Going to the Bathroom Down Under : AFTER

You suffered long enough.

Time for some after photos of our basement bathroom.

Please note that this bathroom doesn’t yet have art or hooks for towels or accessories in general.  Just standard git-in-&-git-it-done-functionality…if you know what I mean.

It started out as a tall box of tile.  Seriously.  It is tall – ten foot ceilings…in the basement (crazy, huh)…and the entire thing is tiled.  Yup.  Thorough should be the previous owner’s middle name.

It also already had the electrical done and it was fully plumbed – which made our job a lot easier and the project as a whole less expensive/stressful/divorce-oriented.

And now – it is totally usable.  The bathroom got a whole new vanity & matching mirror.  It also has a new toilet and showerhead and light.

The vanity itself turned out to be a perfect fit.  It allowed enough clearance on the wall-side to allow for a little trash can to be tucked in (which is something I never would have thought of if I had planned out the layout myself) and the new faucet is really set off by the lighter countertops.  I am also awarding this vanity bonus points for having those drawers that fully extend.  How did I ever live without those before?  You can store like ten extra towels…not that I have em…but I could totally store them if I did!

The old shower curtain (we actually registered for this at our wedding years ago) acts as a smooth transition for the color scheme, dontcha think?  It contains all those browns and greens…it’s like the Jerry Seinfield in a room full of Elaines and Georges.  Totally makes it all work together.

Those wide spread faucets cost a pretty penny – but in the end, I think they are worth it.  They look so classy!  And I love how this one nods at the new light fixture.  They are like brother and sister.  Like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.  Like Janet and Michael.

I pushed the curtain over to the other side so that you could see the whole thing.  Not too shabby, huh?

Before & Afters…sorry about the creative photography :)



All in all, it wasn’t the cheapest bathroom makeover in the world (not like my $67 kid’s one upstairs…or my $100 one on the first floor)…but not too extravagant (especially considering all of my family would be using this one on my sister’s wedding day)…so here’s the budget breakdown…

  • vanity – $269
  • mirror – free!
  • faucet – $120
  • shower fixture – $99
  • light fixture – $29
  • light shades – $15
  • toilet base – $210
  • toilet tank – $81
  • toilet seat – $28
  • misc supplies (wax ring, mirror hanging kit, Liquid Nails) – $35


Of course, we also used things we already had too…so that helps out the pocket book.  But since I consider any bathroom makeover a success that costs less than a cool grand, I count this sucker as a home run.  Or as a wedding gift to Nornie (and myself) and her guests.  Like I always say, What better gift than indoor plumbing?!

p.s.  I do have some photos from my camera of my sister’s wedding that I plan on sharing on Friday.  It’s not a lot so don’t get too hopeful – but there are some darling details that I’m sure my relatives would love to revisit :)



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