be fun for her! And I’ll be sure she has cute props, too.

    Thank you,

    • says

      I don’t. I should but I only know that most times you can find local photographers and then see under their services section whether they offer workshops. Sorry – wish I could be more help!
      xo – kb

  3. says

    adore all your thrift store finds!!!! i am completely in love with my thrift store and am always inspired to visit more often when reading your blog!

    • Kim says

      Same with where I live. I went on Saturday as I’m always so impressed with what Katie and other bloggers find. I found nothing! Nothing!! So sad.

  4. says

    Confession: When my son was 1 month (8 months ago, sad face) I went to HomeGoods and stocked up on oversize serving dishes/platters and, ohmygoshicantbelieveimgonnasaythis, a small doggie bed to take his pictures. My boyfriend Jeremy is the talented photographer in the family and did a great job with these props. Oh, and then I returned them a few days later.
    I’ll have to post those pictures soon; they were the perfect size for him :)

  5. says

    Love that turquiose chair. It’s such a great color that goes with nearly everything. I currently have a turquiose upholstered chair in the window of my flower shop. Placed a berry colored flower arrangement next to it. The color combo is amazing!

  6. says

    Oh my! Adorable! I am just starting to get into DIY projects now that I am about to have my second child and feel like my creative life is going to be put on hold for a while. I did just complete my very first painting craft, a Chevron lamp! Such a cool feeling when it turns out how you had hoped, or even better!

    Good job!

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