Felting Up a Tree

***I don’t know how but I failed to push PUBLISH on this post last night.  My bad.  So don’t be surprised if there is an onslaught of Bower Power posts in the next few days!  PEACE OUT! oh and God Bless us every one…because it is the holidays****

Another easy Christmas tree craft for you to try your elfie hands at while preparing for the fat man’s arrival :)  This time, it’s just as simplle as the pom-pom tree but just requires a few more straight pins and a little more time.

You start out with a styrofoam tree and some sheets of white felt – I recommend AT LEAST two….but three to four would be great for a really full looking tree.  Oh and then you are gonna need pinking sheers and a sleigh full of straight pins.  (heehee…sleigh, cause it’s Christmas….and because I’m a dork)

Then you cut your ‘leaves’….they are about an inch long and all different shapes, widths and sizes.  I discovered that folding the felt in half or even in quarters helps reduce the cutting time.

Then you just take a pin and go around the tree filling in the space with leaves.  I used yellow pins (because that’s all I had) but I really want to make this with a giant styrofoam tree (they were all sold out at Hobby Lobby because they put their christmas stuff out right after Easter!)

I kinda love it…I think I would love it more if I did three with this one as the smallest.  Also – taking pictures of your bad boys in front of the tree with some serious bokeh makes me fall in love with it even more.  Like I would totally pull a Noah and write 365 letters to this cute little thing.

Any more tree crafters out there?  Any unique materials?  Any tree felters?  Not to be confused with tree feelers…because that’s just plain weird :)



  1. says

    I love it….super duper cute!! I tried to make a tree like yours but instead wrapping it with yarn and using a paper plate instead of a styrofoam cone…….ya I through it out……along with my motivation to EVER make one again!! Yours looks way fancy schmancy!! Aahhh maybe next year (famous last words)!!!! Joanna D.

  2. andrea p says

    Hey Katie, you are certainly the mini Christmas tree master! My fave is your twiggy one from last year :)

    Can you please share your secret how to get the “bokeh” effect of the Christmas tree in pictures?! It’s so magical! Spill, sister!

    • says

      It’s really simple. Just take your camera’s aperture as low as it can go and then set your subject in front of the tree at least four feet away. Then just be really close to your subject and the lights in the background will be all bokeh-y :)
      xo – kb

      • Christy says


        I tried this today and it didn’t work and I’m sure that i’m not doing something right!! :) What setting do you have it on…manual? And what ISO do you shoot in during the day and night?

        Thanks so much! :)

        • says

          Yup – Manual. And I shoot in the lowest ISO I can go with being metered at a +2 and have my shutter speed at a 1/50 with a tripod or a 1/150 without a tripod. It’s different for every camera at different lighting…so it’s tough for me to say what you should do.
          xo – kb

  3. Kim says

    Love your craft ideas Katie! Where do you get your ideas from? And your energy, time, endurance – I totally wish I had your energy girl!

  4. says

    Oh, Katie. I saw your title in my Reader and thought it said Feeling Up A Tree. And I thought “Wow, well that takes tree hugging to a whole new level.”
    Apparently I need to get more sleep. Love the felt trees!

  5. says

    Tree felting, no. BUT I did make your hemp cord tree on Sunday night and it turned out beyootifully!

    Also, I have a dime sized burn on my arm from the hot glue gun but that’s neither here nor there.

    Merry ChristmaS!

  6. julianna says

    Katie — no one will think less of you if you don’t get all twelve christmas posts up. Or if some of them go up after Christmas. Seriously, as much as we all love reading your blog, we all understand that your family (and celebrating the season with them in person) is your top priority.

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