Do It On A Desk

Organization, that is.

What did you think this post title was about?

Sicko :)

Okay – so now that we got that all out on the table (ewwy pun totally intended) let’s talk about the big kahoona in January….ORGANIZATION.

Yup.  The other dirty word.

Organization.  Yup.  January is all about cleaning up your junk.  It’s there.  It’s a hot mess.  And at some point you wish it would just grow it’s own set of hands so that it can start oozing itself toward the recycle bin and pick itself up to throw itself in.  Why?  Because organizing it yourself would be like having your boobs slammed in a freezer door repeatedly…also known as a mammagram.  It’s painful.  It requires a ton of time you already don’t have.  And it’s junk you only care about a split second of the day and good for something that’s gonna expire in two minutes.

I am in that group.  The hoarder-tendencies-with-pretty-much-everything group.  It’s physically painful for me to throw away…especially since we are house-poor…err…living on a tighter budget.  I blame my brainwashing mother. (love you mommy!)  She taught me that if you save something you will have it later so that you can save the money you would have spent on buying it.  AND with a little creativity…you might end up saving a whole lotta money.  Sooo I end up being a junkster.  Not her fault.  Entirely my own doing.  And she is right…but of course, in true Katie fashion, I over do things.

Hence my kitchen desk:

It became this place of ‘putting down’.  I didn’t have a place for my craft paint…I just put it down on the desk.  I didn’t know where to hang Will’s art to dry…I just put it on the desk light fixture.  I didn’t want to sort through old candy, coupons, receipts and memoriabilia from vacations…I just put it on top of everything else.

Hot mess indeed.

That’s when the fine folks of Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine came to my rescue.  They gave me $100 to use toward an organization project.  I contemplating blowing it all on their book section and then ‘organizing’ them into my bookshelves…but Jer reminded me that the kitchen desk was going to start eating toddlers soon if I didn’t address the problem.

Soooo….with gift card in hand, we walked into Lowe’s with our plan of attack.  I sketched it out just for my sanity sake….


And when we got home, I snapped on my rubber gloves and got to cutting the cutter…

Also known as relocating…all of these items were pulled off the desk and microwave area.  Yes.  I needed an intervention.

And we started by installing the shelves above the desk area.  Yes, they are supposed to be askew.  Didn’t you see the very fine albeit slightly squished artistic rendering of the finished desk?  Skewed shelves are in.  Like totally.

One brand new outdoor light & three shelves later, we have ourselves a brand new workspace.

I was able to sort through a bunch of stuff…throw some away….and organize the rest into this desk.

The lower part works great for my photography stuff.  The little white bin holds all the blank cds I need…the green file folder holds current important stuff…like our budget info…and blog contracts…and comic books (not kidding) and all that good stuff.  And the blue boxes hold everything else I need for the photography biz that doesn’t fit into the drawers.

I absolutely love having pens out in the open – and paint brushes…so those little woven planter containers (from ikea) were perfect for eliminating the five minutes of looking for a pen.

The light is a huge improvement too – at first I was planning on painting it – but I love how the silver finish plays up the stainless steel appliances and the silver clock and silver faux orchid vase.  And since this area is separate from the rest of the kitchen, I feel like making the light different is a-ok.

Above the microwave, we eliminated all the junk and moved in the oversized fabric covered cork board.  I decided that this board would be ONLY dedicated to photos…so now I have to print some :)  But no more party invites…no more doctor appt cards or birthday cards from the dentist….just pictures would be on here.

Yes, I am completely obsessed with elephants.  It’s weird.  I think I am so into them because Will can make their noise.  He can’t bark like a dog.  He has no idea what a pig says.  But an elephant?  He can phfrrooooo with the best of them.   Oh and my Pappap loves them too.  Double special.   My little trunky guy has the tacks on his back.

Huge improvement if I do say so myself.  And will be the perfect function as a ‘family desk’ for many years to come.

And now for some side-by-sides…you know…so that I can pat myself on the back.




But as good as it feels to have all that desk organized and my receipts shredded….do you know what feels even better?

No idea?

Well…it’s know that one of my readers gets the chance to do the same thing with their own home…because LCI magazine is sponsoring a giveaway! Here’s some details on how you can win:

  •  PRIZE : (1) $100 Gift Card to Lowe’s Home Improvement Store
  • TO ENTER : Leave a comment with the phrase ”Love me some Lowes” and tell me your fantasy do-it spot…where you wanna do it….organize that is :)
  • NITTY GRITTY :  This giveaway ends on January 31st at 8am EDT.  Only one contest entry per email address.  The winners will be chosen using and announced on this post.


p.s.  Lowe’s is on Pinterest!  Go check em out!



  1. says

    Do you have any idea how happy this post makes my heart? Seriously, you did it SO right. Better than right. It is now such a joyful dreamy space and exactly why I love to organize.

    You are a rockstar my lovely friend.


  2. Norma says

    Love me some Lowes!

    My entryway from the side door needs some love. It’s the dropoff are for shoes, jackets, and keys so it needs something to get everything organized.

  3. krista says


    I’m dying to do it in a the corner of our kitchen. It’s like a black hole for all things junk mail, phone chargers, magazines, and just plain crap. Of course, it would help if we could get the rest of the house under control and give some of those things a new home, but that is a much bigger battle!

  4. says

    Love me some Lowes!

    I would get to organizing the inside of my kitchen cabinets. They are a hot mess. Oh, and don’t get me started on my closet, that thing needs an intervention… do they sell those at Lowes? Oh, if only TLC had a store :)

  5. B. Kirt says

    I’m just now reading this post. Yes, I’m a few months behind…. Where did you get the green storage bin that you use for your bills and comic books? My hubby and I saw ones similar to those on an episode of Big Bang Theory. Since then, he’s been on the hunt for them to store his hotrod magazines.
    Thanks so much!

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