You didn’t think we had only one costume, did you?

Halloween Spooktacular is almost over.  Today is the last day to celebrate all things spookilicious.  Or Snookilicious :)

But you guys didn’t seriously think that Snooks & The Situation were the only costumes for Will and I!? 

oh no no.  We needed something a little more weather-appropriate (I demand a lot from Will but asking the little guy to go shirtless – fantastic abs and all – was just asking for a nippy toddler in the 50 degrees outside).  So we tossed our leapard print spandex to the wind and threw on our ‘real’ costumes….a la Star Wars style. 

Yup – the little man and I were some of our favorite super heroes – Princess Leia and Yoda. 

His ears kill me. 

You may be wondering how our first trick-or-treating went in the new house? 

It was great.  We got ready and waited for my mom to get to our house before we headed out….

Will…err…Yoda spent the wait time on a little yardwork. 

But it wasn’t too long before we went to 9 houses in the neighborhood…Will loved to ring the doorbell and then would whisper ‘Peas’ for the candy.  I think this is what the people heard though….

and this is what the little Tinkler was actually meaning….

At the end of the night we hit our direct neighbors…and Yoda got extra special treats.  One of our retired friends gave him a Thomas the Train toy that also doubles as a train whistle (he played with it all night) and the family next door (that has the bajillion awesome riding toys) gave him an entire gift bag full of treats. 

And yes, later that night I teared up at the thought of living in a home with a community surrounding us that cares so much about my little boy that he gets extra special treatment.  The Force is strong here :)  

So how did your night go?  Buckets full?  Flashlights dead?  Still coming off your sugar-high?  What were your costumes?  Any other Star Wars heros?  Stormtroopers?  Vader?  Wookies?  Or maybe you were more sophisticated…like our first costumes :)


p.s.  a big costumed welcome to our new sponsor P.C. Fallon Co. who has some gorgeous items.  I LOVE (yes capital letters) some of the patterned Spartina bags – like the Port Passage coinpurse…or Isabella Vine drawstring bag…or anything in the Silver Dew line.  And that’s not all – I think that their classic dumbell sterling silver baby rattle is one of the most amazing baby gifts a kid (and her stylish mom) could get.  Check em out!    



  1. bridget b. says

    freaking hilarious!! how am i just now seeing this? Will’s six pack was SO funny! how on earth did you get him to sit still long enough to do that? the star wars costumes were also very cute!

    my daughter is 19 months old, so this was the first halloween that she could really participate in. i was pretty ambivalent about it due to the whole christian thing, but my hubby and i compromised by letting her dress up in “cute” costumes rather than anything with a possibly negative undertones.

    i found a pink dress with an attached tutu for $7 on clearance at old navy. we threw a pair of pink tights and a pink headband on her, slicked her hair into a bun and let her wear some black cloth mary janes that she already had. she was the cutest ballerina.

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