Them Crazy Jehsee Girls

During my recent trip to Richmond, Sher and I decided that it was high time to tell everyone how it all began.  Not with blogging.  Not with our husbands.  But with us.  Our strange friendship that all began with blogging. 

First watch this video.  Excuse our wackiness…it was late and we were tired.  Also, please note that Sherry is a professional with these videos whereas I am extremely awkward when the camera is on and hate to look at it.  

And I figured that you would want to know all the posts and linkage (you can still see our original comments back and forth before we were officially BFF)….

Oh and here is the email that I first sent to Sher inviting her to Atlanta…

I might be the only one to think this but I find that it is tough to find friends as an adult.  real friends.  I also don’t think it’s every day that you meet one of your best friends through blogging.

I have a lot to be thankful for.  I owe a lot to blogging.  It brings me encouragement from people all the time, it brings me a way to connect with family & friends, it brings me motivation to get projects done and photos edited….but one of my biggest things that I love is that it brought me Sher-bear.  I love me that little blingy girl.



  1. says

    Katie – you and Sherry should definitely connect with Rachel Bertsche – a blogger and author on the topic of making real-life adult friends! She would be SO proud of your “pick-up” skills!
    Check out her blog: (I’m just an avid follower of all y’alls blogs, so she definitely didn’t send me here!)

    So cute to hear how it all began!

  2. Meagan Snow says

    Can you please video Will calling crackers crack and post it? Might just be the most hilarious thing ever. I can just imagine the look on other mom’s faces when will comes up and asks them for crack. He is going to be one hilarious kid with you for a mom. You and Sherry are too funny!

  3. Kim says

    Love it when my two fave bloggers are in a blog together!!! Seriously, I wish I lived closer to one of you b/c I would totally love to hang out in real life. And yes, I agree, as you get older it’s harder to make friends. But luckily, you only need a few to keep you sane :)

  4. Sarah B. says

    I’m with you! It’s tough to make true, lasting friends as an adult. If you guys ever want an apartment-project, we’re just on the other side of Atlanta!

  5. Alexis says

    I just want to say that I 120% agree that it is hard to find friends as an adult. I’ve had this conversation with people on a couple occasions. Even when you meet someone you think is cool, you feel awkward being all “want to be my friend?” Nice to know I’m not the only one who feels that way :)

  6. says

    It was so fun to look back and read all those blog posts from before I followed both of you! So much fun! Your videos are so entertaining. :)

  7. says

    I LOVE how you and Sherry became friends. I agree, finding friends as an adult is hard. And I feel like I’ve become more awkward about that sort of thing the older I’ve become. Maybe because friends are even more important to me now, and I don’t want to embarrass myself! I’ve even thought about writing a blog post on how difficult it is to make friends as a grownup. Do you ask them to lunch? Tell them you want to be their friend? Here’s hoping I develop such a fun friendship with someone thanks to my blog just like you and Sherry :)

  8. Stephanie says

    Seriously. This is awesome. Your impressions of each other are the best! And…the husbands spot at the end…too great! My husband thinks it’s weird that I tell him about you/Sherry and your blogs after I read them (and maybe it is creepy? yikes!) – but you two and your friendship and your love for life is awesome and I like reading about it! :)

    Now…off to carve pumpkins with MY bffs!

  9. says

    This is so cute! I love seeing that your friendship transcended the world wide web :) You both have a great sense of style- albeit very different…I love seeing how you implement!

  10. Katie V. says

    Love your impersonation of Sherry the first time she saw your house! Hilarious! Those are great pictures you took of the Petersiks. And I think you need to count your bras now so we really know how many you have. :-)

  11. Lynne Anne says

    As a southern girl gone bad myself, I think you are so right about adult friends. They are rare and wonderful and nurturing those friendships make our lives SO MUCH richer. Especially during little bitty kid years, it can be really isolating and being able to share is desperately needed.

    I also think that mothers of boys (I’ve got three but recommend most halt prior) really do get to utilize their tomboy (training our boys that high maintenance gals just are not the bomb) and their super girly feminine vixen.

    Rock On Southern Fox – I’m glad you made friends with John and Sherry so I could be fans of you both. Looking forward to the latest Pintrest bomb!

  12. Laura says

    Hi Katie! As a fellow Jersey girl.. I was wondering where abouts are you and Sherry originally from? Love both your blogs!

  13. Amanda says

    This is hysterical! Trying to listen to it at work was a bad idea :) I love how it’s so easy to tell that you and Sherry are genuinely best friends! And your story is an inspiring reminder of the great things that can happen if you just put yourself out there!

  14. says

    Loved the video and the ending was hilarious! And I totally agree with you about how hard it is to make friends as an adult! It really sucks! Who knew! :) I told Sherry I wish I could be your third friend or like the third musketeer or something! LOL

  15. says

    It totally made me laugh when I read your comments while you two bonded over that cute ceremic bird then I realized I had your birds twin sitting on my shelf (also scored at Goodwill). Although if you or Sherry tried to wrestle me over it I’d probably sit on both of you and that would be so tragic for all who read yhl and bpb AND I so don’t want to be that girl ;-)

  16. says

    Your thought that it’s difficult to find grown-up friends is 110% valid. Also, I have a huge head and nobody ever knows it…until I lose weight…I tend to be a little “top heavy” in other areas and, when I lose weight, all I have are head and boobs. It’s the creepiest thing OF ALL TIME. Gross.

    You two are hilARious! Hope you had a phenomenal weekend here in good ol’ VA! :)

  17. says

    It IS hard to find friends as adults. Its something that is so rarely talked about. Growing up I expected my twenties to be just like Friends. Ha. Not that I’m sitting in a dark room alone all the time, but its hard to maintain friendships as an adult, especially when you are married and have other obligations.

    Luckily, I have a blogging BFF too. We were best friends in high school and recently started blogging together. Its fun to discuss posts together and a great way to force connecting when things get really busy.

  18. megan says

    Heeelllloooo….Sherry happens to be my fav DIYer, and I saw her post with you so checked out your blog…give me Sherry AND a girl who loves Jesus and I am oh-so-happy! Rock on sistahs! Blessings from sunny San Diego :)

  19. Mikal says

    Love it! I follow Young House Love and mosied my way over to your blog! You both are adorable! When I was pregnant with my 3rd, I joined an online mommy forum. I started chatting on a daily basis with other women who were in the same week as me. My son is now 3 and this same group of moms is still chatting on a daily basis! I have had the privalege of meeting several of them. We come from all parts of the US, S. Africa, the UK and beyond. Yet, we all bonded over our pregancies. We even created our own FB private group and chat throughout the day, daily. We don’t miss anything…we know everything about each other…there is not such a thing as TMI. So, congrats to you two for finding friendship via the internet. It is hard to find people in your normal social circles that you have so much in common with…so when you find them like you have…hold on tight!

  20. Chloe says

    I absolutely love you two and I’m so glad you have found such awesome friends in each other! Your matching husbands are just perfect!

  21. Trina says

    Found your blog from YHL’s blog & will be adding it to my list of favorites! I totally agree with you about making friends as an adult, it is SO HARD! You & Sherry are lucky to have found each other and to have a special place in each other’s lives. :-)

  22. SarahSmile says

    Absolutely best part: The husbands. Hands down. The sprite drinking is hilarious!!! How much did you have to coerce Jeremy to do that?? haha. I feel like John is used to being on camera, but it’s not to often that you seen Jeremy like that.

    You guys are awesome! Totally insanely jealous of your sweet friendship!

  23. Le says

    Hey Katie,

    You are so right about finding friends as an adult! it can be hard! So glad you guys found each other– the www is amazing. Question– you used to mention your local friends more often it seems like, but now you talk a lot about how Sherry is your new best friend. Do you feel like since having a baby (or for whatever reason) it’s been harder to keep in touch and you’ve grown apart from your local friends, or do you not share about them often because of privacy? At any rate– it’s wonderful to have forever friends, isn’t it?

  24. Randa says

    I commented on this video on young house love’s page but feel like I should tell you too: HILARIOUS! You two are truly genuinely funny together (especially when you imitate each other), and your friendship is refreshing. Oh, and the guys at the end? PERFECT! I don’t see how they could have been any funnier. Seriously.

    I’m thanking the Lord for you both tonight. :)

  25. says

    You two are way too cute together! I love how you talked about how you are the kind of friends that can just exist together and be totally fine with that. I honestly think that that right there is exactly the stuff that indicates THE BEST friendships. I envy what y’all have especially because I totally know what you mean about finding it hard to make really good friends as an adult. The funny thing is, I met my best bff on my honeymoon in Punta Cana 6 years ago – she lives in Peachtree City, GA and I near Detroit, MI. I just love you Southerners!! Oh yeah, and the little bit the guys did at the end was a fabulous touch!

  26. says

    Oh, and by the way, you and Sherry should create a blog together. And it would have to involve interaction between the two of you because you are just great together. You are both creative so I am sure you could come up with a fun and unique idea – I don’t think I have seen a blog run by two friends yet so it is already unique!

  27. Jen F says

    So nice to have real friends like that. It is surprisingly hard to find them, but so cool when you realize that you really click with someone. And sometimes it does feel weird and stalkerish….”ooh, I really like them, and I can imagine us having kids at the same time and job sharing and our husbands will hang out and like the same games and movies and we will just all have so much fun”….oh wait, that sounds weird. But sometimes it just happens. I read Shari’s blog regularly and can tell she is so happy when you guys get to visit or the other way around. BFF’s across the states. Yay!

  28. says

    I love this post! I am so happy for you both. What a wonderful life long friendships you built.

    Ps- where did you get your fun earrings?

    Kelly B.

    • says

      I got them at a little boutique in Atlanta like eight years ago…but I think they would be super easy to make with the help of Hobby Lobby :)
      xo – kb

  29. says

    Yay for blogging buddies! My friend Kristin and I started a blog together earlier this year and love to see someone else understand our crazy wacky world of blogging. We love your blog btw!

  30. Jessi says

    This might sound strange but I was happy — really happy for you and Sher-dog as I watched that video. Like, oh how great is it that they found each other, like you were star-crossed BFFs who didn’t even know they were searching for each other or something.

    But, seriously, I agree with you. It’s hard to find adult friends. Real friends, like you said.

    When you do, you’ve gotta hold on (loosely at first so you don’t look like a creepy, desperate weirdo , of course) but hold on nonetheless. That seems to be working for you guys. You really seem to appreciate each other.

    Thanks for giving me the warm and fuzzies!

  31. Lesley says

    you two are so cute. I just finished watching with my 15 month old and he was cracking up everytime you laughed. Hmm I don’t know what to say about Sherry’s gold bag. It is huge, Burger, Clara & probably Will could all fit in it…at the same time! haha. And your men are so funny too. That unexpected moment of them was such a great way to end the video. You are too clever.

  32. says

    I already commented over on YHL but I just had to come here to and let you know that you you guys CRACK ME UP. Loved this video, and it was so fun to see all the past posts that started the friendship! One of my best friendships got started through blog comments/emails too, so I have a special place in my heart for that!! :)

  33. says

    that video was great! your friendship is so evident. i agree with you, i feel like it’s so hard to form friendships as an adult. you’re so lucky to have found a great friend.

  34. says

    I love that you guys are BFFs that met as adults! It is suuuper hard to find friends as an adult and that is really amazing.

    Also, HAD to comment about Will because I feel like my little boy is the same way. He is the one running around, not following directions and rifling through other people’s purses. So glad there are other moms that have sweet, loving wonderful little guys who are also a little bit….crazy. :)

  35. Bethany says

    It is really hard to find adult friends! I have tried “picking up” friends at the park, just striking up conversations with young moms, but I think I scare them or something. It doesn’t help that I’m kinda shy, so it’s probably really awkward. So simple when you’re a kid, “Hi, I’m Beth, wanna be my friend?”.

  36. Liz says

    Where can we get those adorable monster or dino shoes your little one is wearing in Sherry’s picts from your visit from todays post???

    • says

      They are from Gymboree…I got them two seasons ago so some stores might still have some. Oh and I think they are monster shoes – from a line that was themed around Where the Wild Things Are :)
      xo – kb

  37. says

    Hi Katie,
    I’ve been following YHL for about a year and a half and absolutely love them! I was so happy to be introduced to her BFF…YOU via your blog, too. Both of you ladies are the cutest, smartest and most down-to-earth DIYers I know (as if I really know you two, but I feel like it, haha). Thanks to the two of you, I have taken a bigger interest in DIYing and started a Pinterst Account awhile back. Thanks for the good reads and constant inspiration!

  38. says

    You girls are too cute! This is my first time here… from SF, but hubby’s from Atlanta. Such a lovely city. Love your blog! Keep up the amazing work.


    ps – couldn’t find the linky to the pinterest party… am I missing or just not posted yet?

  39. erin says

    Jerz in the hiz-ouse! Now a Richmonder with a “Northern newscaster accent” so I’m told.
    Where in Jersey are you from?

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