Them Crazy Jehsee Girls

During my recent trip to Richmond, Sher and I decided that it was high time to tell everyone how it all began.  Not with blogging.  Not with our husbands.  But with us.  Our strange friendship that all began with blogging. 

First watch this video.  Excuse our wackiness…it was late and we were tired.  Also, please note that Sherry is a professional with these videos whereas I am extremely awkward when the camera is on and hate to look at it.  

And I figured that you would want to know all the posts and linkage (you can still see our original comments back and forth before we were officially BFF)….

Oh and here is the email that I first sent to Sher inviting her to Atlanta…

I might be the only one to think this but I find that it is tough to find friends as an adult.  real friends.  I also don’t think it’s every day that you meet one of your best friends through blogging.

I have a lot to be thankful for.  I owe a lot to blogging.  It brings me encouragement from people all the time, it brings me a way to connect with family & friends, it brings me motivation to get projects done and photos edited….but one of my biggest things that I love is that it brought me Sher-bear.  I love me that little blingy girl.



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    Hey Ladies! This was so fun and cute! I found YHL first and BP next. Don’t know if I have actually ever commented on YHL but have commented on BP. I have really enjoyed you both over the last couple of years. Katie…I totally agree. It is hard to meet true good friends as an adult. I appreciate all that you both do and enjoy reading about all of your adventures. Keep up the great work. XOXO, NCM

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    I completely relate with you. Finding friends is tough – much harder than I ever thought it would be. We find ourselves focusing on family and making a life for ourselves and friendships get placed on the back burner. Even with “friends” around – they are more like acquaintances than TRUE friends… it can be completely lonely!

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    I am TOTALLY with you on the having to work harder to be girlie if you’re tall. I’m 5’8″ and I’ve resigned to the fact that I’ll never be “cute”.
    Case in point: on the Today show the anchors dressed up as the royal family.
    Savannah, the tall one, was Pippa or Kate? Nope. She was PRINCE CHARLES! Ah, well.

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    I think your little “love story” is too darn cute. Aaaaand I’m a little bit jealous. I also find it hard to make friends as an adult… even harder to make friends with another couple. My poor husband always gets stuck being the only guy at a lot of get-togethers because most of my friends are single! I am always saying they need a couples seeking couples sight… ummm, but not the swinging kind… lol

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    OK, I’m three days late to the party, but thanks for posting this. My brain needed something happy and silly as a break from work. Also, has anyone pointed out yet that your husbands’ heads are of similar proportions? Like, John’s head is smaller than Jeremy’s by approximately the same percentage that Sherry’s is smaller than Katie’s?

    Sorry, it’s been a long day at work, I’m easily amused and more than a little brain-dead at this point.

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    Hello KB!

    This is indirectly related to this post (in a round about Sherry&Katie way), but did you ever post how to make that header that you did in your first Master bedroom, that was inspired by YHL?

    I ask because I am debating on whether or not to hire a handy man to do it, or if it’s easy enough that I could do it myself…

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      You know what? That post is in my “Posts To Do” folder just waiting on me to get on the ball (err…wait for holiday posts to end!)
      xo – kb

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    Love you funny ladies to death and love seeing how hysterical you are together. You are such a great example of why I love blogging and how awesome “net friends” can be. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW….you were the first blogger that I ever e-mailed a question to directly and I was delightfully shocked when you wrote me back. That sweetness and realness kick started my own blogging path and what a fun ride its been. I’ve met so many great people through blogging and participate in a local bloggy buddy group too. They are a hoot!

    Take care lady!

  8. Cindy W. says

    As I told Sherry just now:

    “Okay, this is the best video you guys have done so far! I loved every second of it. How funny was the end with the guys?! Guess what, Sherry? I only have two bras. LOL”


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