Styling and Profiling

My other big project for February (besides my office bathroom renovation) was making over this Goodwill china cabinet.

The last time we talked, I told ya how I started the vamping up process where I took the piece from veneered wood to painted white.

Now it’s a bright little sunshine in my morning (or a little chocolate on my banana…that sounded gross…strike that…grease on my bacon…much better)…

I spray painted the hardware a dark oil rubbed bronze….I love how it gives the piece a little more presence.


And the hutch part finally got styled with my china and other ‘preciousness’.

Is it wierd that I get giddy about styling a cabinet?

Because I totally do.  It’s like my version of Disney World…except no lines, only foot massages and unlimited accessories.

My china was all from my wedding…it’s Lenox’s Federal Platinum…and I love the simplicity of it.  And yes, I do use it.  Not as much as I would like…but hopefully one day I’ll have the time to host a monthly teaparty with girlfriends.  I like to mix and match it with cheap white dishware and random objects.

Random stuff like my Goodwill birdie (this is the white ceramic animal that brought my girl Sherry and I together)…and my white milk glass candlesticks (I practically stole those suckers on the way back from a past V-day trip)…

Oh and you can’t miss my centerpiece – the mercury glass vase (it’s from Michaels) filled with some homemade leaf roses (here’s the link when I made them).

The bottom of the piece has really chunky hardware and you almost forget that it provides a ton of extra storage.

The drawers are not super deep but I don’t need them to be.

I stuff a ton of stuff in those suckers.  Everything and anything.  It’s nice that little toddler fingers aren’t strong enough to open these drawers.

And the doors are great too  – closing off more storage space.

I think I wanna put hooks on the back of the doors.  They could hold twine of napkin rings or extra serve ware.  I’ll let you know if I take the plunge.

So now the dining room looks like this…still unfinished for sure…but coming along.  I still would like to get some art on the walls flanking the china cabinet.  I’d love a new table and chairs.  Oh and curtains.

Some of you begged me not to change the mirror.  And you know what?  I have to agree – I like it gold…

just not this gold.


I’m sure it’ll look great with a warm muted gold Rub N Buff.  And when I say I’m sure, I mean, I hope and pray on bended knee.  Thank you Jesus and amen.

The doors I am turning into windows.  I’m magical like that.  All I have to do is wave my DIY wand and instantly they will be transformed.

You see, my magic wand is actually just a curtain rod.  and waving is attaching it to the wall.

I’m thinking either all white curtains or something that has blue, gray and gold.

So there’s my update.  Fun stuff.

Glad to finally share my stylin’ and profilin’ china cabinet with you all.  It’s big pimpin.  with a fluffy white cat and rhinestone panties.  I just made this get weird, didn’t I?  sorry mom.

Anyone else work on some dining room pimpage?  that’s a word.


oh and in case I haven’t been annoying enough about it – Apartment Therapy Homies are back!  And guess which awkward girl is a finalist!

Yup – after almost four years of blogging I am finally proud to announce that this politically incorrect blog is knockin on the pearly gates of a bonafide award.  The internet winds could change at any time – so each and every little vote counts (at least they all do to me)…and I would just fall over and croak if we gave them fancy publicized shiny magaziney blogs all a run for their money.  But I need your help.  and your husbands.  and your friends and families.  basically anyone you know with an email address and access to a computer.  If you would take a moment to VOTE HERE and HERE, I will forever be indebted to you.  thank you and may your toenails be shiny and your pork be fried :)



  1. too-tall says

    I love your makeover of the china cabinet. I have an antique china cabinet that was my grandmothers and I am terrified to ruin it or change it with a makeover. Do I dare?

  2. Kristie says

    I have a veneer hutch that was my mom’s. I want to paint it and wondered if you would share with me your process. What did you do to the veneered surface before you painted it? ..and what kind of paint did you use? It turned out beautifully as I’d like mine to be finished.Thank you for your help!!!

    • Kristie says

      I should have read better!!! I found where you told all about the process! My bad!! But I am SO excited to get starred with mine now!!!!! Thank you–Thank you!!

  3. maryjane rivers says

    I was picturing French doors all across where your doors are now. Wouldn’t that be beautiful with your beautiful room? (Albeit a tad more costly than curtains). Great job on the china cabinet! It shows so much more of the details in the cabinetry when it’s lighter!

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