Office Bathroom Reveal

This makeover has been a rollercoaster.  and I screamed the whole way.  not literally because I have a toddler to do that for me :)

Let’s do a short recap for all you folks just joining us…

Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine has bequethed upon us a $500 giftcard to makeover a bathroom.  We decided to go with the flesh skinned, chocolate trimmed, gilded office bathroom…which doesn’t get much action because of the nightmares it can induce.

The entire thing hasn’t been touched…short of hanging a leftover mirror I had in my college days…just so that it wasn’t awkward for the two guests who go in there to blow their nose and might have a cling-on.

The bathroom has 99 problems but a cling-on ain’t one :)

Speaking of problems, the vanity was too close to the wall, the gold was waving the white flag, the paint colors were begging to be put out of their misery and the entire space lacked any style.

I told ya all about our plans for the space here….but in short – change, well, everything.

There were a couple things that we couldn’t afford to change…one being the tile.  The slate shower and the creamy marble floor were going to stay.  The toilet and the vanity also needed to stay…just simply to stay in budget…and also because as much as I would love a new Kohler throne, this one really does function just fine for the limited tinkle-time it receives.

The fixtures needed to be switched out though…including the shower, the sink faucet and the lighting situation.

And we needed a little more function…as in, at least a place to put a damp towel or two…you know…for the folks that aren’t Rod Tidwell and choose to not air dry (name that movie).

Oh and the paint colors absolutely positively needed to go.  I’m pretty sure that this color combo is a reason unto itself for anti-depressants.

Now that you got the 360 degree view…you probably will agree that this bathroom was anything but fierce….unless you count fiercely fugly…which I do.

I challenge you to notice the little things…the dingy outlets, the brown register cover, the ill-placed toilet paper holder, the random holes in the wall, the gold, the gold, the gold.

And now I would love to introduce you to our newly madeover girl-next-door-ready-for-the-prom-and-her-first-kiss….

Armed with our $500 gift card, we first decided on a color scheme and a plan.  Once I saw the Allen + Roth shower curtain, I knew.  We were gonna go with the feminine turquoisey blue.  Based on that, I was able to choose paint – a neutral “Marble Tile” for the walls and “Park Place” to pop the vanity (both Allen + Roth shades).  The trimwork also got way too many coats of white paint  (and I ended up with a claw).  I felt like the only way to make bright white trim and cream tile get along was to mix both through out the space…and the wall hue was simply an extension of that to me.

Unfortunately, our shower curtain was too short.  Yeah.  So I broke out a remnant of linen I had in my sewing stash and added a girly gathered skirt.  Now she looks like a tailored professional in Nashville :)

Once I picked the textiles and the color scheme, it was simply the Irish luck running through my veins that lead me to the polished nickel accessories.  I scored a great deal on the mirror, towel hooks, shelf and toilet paper stand.  (you can read all about it here)

The art was actually something I got a  long time ago at Goodwill (here’s when I debuted it) and have been waiting for the perfect spot to put it.  It just so happens that it picks up the colors in my plan and is feminine enough to tickle my ovaries.

The faux succulent was 18 cents in the Hobby Lobby discount aisle.  I love me a good succulent…especially since I can’t kill it.  I just popped it into an old Ikea vase and paired it with a Target’s christmas votive holder (it cost me a whopping 40 cents) and a mercury glass head from TJMaxx.  This particularly beautiful lady (she told me she was a girl) wanted me to let you know that she may look like a Buddha head but in fact, she is a very conservative southern Baptist….which makes sense, since we live in the Bible Belt :)

I love the sparkle of the head and the shine of the chrome and the simple color scheme.  It feels girly to me.  It feels like a feminine bathroom…and that’s hard to do with slate in the mix.

The toilet didn’t get anything done to it.  Nada.  Maybe one day I’ll switch out the lever.   I did clean it.  First time since we moved in.  Don’t judge.

I really dig the curtain rod and the little rollers…they jingle when you move the shower – which apparently makes Will squeel…so I did it for about twenty minutes before I decided he should breathe.  Consider these quality control tested :)

You probably already know what’s hiding behind the hand towel…a new outlet.  I showed y’all how to switch it out…and it just so happens that the perfect place for the towel ring happens to be right in front of it.

I would be remiss to not mention the new faucet I got.  It is a far cry from the gold monstrosity that previously resided here.  And the $39 pricetag is something most everyone could handle.  (haha…punny)  It’s the Pfister Sonetrra in polished chrome.

Not only did the vanity get a new coat of paint, but it also got some new handles.  Aren’t they dashing?

Did you notice I also switched out the register cover on the floor?  The new vent is bright white (to match the trim) and I think it draws a whole lot less attention than the old brown one.

The little space between the door and the shower was too narrow for even a small 18″ towel rod, so we opted for a couple of hooks instead.  The towels were a wedding gift from my grandmother – and I love that they have flowers and a bit of silver thread at the bottoms…perfect for this space, dontcha think?!

I also threw together a linen shade for the window.  It’s a simple double layer with a tension rod at the top.  I used clothes pins to pin it up for a bit of light…simple but effective.

Also, I had no idea what kind of doorknob to get for the room – since the office isn’t done yet and it would be visible in there – so I left it open for now.

Another unfinished piece of this puzzle is the shower head and faucet.  I ordered them from earlier this month but I am still waiting.  The delivery time was estimated to be yesterday (giving me just enough time to install it) but I’ve learned that sometimes it’s best to just roll with the DIY punches.   Also, don’t tick off your delivery guy….cause they can leave tire marks in your grass.  that tip is free :)

The glass shelf is perfect for narrow objects.  I love shelves over toilets.  It makes for a spot for accessories.  And girls love accessories.

Last but certainly not least is the light fixture.  It’s a Portfolio 3 light in brushed nickel.  I know.  I know.  But Katie, all your accessories are POLISHED!  Isn’t that light mixing wine and beer in the same glass?  I have no idea.  I am no designer.  Or a mixologist.  I am a girl that liked the brushed light fixture more than all the polished ones…and honestly because they are not right next to each other, you don’t notice the difference that much.

The light fixture was bought separately from the shades….and I am so glad I did.  The fixture could change completely with the shades.

The shades I went with were the most feminine.  I loves the little gathering pleats…the mini glass beads that were glued to the inside make it glimmer like an Oscar red carpet.

Oh yeah, this pretty girl is dancing tonight…

And because I know how much we all hate burning those calories scrolling our pointer fingers up – here are some side by side before and afters:




Jeremy even loves it (even with all the girly touches)…and is very excited to get started on the office next.  I’m thinking we might need a paint sprayer for all that trim :)

Because some of you all ask for the real nitty gritty when it comes to moolah – I broke out the receipts and tallyed it all up for ya….

Budget Breakdown:

  • Wall paint – $31.98 – $5 rebate = $26.98
  • Trim paint = $28.97
  • Vanity paint = $2.94
  • Vanity hardware – 2 @ $3.34 = $6.68
  • Vanity faucet = $39.00
  • Oval mirror = $51.79
  • Portfolio 3-light fixture = $29.98
  • Clear glitter glass shades = 3 @ $10.47 = $31.41
  • Shower fixture (not pictured) = $86.24
  • Ashbury shower curtain = $19.98
  • Shower curtain liner = $8.98
  • Curtain tension rod = $11.98
  • Roller hooks = $7.98
  • Glass shelf = $28.34
  • Robe hooks – 2 @ $4.49 = $8.98
  • Toilet paper stand = $7.49
  • Hand towel holder = $5.99
  • Electrical stuff = $18.91
  • Register cover = $6.74
  • Additional supplies = $30
  • Towels – already owned
  • Art – already owned
  • Accessories – already owned

TOTAL : $459.36

My strong suite is not math – so hopefully that was correct.  If not, blame my mom – I was homeschooled :) Oh and everything that I didn’t say where it was from – it’s from Lowe’s :)

A very heartfelt thank you to LCI for making this bathroom possible…we couldn’t afford such a transformation right now…and I am so grateful to them and my readers who keep this blog going and for your constant support.  You all are the glimmer in my toilet paper holder….and knowing how much I love my toilet paper holder, that’s really saying something.

p.s.  Lowe’s Creative Ideas is on Pinterest!  Definitely worth perusing!


  1. says

    Beautiful makeover! I love EVERYTHING about this room but I am especially smitten with the color of the vanity. I have a feeling someone’s vanity’s going to be wearing the same dress! LOL Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. says

    oh my gosh! I love that shower curtain! The whole bathroom looks great but that shower curtain is super super nice. Lovely transformation :) I remember when you wrote about that picture from Goodwill… and I was skeptical but it looks great in there. (I promise, wont doubt you again!!)

  3. Ann Rubin says

    Bathroom looks awesome! We have been wanting to do our bathroom (to get out of the 80’s) for quite sometime and are just now gathering ideas and such. Thanks for your post! My husband wants NOTHING to do with painting our oak trim white. I noticed you did that in the bathroom, my question is the door, did you just do the inside of the bathroom white or the outside too? Cause if I do the outside, it wont go with the oak trim in hallway (hallway is a beige/tan tcarpet too). Would like your advice – paint the inside bathroom door white and outside of it white too? If we do buy a new door, should we buy an all white one? Our doors are cheap and hollow – what is your suggestion sincy my husband is scared of white trim anything. We have to do the white trim as we are doing board and batten (white) for most of the bathroom. Thanks Katie you are the best!

  4. lanie says

    Not sure if this is creepy or not, but I fell in love with this bathroom. So much so that I just went out and bought the same shower curtain and glass shelf. I live about 3 minutes from Lowes, so it was a really easy decision! I’m going to be re-doing my bathroom, and am using yours as inspiration!

  5. paula says

    LOVE it! Especially that it “tickles your ovaries”! haha!

    Seriously, that shower curtain is awesome! And the Budda… or eh, church lady. :)

  6. Kate says

    Wow! I trolled Pinterest looking all over for bathroom inspiration, and I should have just come here FIRST! All of these same changes need to be made in our guest bath, too. What a difference!

  7. Jessica says

    It looks fantastic! I love the colors!! I’m sorry if I missed it somewheres in the post, but did you remove the shower doors or just put up the shower curtain? Oh and congrats on your pregnancy!

    • says

      We removed the doors…in hopes that maybe we could polish them up to a shiny chrome…no dice…so we hung the original plan – that shower curtain :)
      xo – kb

          • Jamie says

            This is probably a dumb question, but I’m very new to all things DIY. Our glass shower doors are HORRIBLE. I want to remove them and just do a curtain like you did. We have a stall shower, so does the water stay inside pretty well during a shower?

          • says

            As long as your shower has a curb that is a proper height, then it should be fine! I get a shower curtain liner that is wider and longer to make sure that it curves in and keeps all water inside.
            xo – kb

  8. says

    Looked through the comments, but didn’t see this question anywhere….would you mind sharing how you painted the vanity??! Mine looks the EXACT same as your before picture, and my husband was telling me that you can’t paint it because of the type of material it is. Well, obviously you CAN, because you DID and it looks A-MAZING!!! :-D I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to do mine!!


  9. says

    Great job. The new colors are fresh and look fab. You know what I loved in the end, that the paint color for the vanity was so darn cheap. Makes me smile to think that something that seems so hard to do, can me done on the cheap. Looks great with her blue hue.

  10. says

    I ADORE your new bathroom and could SQUEEZE you for letting us in on your bargains! As soon as I read this post, I sped to Lowe’s to see if I could find that beautiful beveled mirror. Thankfully I saw your post in time! I’ve been looking for one (actually three) for a good price for our master and guest bath. I was so excited about this, that I did a post about it and featured your new space. Hope you check it out and I would love, love, LOVE if you followed me. You were one of the first bloggers that I discovered… a few years ago. Am I pouring it on a little too thick? ;) Anyway, hope you had a great time in Florida! Hope to hear from you. – Alicia

  11. Gali says

    Great update to the bathroom!
    I was thinking of a similar set up regarding a glass shelf and then art above it. Can I ask how you decided at what height the glass shelf should reside over the toilet? Also how much space did you leave between the shelf and the bottom of the frame?
    Thanks, Gali

    • says

      I just eyeballed it – I wanted the top of the ‘grouping’ to be balanced with the vanity & mirror – so I just told Jeremy to hold it up and then decided based on what looked right.
      xo – kb

  12. Kara Doyle says

    The bathroom looks great! Such a pretty girl :) I have a question about the aftermath of removing the shower doors. We have a very 1992 bathroom with gold shower doors, gold faucet, and hideous cream trim/walls/floors/tile. I want to do a simple (read: cheap) update similar to what you’ve done. Our shower doors are anchored into the tile. I worry about the damage to the tiles that might be hidden under neath the shower doors. Did you have any problems removing the shower doors?

    • says

      We didn’t…but let me tell you, we left the anchors in the slate…and because the way slate is – the adhesive left marks that look wet (I imagine that regular glazed tile would not look like that because of the glaze)…so I imagine if you had regular tile, you could remove the surround, take needle nose pliers and pull out the anchors, remove the adhesive and then use a little caulk or grout to fill the holes.
      xo – kb

  13. says

    Such an incredible makeover. I found you via House of Turquoise and I just had to stop by to tell you what an awesome job you did. I love how you extended the shower curtain. Looks stunning.

  14. Lu says

    Really love the bathroom-touch of elegance on a great little budget. May I ask what the paint color is and who makes it? This would be great in my bathroom-kina spa-like I think. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

  15. Melinda says

    Have you replaced the shower faucets yet?
    Are you doing the valves too? If so, do you have
    To go from behind the wall?
    They are telling me I have to replace valves to change
    Faucet and go through the wall

    • says

      We have replaced the shower handles and shower head. We have Moen stuff and you can change the fixture without changing the valves or going through the wall…I’m not sure if that would be the case with other manufacturers. I think that typically if you switch from one brand to another, you have to replace valves too. Maybe you could find exterior fixtures that fit with your existing valves?
      xo – kb

  16. sheila buchanan says

    Any suggestions on getting rid of a fiberglass shower? Did my whole bath just like yours this weekend (with a few additions) but still have the ugly shower

    • says

      Fiberglass showers have their perks! If you can’t do a full demo/replacement, then I suggest you embrace the place keeper! Can you hang a curtain to block it from general sight?
      xo – kb

      • Gma says

        Very pretty, very nice colors, I like all the shine from the chrome. Keep up the good work.
        I just didn’t want your handle to be a little off, I’m a Virgo so you know how that is.
        So it’s perfect after all.

  17. Alli says

    I read your blog every day and then come across a project you’ve done via Pinterest or Google and am surprised all over again with how awesome you are! (Just happened)

  18. Karen says

    I am painting my bathroom vanity with a semi-gloss paint. Was curious if you used a polyurethane coat as a final coat?

  19. says

    Regarding the side of the vanity: was it real wood or was it a laminate? I have a similar vanity but the side of it isn’t wood like the front. If yours was a laminate how did u get the paint to stick?
    Thank you.

  20. says

    Has anyone used the shower (more than testing the water flow) since the reno? (Which, by the way, is awesome!) Even though the curtain is long, there isn’t a very high ledge there, and I’m wondering with someone actually using the shower if water doesn’t go all over the place.

    • says

      Yes…we actually use it a lot (like the boys will sometimes be muddy from playing outside and we let them clean off in there) and so far, we haven’t had any overspray issues. We do angle the shower head ever so slightly to the wall side so it doesn’t downpour on the curtain liner. And that is the other big thing…we bought an extra long shower curtain liner that doesn’t just go to the lip of the ledge…it goes to the floor and bends in.
      xo – kb

  21. Gina Schuster says

    I love the use of blue in a bathroom! It makes for such a relaxing atmosphere. I’m redoing mine at the moment and have definitely decided on blue tones. Next step is picking the lights–I’ve been online all day trying to make a decision!

    This one turned out beautifully, good job!

  22. Kim says

    I am I’m love with your shower curtain, but when I bought it at Lowe’s it is a turquoise and tan color. In your pictures, it looks like it is turquoise and white. Is your shower curtain tan like mine, or is it white? Of it is whir, can I still buy the white version?

  23. Katherine says

    I think you made a mistake on the paint colour of the vanity….AR1126 Park Place is a teal green blue. Just in case someone goes to buy it you won’t be getting the colour in these pictures.

  24. Kimberly says

    THANK YOU for this beautiful bathroom inspiration. I saw it about a year ago and convinced my now husband that this would be the perfect way to freshen up our plain beige guest bathroom. I purchased the same shower curtain from Lowes, the Marble Tile paint for the walls, and instead of painting our laminate cabinets/counter (I was too intimidated!) we added a molding frame to our builder-grade mirror using Park Place to incorporate the beautiful color. I purchased chrome-looking candle bases from IKEA and Park Place & Marble Tile-looking candles to tie the whole thing together. Without this blog post I am confident our guest bathroom would still be plain beige, or something not nearly as beautiful as it is now! We are getting ready to paint our small half-bath this marble tile color too and are planning to accent it with charcoal grey. Thank you!!

  25. says

    What a beautiful job remodeling this bathroom! I especially love the new walk in shower. Think I’m going to have to bring some of your design aesthetic here into Maryland!

  26. Kendra V says

    This bathroom is SO GORGEOUS!! I know it has been a while since you posted this, but where did you find the clear glitter glass shades? Thanks in advance!

  27. Debbie says

    So now that the doors are off, how do you like using the shower? We have some brass framed doors in our shower that I hate, but my husband doesn’t think a shower curtain will work well.

    • says

      Jeremy uses it all the time. Whenever he is on kid duty after a workout, he puts the kids in the playroom and takes a shower in there and loves it!
      xo – kb

  28. Violet says

    I loved the transformation!! And I so enjoy reading your blog! You crack me up!!!! Thanks for the inspirations!!!

  29. Kay says

    I love that the light fixture is NOT the same polished as the other fixtures. I get so tired of everything being all matchy matchy. You harmonized! It think it looks BETTER!! Beautiful makeover. Simply beautiful!

  30. says

    Love your re-do! Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your bathroom? I’m looking to create a bath in bedroom at the lake and hoping to fit a shower in. Thanks much!

  31. says

    Now, that’s called a properly planned job to rejoice your interiors. Such a sophisticated look is hard earned, but the maintenance is even more difficult. I had the same color scheme and lighting upgrade last year. However, for the bathroom, I am still unsatisfied with leakage issue that my plumber isn’t able to figure out. But trust me, it’s worth taking that much pain.

  32. Kelley says

    Your bathroom is the EXACT same layout as mine. The dimensions look the same. I’m just about to redo mine, so thank you for all the great ideas. I love what you’ve done!

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