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This morning you saw the color scheme….and I know I am bucking the tradition of a red and green christmas tree…whatever bucking is…I think it means, to kick with my rear legs…which is funny to imagine me attempting that to a tree in general.  And I promised you a full frontal of our tree.  oh la la.

The entire reason I was hesitant to show ya earlier was…well…I know our tree topper is probably not everyone’s cup of christmas tea.  it’s one of those things that you would probably either love or hate and I am guessing that 99% of you are gonna hate it.

It’s crazy.  It’s not traditional.  It’s very wacky.

Here she blows.

Yup – I know.  I’ve heard it all.  It looks like a Christmas tree with a spider on top…an octopus…a crown…

They are supposed to be candy canes.  but surprisingly candy canes don’t really read as christmasy candy treats when they are blue and green.  woop woop.  But I don’t care – I love it.  and it’s grown on me.  like the giant jester hat that it reminds me of.  so it’s staying.  afterall – christmas can be fun and silly too, right?!

But before we get into the details of how my crazy tree topper came to be – let’s talk about tree placement.  I went with the smack dab center of the living room window wall to get maximum visual enjoyment…now I can see the tree from the living room and the kitchen.  And I was able to pull back the green chairs into the room to flank the tree.  I think it helps make it look like part of the room.  Plus, using the white ottomans with the green chairs make them feel more substantial in such a large room…and more comfortable for sitting.

Okay – so our tree topper.  I picked up a $3 thing of yarn in my colors of choice at Hobby Lobby and decided to create some crazy candy canes for our crowning glory of the tree.

Basically it’s a wire hanger (free from our closet) wrapped in paper to beef them up a smidge (I used leftover packing paper and newspaper) fastened with blue painters tape (also free but made it so that I didn’t have to wrap the ends because the blue matches!) and then wrapped in yarn.  So basically I made five candy canes for three bones.

I simply held them up to the top of the tree and tied them to the longest stem with a bit of ribbon.  Then I created the big ribbon bow around it.  Actually it’s three ribbon bows so that the tree topper is pretty from every angle :)

Then I used the lighter blue ribbon to fill in the hole that was in the middle – this created a place for our B to “stand”.

In case you were wondering, the B stands for Baby Boy’s Birth.  Or Bower.  Or Booyah Beelzebub.  Whatever you prefer.

And I anchored it with a bit of craft wire tied around the base to the candy canes.  And yes, that B is just one of those cardboard ones at Hobby Lobby (they go for half off and run ya under $2) and I just used some scrapbook paper I had on hand to decoupage it for some color.

When it came to the tree skirt, I used an old bedspread that was inherited from my grandma after she passed.  I love the colors.  And since it’s faded in certain places, it’s easy to match with all sorts of blues and greens.   I really wish I had taken some plastic bags and poofed it up a little more though…I likes me a fuller looking skirt…especially when it’s all nekked under there presentlesslike.  totally a word.

Ever since we decorated the tree, Will is sortof obsessed.

He loves standing up in the chairs and pointing and saying things I don’t understand…I do understand that he is talking about the tree though…mostly because of the pointing…but also because he is REALLY excited.

Pray for me…I have about three more months till I have to start weening this little guy off the pacifier.  I think about it every time I see his teeth.  Right now he’s on it only during naps and bedtime…but still…that day we start THE WEENING is going to be a bad one.

Totally off subject.

Yes – that’s me on the ground with him sitting on top of me trying to find my belly button.  But isn’t the tree cute in the background? :)

Okay – and here it is with the lights on…

Personally I am of the breed that likes the lights on during the day….but it doesn’t photograph as well…mostly because the lights translate warmer.  I think if my color scheme included gold or yellow, it would be fine to take pics of the tree with the lights on…but in our case, I think it looks better without them.

Oh – I wanted to share this little Goodwill find…it’s a narrow side table that works perfectly for the amount of space we have next to Jer’s ‘football-watching’ chair.  And it was $14.  I love it.

This very randomly written post leads me to this subject – how to take a good photo of your tree.

Here are some of my tips –

  • Do it during the day – natural light is much more flattering!
  • Shoot in manual mode or AV mode (it allows you to have more control over exposure!)
  • Aperture (aka f-stop) should be 3.5 or higher for whole-tree shots (so that you can have more details of your ornaments)
  • Meter off your tree not surrounding windows or furniture (your tree is usually darker to the camera’s eye than surrounding objects and light sources so your main objective is to expose the tree – not everything else – notice how the windows below are blown out?)
  • Expose it up a notch or two (the photo below is at +2!) but make sure to take some other options as well – just in case you like it a little darker
  • Take some with the twinkle lights on and off and see what you like best :)

So there you have it!  Our very boyishly blue Christmas tree complete with crazy topper.  It’s not everyday you get a full frontal – complete with jester hat.  Or maybe you do :)



  1. says

    I love your tree colors! So fun and it looks great with everything!

    I have a friend who used a great trick for dropping the paci. She prepared her daughter for a few days and told her it was going bye bye. Then on the day it would go she tied the paci to a balloon and she got to go outside and let the balloon go and watched the paci float away. Because she let it go and saw it leave she never asked about it again.

  2. Kristen H says

    Maybe it is because both my sister and I have whimsical tree toppers, but I LOVE yours. Mine is a green top hat with red polka dots and a large red that I found at Cracker Barrel a couple years ago. My sister’s? Well, as of this year she now has a color changing star with a Bumble (from Rudolph) wired into the tree looking like he is placing the topper on for her! It is adorable – and her 7 year old LOVES it. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Alice H says

    I love your tree topper! It is very unique and awesome. Love the blues and greens too!

    Binky weaning is no fun. But luckily it takes a good 3 days and they are usually ok with it. My oldest daughter (almost 13) took one until she was 18 months old. And now I am paying her Orthodonist for it! Like $5,000 for it. I tell her all the time, “I hope you enjoy wearing your car in your mouth!”

    • Alice H says

      oh and we did our weaning the cold turkey way with both her and my youngest (22 months now, but he was also 18 months when we quit the binky), we just threw them all away. Every single one of them. So they couldn’t find it and want it. And I just kept telling them “we had to give them away, they are gone”. My middle son never took a binky. He was also the best baby. No colic, the best sleeper, eater, etc.

  4. Molly says

    I never comment but wanted to offer a word of encouragement on the paci…I DREADED taking my first three kids’ paci away for months (turning 2 was our general cut off and I wanted to do it before I moved them to a big kid bed) and all three turned out to be no big deal AT ALL. Oldest had one night of about 45 min. of fuss. My oldest boy nothing at all. 2nd boy 2 nights of fuss…that’s it. And they loved their pacifiers. Each time I thought surely that child would give me a terrible time…it just didn’t happen so don’t worry about! It may get ugly for a night or two but I would guess three w/b tops! My 3rd boy has just turned 2 and I’m trying to remind myself of all of this too because it will have to be gone after the holidays!

  5. Janet says

    I love this! It’s so charming and fun.

    I’m curious – I know you’ve mentioned before how much you dislike the wall color so I’m wondering what’s holding you back from repainting.

    • says

      Money. This color goes all the way around the house including the halls upstairs and down, the foyer, the living room and the laundry room…it’s not gonna be cheap for that many gallons of paint…but also both Jer and I are scared of heights so painting a two story living room and foyer are gonna cost us for someone to come out and do it.
      xo kb

  6. Melissa Peterson says

    Love it! I love seeing different versions of “non-traditional”. What is “tradional” anyways?! I love love love the blue & your homemade candy canes are such a great idea! Merry Christmas to you all!

  7. says

    I’m in love with this tree. I think it’s the absolute best one I’ve seen around the internet this year. I don’t even hate the topper. It’s neat. :)

  8. erika m says

    I like the color scheme! The topper is different but cool.
    About the pacifiers-out of 4 kids my (3rd child and only girl) daughter was the only one to take one. We weaned her @ 2 yrs 5 months. It was hard, but the comprehension was there. I think you should talk to an ortho about the teeth. Seriously you are the mama and you know best for your little guy…but now I am not sure I would have taken it away. She never learned to self soothe…and even @ nearly 4 she is such a cry baby. I love her to death and I know it might be b/c she is a girl, but seriously she is so dramatic-and difficult. Anyways, I would have used that vice for another year probably. The point to my rambling I guess is that IMHO check with an ortho, follow your gut and make sure you’re ready to give it up too! Best of luck!

  9. Sarah says

    I love it! So cute!

    All of your ornaments are so unique! Also, call me weird, but I had a dream that you and Will came over to play! :) Too much bower power following? maybe.. haha

    Happy Christmas week!

  10. Ann says

    Your tree is fantastic!! I love the colors and check out those ornaments! Seriously, you could get paid to decorate Christmas trees. Best tree I’ve seen this year, hands down.

  11. says

    hey katie…so i’m catching up on your blog after the crazy that was getting ready for christmas. so i L-O-V-E this year’s tree. i’ve been reading your blog for several years now so i’ve seen your past ones as well. this is my favey fave favorite one. love those embroidery hoops…gives it such a handcrafted and cozy feel. it looks very anthro-esque. don’t listen to the haters…the topper is fun. and christmas should be fun.

    merry merry christmas…blessings,

  12. Miranda says

    I am so excited after days of searching for color scheme ideas I came across your tree ! I absolutely love it! I love the big blue and green balls, where did these come from?

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