Purchase Power

Our bathroom is numero uno on the priority-o list-o.

That’s right.

Don’t be deceived by the recent work on the dining room or the world’s-longest-phot0-montage-to-Will.  This bathroom MUST be done by the end of February.  T minus 6 days.  5 days if you count the time it’ll take to photograph, edit and post.

As you know, the office bathroom started off looking like this:

Oh yeah, come to mama..and bring your builder basic vanity and gold fixtures.

And after I told you all about the horrors of the past blasting into our throne room, I introduced a little of the future.  This is the plan for the space…

I already tackled the painting of the vanity (it’s now Park Place Allen & Roth available at Lowe’s)…


And since the chocolate brown trim apparently takes FOUR coats to get full coverage, I went shopping.  C’mon.  Nothing is fun about watching paint dry.  it’s like waiting for water to boil.  or weight loss to happen.  or for bacon to fry…that one takes fohevah and a day.

So I went to Lowe’s armed with my gift card and immediately saw this pretty faucet on sale…

So I picked it up and put it in my cart.

Until I saw this…

Wham Bam Yellow Sticker fan!

Apparently Lowe’s is clearancing out the Allen + Roth’s Andrews line of bathroom accessories.  Oh yeah.  Anytime a line gets clearanced it means big big savings and it means my little bathroom will be filled with polished nickel (and not the brushed nickel like the faucet above).  So I had to forgo the faucet on sale and buy everything I could get my grubby little hands on.

You thought I was kidding.

Apparently on Lowe’s online they don’t have the Andrews line available anymore.  They do have some similar pieces though.  And it might be worth checking out in your local store to see if they have anything else left.

When it comes to the light fixture, we went with a brushed nickel frame sold seperately from the glass shades.  I didn’t really dig the lines of any of their 3 light fixtures in the store that had the polished finish, so I picked this one.  I think this one is shiny enough in person (especially since the light will be shining below it – casting less light onto itself) to blend in.  The shades are just some simple glass ones that have this cool beaded texture inside.

The faucet is a Pfister Sonetrra.  It’s just darling.  Since my store didn’t carry it, I ordered it online and it has since come in.  It’s DARLING.  I love the white touches.  It says “I a country girl in this shining new city of yours and I like to have a good time gettin steamy”.  Didn’t realize faucets could talk, did ya!?  Oh yeah…they know dirt :)  Best part?  It only cost $39.

Last but not least is the new shower trim kit.  The existing shower head and handle are gold.  And not a cute J-Lo from the Block gold…more like a oversized poster of a giant cat rug with a half dressed me on top eating a giant pumpkin pie with no hands….eww.  Don’t know how that is a gold comparison – but I assume you suffiently are grossed out and understand my feelings on the exiting fixtures.

Since the existing inner workings are Moen, we can simply buy a Moen kit and the hardest part is just switching out the outter bits – vs. removing all the stuff in the wall to use another brand we love.

So there you have it folks…all the stuff we have been hoarding as we wait for the paint to dry.  Speaking of paint, I should have some after pictures with just the trim painted sometime soon…so stay tuned for that fun.

p.s.  everyone always asks…the shower curtain is from Lowe’s.  It’s Allen + Roth and is just as cute in person :)



  1. Rebecca says

    Wowzers, nice score! I wish the line of Allen Roth we just bought was being discontinued, bathroom accessories (and I don’t even mean towels, art, rugs) aren’t cheap. this is inspiring me to finish up out bathroom remodel. Darn trim slows me down every time, but I’m so close to the end!

  2. Nicole says

    We are doing our bathroom too, and I am in the paint drying stage too :( I have got to go check out the bath accessories at Lowes!

  3. Jennifer says

    Perfect timing! We are redoing 2 bathrooms (getting ready to sell) and I have a lowes trip planned for this afternoon. Thanks for the heads up :)

  4. Ashley says

    Yay for yellow stickers! I’m finding that Target and Z Gallerie are also marking down a lot of their home items right now, we got black out curtains for $10/panel last week. Score!

    The color you chose for the vanity is gorgeous, can’t wait to see it all put together!

  5. says

    Ahhh! The suspense is killing me! Can’t wait to see updated photos! I really love how the painted vanity turned out, too. I never would have thought to paint something like that such a unique color, but it turned out beautifully. I’d be tempted to take on the same project if I wasn’t a renter who would have her hand slapped (and her security deposit confiscated) for doing such a thing. :)

  6. brenda says

    Hi Katie, I check your blog daily and am always super excited to see your creativity. I’ve never commented before now but this post had me yelling “oh no, not THAT light fixture!” out loud. at my desk. at work. (then explaining to my coworkers that “my blog friend is going to make a mistake I’ve already been through!”) Last fall my husband and I installed that very light fixture from Lowes in our hall bathroom. Only after it was mounted did we notice that the U shaped metal pieces holding the actual lights do not sit completely vertical like they’re supposed to. It’s really hard to explain, like the U isn’t bent enough, the light just ended up looking wonky and cheap. We went to Lowes, exchanged it for a new one only to get it home and it had the same problem (yeah, we’re dorks and didn’t think to check while in the store). Needless to say I just wanted to be sure our hall bathroom light debacle-o’-2011 is not repeated!

  7. Ariel says

    I saw something about oven cleaner stripping brass to chrome on Pinterest…I don’t know if it’s true but that might be a great solution for the shower door!

  8. says

    So Kate, I have decided I LOVE to READ your blog. I mean, yeah I like to ‘read’ other blogs but I actually READ yours. Your witty and interesting, and even though I tend to like things less traditional then you, I I honestly ready every one of your posts because you got skillz. thank you for all ways making me laugh even on the bad days. :)

  9. Tanda says

    Love all the new accessories! I just have to say, I’m glad you didn’t end up buying that first faucet. I recently purchased it and it gets spotty SO quickly and is a pain to clean. I have a brushed nickel faucet of the same brand in my kitchen and have no issues, but that bathroom one is a nightmare despite its charming good looks. :)

    • says

      Haha..yes, I do get asked where things are…which is weird to think I might work there considering I have a screaming toddler in tow. strange. and it’s on aisle 13.
      xo – kb

  10. Kathleen says

    Hey Katie! I love reading your blog and am in the process of re-doing all of the bathrooms at my house. I went to Lowes and saw that line but decided against it because I wanted brushed nickel and I didn’t think the discount was worth it. It seemed like it was only a few dollars per item (which I know would still add up…). Ugh. Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow and re-think it.

    • says

      Really? The toilet paper holder thing was originally like $40 and marked down to $7 at my store…that’s more than a few dollars to me! I guess I probably wouldn’t have gotten so ridiculously excited though if I couldn’t buy the entire set (individual pieces that match nothing else in my book are fine but I was definitely wanting this space to be cohesive!).
      xo – kb

  11. says

    I just bought the same light fixture (but in a 2 light) and I believe the same shades. I liked the clear ones the best, but don’t like looking at the light bulb. I think I will be using osome of the etching cream on one to see if I can frost it a little!? If I don’t I only wasted $6. Off to look for fixtures for the rest of the bath! Thankfully, only a half!

  12. Rosie says

    Man so jealous…………….u just can’t do DIY in Australia on the cheap…from paint to accessories to houses everything we pay top dollar for……… thank goodness many us companies ship to Australia but haven’t yet figured out how to ship houses or paint via UPS….:)

  13. says

    Hi Katie! Are you planning on changing or replacing the gold trim pieces that line your glass shower doors? I ask because we have the same ones in our master bath and they have been driving me insane for the last two years but I have no idea how to improve them, short of installing a whole new shower.

  14. says

    My husband and I are beginning the home buying process and I want an UGLY FIXER UPPER SO.BAD. lol. I want to whip out the paint and transform! I am getting super excited…hopefully whenever we do get a house we’ll have clearance luck like you!


  15. says

    Hi Katie, I love reading your blog and actually get excited when there is a new post :)
    Anyway I am redoing our second small bathroom right now and when I saw this post I made a trip to Lowes to check out if my store had those items on sale also, and they did. I was originally going to use the brushed nickle for everything but with how cheap I got everything I decided I could handle the shiny. I got the same mirror for $18, and the toliet paper holder for $14, I saved a ton of money so I was thrilled, so is my husband. I do need to go and check out a different store to see if they have any more hooks cause my store was out.

    Sorry so long I just got excited and wanted to share.

  16. says

    Love it! We just did a Lowes shopping spree bathroom update in 36 hours! And I envy your awesome tile, even though you hate slate. Our’s is old beige tile!!!

  17. Ginger says

    We’re having our house rebuilt with volunteer labor, post wildfire, and this is one of the things we were tasked with this weekend. We went to Lowe’s today and most of this line is not on sale or clearance at our Lowes. Some of the pieces are, but most are not (but then they also do not have too many pieces in the store). The toilet paper holder was full price here too. Bummer!

  18. says

    Just found your website after checking out the Homies nominations on Apartment Therapy. I’m so excited to see that someone else is going through the thrill (and the agony) of painting their wood trim white. It’s such a satisfying transformation — but SO TIME CONSUMING. John & Sherry over at YHL recommended this brush from Sherwin Williams for tight corners and it’s literally saved my hands. Can’t wait to see how your mushroomy color turns out — exciting!

    • says

      Joy – Welcome! And – yeah…it’s the worst. And I see you know my best friend? Sher is the best. And I totally use my short handled brush but maybe my hands are giant or something because it makes my hand cramp if I use it for too long. Maybe it’s just me :)
      xo – kb

  19. Shanna says

    You must have been snooping in my shower as we have that exact same showerhead/handle combo. You are one smart cookie to have picked that. Just one thing I have found with the showerhead, we don’t have a water softener and our city water is high in calcium so once a year, if I remember, I have to take the showerhead off and soak it in CLR or something similar and then take a toothpick to each and every hole to clear it out. If you have a water softener though you should be fine. I like that it is a somewhat water saving fixture but you get a decent pressure for rinsing the shampoo out of your hair. Love what you have done so far to the place. ;) Keep up the good work.

    • says

      How did you know?
      Because usually I am super stealthy in my shower snooping :)
      Thanks for the tip – I’ll have to check for the softener thing.
      xo – kb

  20. Bower Power says

    Oh my goodness. I found your blog through Apartment Therapy. You are so not cute. Nor funny. Your blog comes across as desperate and ugly. We all know that you nominated yourself. I don’t even know you and I can’t stand you.

    • says

      I can agree with probably 90% of your sentiments. And thanks for letting me know that I can vote for myself…off to do that :). Cute name by the way :)
      xo kb

  21. Nadia says

    Hi there,

    Just wondering which lowes location as I noticed some of the Andrews line still available on line but at regular price.

    • says

      I just saw that they brought it back! Thanks for letting me know. And I believe that the online price will probably be the one for this line going forward (unless they change the packaging or something like that)…so I don’t think that the Lowe’s location will matter much (it was Loganville, GA btw). Sorry I couldn’t be more help!
      xo – kb

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