Wedding at the Bowers – My Pictures

This past September we hosted my little sister’s wedding at our house.  And I am finally getting around to sharing some photos.  Shame on me.

Yup.  They had it right there in the backyard.

We offered it up because we knew that she was looking for an outdoor space…and we had this big open area that is sort of perfect for a tent.

We were only a little surprised that she came back and said YES – let’s do it!  I say that we were surprised because honestly – we didn’t know if it was her style…and I, as the older sister, tend to push stuff on her…so I was trying to play it cool and specifically NOT push the house on her…and thought she, as the little sister, would choose something specifically because it wouldn’t be mine.  Does that make any sense?

So needless to say – we were surprised and I was stressed about making the house ready for her wedding.

For the rest of the summer – it kind of turned into a disaster zone.  Not only were we painting the basement, fixing drywall issues, removing bars, renovating bathrooms and regrouting floors, we had crazy amounts of stuff everywhere.

Including these headless manequins that seriously spooked me everytime I saw them outta the corner of my eye.  They were freaking watching me with those shrunken invisible veiled heads of theirs.

I contributed very little to the planning part of the wedding.  I think I had three ideas.  One being that they could use some old wood that was clear cut behind our property.  We all drug it out of the woods – yes, Norn, Boots & I hauled by hand and Jer used the four wheeler.  I felt kinda like Blu – you know…Paul Bunyon’s giant ox.  They created an arbor to get married under.  Another idea was that they use some old pallets that I forced Jer to dumpster dive for (we used them for Will’s barnyard birthday party) and they built a platform to stand on.  Yup.  I believe we called this hands on premarital counseling :)

See how perfectly the tent sets up?

The tent was actually brand new.  And Norn got a great deal.  The guys from the tent company set it up early and took it down late – which was fine by us…we were kinda surprised how much we loved it.  If I win the lottery, I’m buying a tent.

It rained the day before…which was kinda nice because the grass greened up a little…but it meant that the tent got a little moisture in it too.  Nothing a little airing out couldn’t fix.

The day of the rehearsal…

I also voted that Lori wear her hair down for the entire thing.  I mean seriously.  Her head looks like a ring of golden fire.  I believe prophets went gray upon seeing that kinda glory!

The rehearsal dinner was at a Greek restuarant that we all love.  Their food is delish.  Boots mom did all the centerpieces…which later my mom & I turned into Norn’s bouquet and all the boutineers :)

After the dinner, Norn & Boots hosted a little family and out of towners get together at their new house.  Yup.  Along with wedding planning, they decided to buy a foreclosure (smart move sis!) and got an amazing deal on a house that just needs a lot of cosmetic stuff.

Nornie made all the cookies.  Like wedding planning, house buying and raising Cole wasn’t enough :)

I was so impressed that Lori made these cookies with her branchy D crest on them.  She’s so amazing.

That’s me and my Uncle Derek.  He’s cool.  And single :)

I didn’t take many photos of the actual day – so just follow along best you can.  We girls got ready upstairs in our master bedroom.  Our little sitting area I set up so that it looked a little better for photos.

See that little table in the lower lefthand corner?  Yeah…my mom splurged on a photobooth for the wedding.  It, of course, was a hit :)

The centerpieces – you may have seen these already – were big bunches of baby’s breath stuck into a block of florist foam and then we jammed skewer sticks in it so that it could be buried in the vase.  Oh and the vase is filled with white rice – you know, cause skewer sticks aren’t as pretty :)

My last idea…the branchiness.  Lori wanted a lot of amber glasses but also was mixing that with a branch/baby’s breath theme…I know…it’s alot going on but it works…and one of my friends told me about using a branch and a drill bit and just popping in votives.  I personally am obsessed with the uber-cheap idea.

I set up the sweetheart table centerpiece with all the leftovers.  She spent months collecting those amber pieces and I adore them.

Brownie bar!  This was a must for the married couple.  It was one of the few things about the wedding that I remember them TRULY getting overly excited about.  It was delicious.

Candy bag favors…the little boys were stalking the table :)

Right after the ceremony, the pictures and the cocktail hour was going on…so I snagged a few photos inside the tent.

That giant ball is of grapevine (I liked to imagine that it’s a nod to Jer&my wedding – since we did lots of grapevine wreaths)…and my Mummum decked it out with twinkle lights.  It was like their own personal full moon :)

My mom was in charge of the ‘cocktail hour’…also known as ‘when the bridal party takes photos hour’.  This was the part that scared me the most – because as big as our basement is, we were anticipating the worst weather (always gotta plan for rain) and knew that if it was really hot or wet, then every single one of the guests would cram into the space.  Thankfully – it was beautiful and most folks came in for drinks, snacks and the bathroom and then hung outside.

My mom had created quite the spread…

And around the edge of the room, she placed photos of the bride and groom throughout their growing up years.

The ghosts of brides past :)

I know it is weird but all the ladies dug it…these are the dresses of my mom, my grandma, the grooms mom and his grandma…haunting us :)

Our last minute lapel decor…

And yes, we still have Trader Joes wine in our fridge.  There was tons of it!

Right before we went into the reception, the bridal party made a pit stop at the basement…

my personal favorite – bacon jam :)

Lori wore her hair up for the ceremony and down for the reception.  I am so glad she took it down because she is beautiful with it up – but BREATHtaking with it down.  I am seriously considering making her sign a contract to always wear it down.  FOREVER.  Or I get all her money.  I think that is fair.

Cole was so nervous.  He kept on saying that it was his and his mom’s wedding to Andrew.  Which is true.  But it still made me smile.  He does this repeated blinking thing when he’s a ball of nerves – and the kid couldn’t stop his little eyelids to save his life that day.

Not bad for leftover roses :)

Aww…sisters :)

One thing I love about them together is that they sing.  One of them sings REALLY well and the other…well…sounds like me :)  But it’s adorable.

Love the amber glow…

The little bells were to have the bride and groom kiss :)  It’s what you do when you have plastic silverware and plastic cups :)

Will cut in during the father daughter dance :)

It was fun.  The entire day we had a babysitter so Jer and I really got to cut loose.  And when I say cut loose, I mean, literally go crazier than a redneck in a John Deere liquidation sale.

I haven’t danced that hard in years.  And when I say danced, I mean…looked like I was having a seizure while simultaneously coming out of my clothing.

All I remember is that nothing went wrong.  It was the most perfect and fun wedding I’ve been to…

the saddest part of the whole thing was when it was done and Cole had to say goodbye.  He chased the car up the driveway as they pulled out.  It brought tears to my eyes.

And since I had him stay with us that night, I tried to give him very important tasks…like witnessing the signature of the wedding papers.  Oh yeah – did I mention that Jer’s dad officiated?  This was truly a family affair :)

It was perfect.  Low key.  Fun.  DJ was hilarious and playing gangsta rap :)  But he wasn’t as bad as our DJ who was kinda like a drunk Italian who made us do the Macarana in the mirror.  yeah.  weird.

So that is all the pictures I took.  BUT GUESS WHAT?!

no seriously…guess.

yup – if you guessed that I have a few of the official pics – you would be right.  I screen grabbed some low res photos from the photographer’s online gallery – so next I’ll be sharing some of the scenes that this matron of honor didn’t capture.

It’s like wedding mania up in this crib.

Just consider it a celebration of LOVE. I mean…we are entering that month, aren’t we?!



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      We had barbeque from our favorite spot – Shane’s. My family is sortof obsessed with their chicken and sweet tea so it was perfect :)
      xo – kb

      • says

        omg – judging from that, and the fact that their cake was made entirely of brownies, makes me think if I was a guest you’d need to roll me out of there! yum!!

  1. says

    Such a gorgeoues wedding. I love all the details. The branch on the table with the votives might be my favorite thing EVER. Your sister is gorgeous and I love both her RD dress and wedding dress!

  2. says

    Gorgeous! If I get married again, can I get married at your house?! Kidding…sort of ;) You are so talented and I love all of the details. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Julianne says

    Your hours is BEAUTIFUL!! I’m so jealous. And all that space in the back-yard. Probably a pain to Mow all the time, but totally worth it!
    You did an amazing job with this wedding!

  4. says

    Can I say that I am in love with this post?! I was a little hurt when it came to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and all of your pictures. Oh your sweet nephew is adorable! That picture of him and your sister got me teary eyed. Precious!

    Thank you for sharing. :)

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