Three Rugs, One Low Price

I’m like a rug-ordering fool people.  I don’t know if it’s this country water or if it’s just because this is the first time I’ve lived in a place that wasn’t 80% carpeted…but I love me some rugs.  I’m like that Hunger Games chick on a mission to put er down. 

One of the areas in our house that needs a little cush underfoot is the room that leads from the back patio to the basement.  I call it the mud room but really it got that moniker only because it’s constantly dirty.  Here it is when we moved in… 

I haven’t done much in there except put a little Pier 1 coat hook thing on the wall….and put in a table and chairs. 

The area really couldn’t be more plain. 

I knew that a six foot round rug under the table was the only choice…so I decided to put it on my list that if I found one under $100 (including shipping) then it would be worth bringing up to Jeremy.  Enter RugsUSA

For the fourth of July, RugsUSA decided to do a big sale.  I love a sale…the bigger the better.  And this one was 75% off their prices on certain rugs….including a round jute one and a wool animal print runner.  If rug shopping was an Olympic sport…well, call me Misty May Phelps Bolt.  That’s not hyphenated by the way.   And yes, you can imagine me dressed with a bikini (body included), gold shoes, and a few medals around my neck. 

So after I talked it over with Jer, I scored two 6 foot round jute rugs…one for the foyer and one for the basement mudroom.  Each was originally $238…but after the discount they were each $59.50 plus free shipping.  And the zebra runner was originally $334 down to $83.50 again with free shipping.  That means – three rugs….one low price of $202.50.  Not to shabby…nubby and soft…but not shabby :)  

I love the jute rug.  It’s perfect for the space.  The added of the texture helps me tremendously deal with the crazy ugly orange faux-wood tile floor (which we hope to cover way down the line with some real wood looking laminate planks).  

The color is pretty perfect too…and I even love the exposed little stitching. 

And the space is really much more defined now.  You can still swing the door open the entire way and walk around the table to the basement bathroom…not a stitch of the rug is in the way…so I can just imagine it not getting quite as dirty as a square or 5×8 version would. 

So anyone else on a rug kick lately?   Anyone cheering for jute rugs?  I give them a gold medal every time.  Or maybe it was a tie – one gold medal for jute…one for RugsUSA…one for the Olympics.  This is obviously communist judging….they share everything :)

p.s.  RugsUSA did not endorse, sponsor or perk me for this post – they don’t know me.  At least I think they don’t.  But if they want to get to know me…I love rugs.  nuff said :)



  1. julianna says

    Love the jute rug, and I can’t wait to see where you put the zebra runner.
    I think part of why that tile is so ugly is that they chose such bright, contrasting grout. I know there are products out there to re-color existing grout. (I’ve never used them, so I’m not sure what they’re called, but I know they exist.) I think if you re-colored the grout brown, it would make a world of difference.

  2. Lexi M says

    I LOVE RugsUSA! I just ordered 3 rugs from there myself and got them all at 75% off! Can’t beat that with a stick! I couldn’t be happier with my experience with RugsUSA! They are amazing and have super quick delivery!

  3. says

    Oh my word, woman- so jealous! We are desperate need of some rugs in our new house. We moved from a 750 sq. ft apartment into a 2000 sq ft house and we only have one rug (a really ugly, sad one from Walmart that we bought right after we got married and were super poor). I’m going to have to check out that website… hopefully they’ll have some Labor Day sales coming up!

  4. says

    Love the round rug! It does really help cozy up the space. I’m not going to lie though, I’m dying to see the zebra print runner. I love me an animal print!

  5. says

    Your new rugs are great! And what a steal! You always make things look so easy!! :)

    I’m definitely in the middle of a rug-rage right now. We are expecting our first child the same week as you (mentioned before), and I am having so much trouble finding a rug for the nursery! Initially I wanted grass green in color, preferably round, and simple. So, after hours of searching online, I ordered one from Overstock, and it was perfect! Only they sent me the WRONG rug! And when I went back to the website (after shipping that one back), the rug I wanted was actually ‘out of stock’. Boo! And now I can’t find another round one that I like as much.

    Then I bought a rectangular one from Target, simply for the price. It wasn’t the right color, and it was too small. It looked like an over-sized bathmat. Hated it. Back to the store it goes.

    Now, I’ve ordered my third rug from Land of Nod, and hopefully it’s a winner. Fingers-crossed. Why is this so hard? The hassle of ordering/returning/lugging around. I’ll definitely head over to RugsUSA if this last one doesn’t work out! Thanks for all the tips and advice!

  6. says

    Nice score! I hate rug shopping. I could use several. Especially one that is 9×12 under $500. Browns or Greys. No orientals. Must be cushiony. None of those flat things that roll on the edges or can’t be vaccumed. Must have a pattern (3 kids one hairy yellow lab) so needs to have a pattern. Mmmmmk?

  7. Emily says

    You and I are on the same wavelength recently, sister! First you post an art project (palette knife painting) at a time when I’m in particular need of new art (I did my own take and I luuurvvv it so thank you!), and then you post about an awesome Rugs USA deal two weeks after I scored an awesome, super discounted chevron rugs from them!!

    Keep it up! Love everything you do :)

  8. says

    I love RugsUSA…recently got a huge ~9×12 100% wool trellis rug for $275 during a sale. However, I have noticed that they often change their ‘regular’ prices so that the savings percentages don’t affect their bottom line. I got mine (and another one!) during the 60% off, but 2 weeks later when the 75% off one came, the final price was the exact same. I hate those kind of games [although at least I wasn’t kicking myself for paying too much]…it’s like just show the regular price and stop with the ‘sales’!

  9. says

    I have never had a jute rug but I’ve heard great things about them. Maybe that’s what I need in my living room, which is right where you walk in from our front porch so it needs to be easy to clean but also hides some dirt (I am the mom to a 3 year old, plus five indoor pets!). Maybe jute!?!?

  10. Amber says

    Looks great! I LOVE the owl umbrella holder you have by the door. Do you happen to remember where you got it?

  11. Lesley says

    I do love the new rug but I really have my eye on that cute little owl. Is it an umbrella stand? Wheredyagetit?

    • says

      It is an umbrella stand – it’s a little short but maybe it’s just that my umbrellas are really long? I got it on sale at TJMaxx :)
      xo – kb

      • Kate W. says

        I just found that same owl “umbrella stand” at Kirkland’s for $9.99. I was so excited to have my very own owl. It’s labeled as a vase, but it’s the same one you have.

  12. Laura says

    I have that Pier 1 hook too! I found it on the curb in a box labeled ‘free’…with the tags still on! It was the best day ever, obviously.

    Love the new rug!

  13. Ashley Ayres says

    Perfect timing for a rug post, Katie! I am in the market for a rug and came to your blog to look (well stalk) some of your pics. off to RugsUsa!!

  14. Alyssa says

    You’re killing me with the suspense of the zebra’s new home!!! I’ve loved it since I saw it in your Instagram pic!!! I guessed the stairs in your foyer but want to know where it’s going:)

  15. says

    Ordered a rug from a month ago and loved it! Not only was it a great price and free shipping, but they also offered a discount coupon before checking out. I put the rug in my living room and haven’t stopped smiling since. Weird that I smile about a rug, huh? But truly excited and adore it. I got up close and personal with mine too looking at all the stitching detail, etc. Then my mom came over, saw the rug… she smiled too. Then we ordered a rug for her home where she got an even bigger discount than I did! Not even finished yet… I was then determined to find a better discount than her (because I love a bargain and a challenge) and ordered two more rugs for my dining room and office, 75% off and free shipping. I just got confirmation that the rugs shipped yesterday and I’m not even kidding when I say I will be stalking the UPS man like white on rice :)

    I know that was a lot of story… obviously I was excited about your post because I have been a reader of your amazing blog for a long time now and I never comment (mainly due to chasing a 23 month little boy around all day), but reading about your rug reminded me that mine are coming home!

    I just love your blog and esp reading about Will. He and Bennett (my 23 month old son) would be great friends if they ever met!

  16. SJ says

    Where’s the “previous post” button on your blog? Sometimes I miss a day or two of reading your blog and want to catch up, but I can’t find a “previous” button anywhere. Help! :)

      • Rebecca says

        If you go all the way to the bottom of the page (when you’rw on her “homepage,” not an individual post page) there should be an “older entries” button you can click. At least for me there is and that’s what I use to do back if I miss anything. Hope it helps!

  17. Shelby Cash says

    A few weeks ago I bought a 6ft round jute rug at Marshall’s for $60, I looked at it and loved it but knew that it would cost a fortune because a) rugs are pricey and b) it was round=more expensive than any other shape! But I decided to flip the price tag just in case while simultaneously rolling my eyes because I knew it was going to be at least $250 then BAM I saw the $60 price tag. I picked that baby up and danced with it all the way to the check out line!

  18. says

    Not exactly on a rug kick… but I did buy my first ever recently. And it was a jute, too! But weren’t you nervous buying rugs online??? What if they looked gross in real life?

    • says

      I was a little nervous but I never have met a jute I didn’t like…so I felt like it was a safe bet. Oh and the zebra one was a little different than pictured but since I read all the reviews, the different color was expected :)
      xo – kb

  19. says

    I’m on a rug kick, but like you, I’m not interested in paying $250 for a rug. Plus I’m it’s next to impossible to find a 6×8 rug, which is basically the only thing that would fit properly in my kitchen without making it awkward. Oh well, it gives me something to do.

  20. maria says

    Looks great! I have two jute rugs, 1 from rugsusa and 1 from world market. It seems as though mine tend to shed. Does that ever stop? Am I the only one with shedding jute rugs?

    • says

      hmm…I don’t know…I put these two in very underused areas – so maybe the shedding just happens when you are breaking it in?
      xo – kb

  21. says

    I just ordered a rug for our very soon to be here daughter’s room! I got mine from Penny’s… $60 for a 5 foot round blue shag rug!

  22. Sarah says

    I never new about RugsUSA! I will have to flip over to that website pronto! Rugs shopping can be so frustrating because it always tends to be expensive. Especially if you want quality. Reading you blob always pays off :) THANK YOU!

  23. says

    Thanks so much for this post… I’m in the middle of rug shopping and having a hard time finding something. The only places I knew to look were TJ Maxx, Target or Walmart so I truly appreciate finding out about RugsUSA…. We are on such a tight budget it’s a challenge to find something cute and affordable. If you have any other suggestions of rug retailers I certainly would love to know.

    • says

      You might wanna keep your eye on Overstock, West Elm (they sometimes have great sales), and HomeGoods…also if you have any outlets near you, it’s worth checking out :)
      xo – kb

  24. says

    What a deal!! The round jute rug would go perfect in my kitchen….i just checked their site and its available but not at that price you got it for — man!! Im a little upset.

  25. says

    This is amazing, Katie!! Way to go lil mama. :)

    How do you make a post about rugs funny?? I have no clue, but you did!

    PS…I think this is my first comment & I called you lil mama. Yep.

  26. Kristen M says

    Finally, someone that understands a rug obsession like mine! Our older home has hardwood floors that need refinishing, but we don’t have the budget, so I buy rugs!

    I recently scored a great rug by going to a carpet store and picking out a remnant and having it bound. JCP is another great rug source.

  27. keri says

    love! is it scratchy like it looks? i think of jute and it makes me think of straw…which is not plushy….but perhaps i am undereducated regarding jute.

    also, your table…ikea? do you like it? i’ve had my eye on it, our dining room table is oversized for the space and i’ve been looking for something smaller…

    • says

      It’s not scratchy – it’s definitely more soft than I expected…and even more soft than other jute rugs I’ve seen at the Pottery Barn outlet – but it’s always best to see if you like jute before ordering. And our table we actually got off Craigslist – it’s originally Crate & Barrel though…from way back in the day :)
      xo – kb

  28. says

    Love that jute rug! These days we’re sticking to indoor-outdoor rugs because let’s face it, toddlers aren’t known for their neatness and we don’t have the budget to keep replacing natural-fiber rugs when they get stained, but someday I’m gonna return to them. Love the look!

  29. Marcy says

    Not sure why, but your blog is the only one that I cannot view the photos you post. Do you have different settings for your blog than other bloggers do?

  30. says

    I’m so jealous of your new rugs! I completely missed out on their 75% off sale and I need a rug for my dining room and loft. I did end up putting the Nate Berkus Dhurrie rug I bought back in December in our living room last night though haha Does that count? It’s kind of like getting a new rug :)

    • says

      The table is a craigslist find but I think originally it’s from Crate & Barrel…and the chairs I got on super clearance at Target :)
      xo – kb

  31. Amanda B says

    The rug looks great! Where are those chairs from? I’m in the middle of a basement renovation and those would look great. Thanks for the help!

  32. says

    I would love to be on a rug kick, but that probably won’t be able to happen for a long time. There are a few other things higher on the priority/want list at the moment. Thanks for providing a vicarious rug kick for me to experience. It makes my eyes all smily.

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