Monthly Report – February 2012

Love is in the air.

This is pretty much the best week ever.  And I feel all your love….the warm squishy breathe-it-in-with-closed-eyes kinda love.  In the words of Jennifer Lopez – “it gives me goosies”.  thank you so freakin much.

It’s only fitting that I review the month dedicated to such squishiness.  This is a recap of all the stuff we did in February and the sponsors for this month who kept our coal box lit (um yeah, I’ve been watching too much Thomas and Friends – my favorite is Victor by the way, I mean, in case we are starting that whole which-random-choo-choo-train-character-do-you-love conversation….which could totally happen.  anything’s possible at Bower Power).

Anyhoo – here is what we’ve talked about in our leap-year-licious month:








I love our sponsors.  With a tight budget, they keep the spam off this blog, the website hosted, the projects coming and provide the freedom to eat each night.  And you know how I feel about food.  In general, I like it.  Each one of these sponsors is individually approved and carries some amazing products or provides some great info that are perfect for families like mine…so happy clicking :)


Spreading the bloggy love with Pretty Handy Girl!  What is it?  Well, simply put, it’s a DIY tutorial blog empowering you to complete your own projects.  Brittany is not only inspiring but her Blissdom recap was amazeballs.


An awesome photographer named Patti Brown created this line of tutorials and tools for hobbyist and professional photographers.  I could do an entire post about them.  They are amazing.  I am totally smitten with her overlays and textures.  So in love that I have to show you one of my favorite photos with her overlays and textures on it….

here’s the original:


and here are two versions of the same with her Kaleidescope products:

PattiBrown" PattiBrown"

So so cool, huh!?  It’s like instant art :)


Handmade by KP carries highly functional handcrafted items with fun fabrics and modern prints. Have I mentioned that they have bow ties?  Yes?  And did I mention that I need one pronto for Will’s 2nd birthday which happens to fall on Easter?  No?  Well, dapper-ville here we come!

Evgie Nev is one amazing decal shop. Perfect for those soon-to-be moms who want to have their nurseries look special without a ton of work – slap one of these gorg decals on the wall and welcome your little one home in style. So cute it’s ridiculous. Oh and if they ever outgrow it, well, it’s a decal…just peel it off! Plus, you get 10% off with the code ‘bpblog’ so all the more reason to shop :)   The birdcage hanging in the trees one?  Yeah…perfection.

I have fixation with my Scentsy burners and bricks. And I basically walk around sniffing Will whenever he falls asleep on his Scentsy Buddy…it’s divine. So I wouldn’t mind him having another smell-good friend in his room…or in mine :)  And yes, I tried out the fake burners and bricks at Walmart…so NOT the same. This is the real stuff and it is worth every dang penny.  Psst – isn’t it funny how the Casbah burner is something straight off the cover of the latest West Elm catalog.

My own brother – yup, he’s a master plumber in the dirty south. And yes, he definitely sees his fair share of the ‘dirty’. This link is to his facebook page which has his number and if you are in the greater Birmingham area, he’s honest, affordable and hilarious. So that toilet or shower that you have been wanting to update for the new year can finally be a reality.

So that’s it folks – February in a nutshell or a chocolate covered nut valentine box…



  1. Carli says

    Hot dang girl! Another product month :) Seeing these monthly breakdowns always motivates me to squeeze more wonderful things into my schedule. Thanks for the continued inspiration Katie!

  2. Ashley says

    It is the best week ever! So incredibly happy for you!! February was a great month, you gave me inspiration to finally make over our bathroom! :) Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the pinterest challenge!

    • says

      Click on the Kaleidascope ad in the sidebar and you can see all the products that she has available for photo tutorials and editing :)
      xo – kb

  3. Urban Wife says

    My favs were the office bathroom makeover and the pre-pregnancy bucket list (thanks for some ideas!).

  4. Kara says

    SOOOOOO excited for you! Yay! I was going to post an “are you preggers” question when I saw that you didn’t strip the yucky brass off of the shower … (all those chemicals) but rather took the door and made it GO AWAY. But I didn’t want to be wrong! Take care, enjoy the time and YAYAYAYAYAY.

  5. says

    Come on, you KNOW Dowager Hatt is the most fun to imitate!

    And also I have to say that Thomas is the bane of my existence right now for introducing “biffing and bashing” to the 2.5 year old that I nanny for…

    And…I’m so excited for you!!!! Yay!! :-D Your video yesterday made me all teary :-)

  6. Naomi says

    Good gosh I know how you feel with those Thomas the Train videos! Our 2 year old is Ob-to the-sessed! My 7 year old (ironically named Thomas) asks us every night what we’re going to dream about and tonight I said, Thomas the Train, but it’ll be a nightmare because I can’t escape him! My favorite is James….or Skarloey! We should call your baby Skarloey until you pick a name! Or Victor…whatev.

  7. Elle says

    Have your considered renting out your basement? Folks could rent it for wedding receptions, etc. or your could get a tenant.

    • says

      We have – but since it doesn’t have a working kitchen (and we can’t afford to put one in right now) it’s kinda out of the question.
      xo – kb

    • says

      haha…joy of mothering boys, huh Leah?!
      xo – kb
      p.s. I read your post about baby #3 and almost fell outta my chair cause I thought you were announcing something :)

  8. Morgan says

    I guess making the bucket list worked!! Yah, I’m extremely excited for y’all. I can picture will with a baby sibling…I bet he will be sweet to them.

  9. Karen says

    Holy Crap! I missed the pregnancy announcement because I didn’t look at the video the other day.

    Congratulations! I know how much you have wanted this and I am just tickled pink for you.

    I like the white background the best, I think. Although I love Clara’s picture project…. the fact that you are a bigger subject requiring a bigger background might get kinda busy.

    Liz over at Bon Temps Beignet did a very neat silhouette photo project documenting each week of her pregnancy. It really made it so easy to see the little changes.

    Here’s a link if you are interested:

  10. says

    I just tried to find a random post with not-as-many comments to say CONGRATULATIONS! I am thrilled for you, Jeremy & Will. Baby Bower #2 is already blessed beyond measure. I know you’ve been waiting & hoping for this, and I pray everything goes smoother than you ever imagined. Blessings to you & yours!

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