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Last night.  How do I say this?   

It.  Was.  Outrageously cool.   

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I went to a Home Depot in Atlanta.  What’s so special about that Katie?  Don’t you go to home improvement stores every other day?  Well, yes.  I do.  But this one just so happened to be the Home Depot that was hosting a book signing of Ana White.  You know…the girl that is the reigning queen of at-home-furniture-building.  

Ana is freaking amazing.  Like if all the world was a Mounds bar, this girl is an Almond Joy.   And she’s nuts about wood.  Put that on a tshirt and order me a bakers dozen. 

Seriously though….she really is one of the sweetest and smartest and most-down-to-earth and real girls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  And she’s so smart that it makes me feel like a country bumpkin….oh wait….I am a country bumpkin :)  One of the coolest parts about getting to see her again in person (we actually met through blogging, did a Pinterest Challenge together with $herdogg & Erin & 400+ of you, and met for the first time at Haven), was being able to introduce our boytoys.  That’s right.  Her Momplex building husband Jacob was there and Jer went too (he said that he needed a wrench but I think he was just as starstruck as I am!).  So if getting to see her wasn’t enough to make me crotch sweat with joy into my leggings, getting her to sign my copy of her new book & chatting them up at dinner was just the grease on my bacon.  Yup.  We went to dinner. 


Of course, I was the sweaty pregnant girl with the toddler and the bag of Teddy Grahams while they were both cool as Alaskan cucumbers ordering fancy things like asparagus.  But at the end of the night and fourteen hugs later (I’m sure she was tired of my giant belly crushing her)…I was so happy to digest the real-life-fellowship of a dear blog friend and pour over her new book.  Which leads me to my next point….if you don’t have the book already….you.  want.  this.  book.

And if possible, you wanna hit up the book signings.  She is here in Atlanta for today’s signing…so you local folks get on that.

Speaking of books and blogs….I would be a terrible friend to you if I failed to mention that Sherry & John finally have their book coming out too!  I got a sneak peek at it way back in editing mode and it’s basically the holy grail of easy updates for your home.  It blew my socks off too and I didn’t even get to see the illustrations or any of the juicy eye candy.    

Isn’t it just simply great that bloggers are getting published and the world is finally getting to see the awesomeness that we have been fawning over for years?!  I am so so so proud of these inspiring and hardworking couples….and I am so proud and so humbled to call both Ana & Sherry friends.

Click here to preorder Sherry’s book and click here for YHL tour dates

Click here to order Ana’s book and click here for her tour dates


The other thing that came up from our dinnertime conversation was the subject of gluten.  Now I am not a dietician or really interested in losing weight (hello I am pregnant) or hearing the other million plus advantages of going gluten-free in my diet.  I am not interested in paleo (I am perfectly happy reading several paleo-happy blogs and cheering for those people along their adventure).  I am however very interested in experiments.  It’s the geeky scientist in me.  And there are a few physical benefits that I would love…like perhaps the chance at reducing my headaches and maybe having a little more focus and a little more energy. 

So for the next ten days, I am going to try to go gluten free and we will see if it benefits me.  Pray.  Pray hard.  O’Charlie’s rolls – I will miss you.

Moving on.

A few weeks ago we went to Jer’s hometown – Chattanooga.  We got to visit the cousins.   Will and Asher are like two peas in a pod.

Look how much they’ve grown! 

And we got to meet sweet new cousin Darby!  She is a doll….complete and utterly beautiful. 

But back to the book thing…

while we were there, we got to hand deliver the grandparent’s day presents….

They were mini accordian books from  They had a promotion a few weeks before hand and I was on top of the ball (shocker for us all!).  I put in photos of Will….one of each month in 2011 (I would have done 2012 but it’s not over yet.) 

I don’t know why the preview showed a black cover…I got the blue which is a really pretty Martha-Stewarty-blue.  Now I wish I would have ordered one for myself…which I can still do.  Mental note!

So that’s what I got for today….what books have you guys been pouring over lately?  Anyone preordered YHL’s and Ana’s book yet?  Or think Asher’s white blonde hair is just too cute for words?  Yeah me too :)



  1. Angela says

    The post title is perfection. I laughed at your description of dinner, meeting, lady crushing, and everything else. Katie, you’re my favorite. (PS you are a hot pregnant woman! And “hot” as in good looking, not sweaty.) :)

  2. Julia says

    Hi Katie, I am glad that gluten free diets are getting so much attention. My son was diagnosed with Celiac disease a few months ago and while we eat mostly nonprocessed foods it was a big challenge to make the transition. We all went gluten free in the family and my husband lost 10 lbs in two weeks. I however do not see or feel any differently.

    One thing that I would like to mention to you and your readers is that there have been two recent studies that warned about rice. Apparently most rice, organic or not, has arsenic and its consumption should be limited. So please be careful. The news was frustrating for us at first, because I felt like there was nothing left to eat anymore, but now we have found lots of even healthier alternatives. For example, we just made a batch of the best chocolate chip cookies ever, and we got the recipe by searching for “grain free” desserts. Good luck with the experiment.

    • says

      Thanks for the warning! I am googling up a storm and so far feel like it’s not making much difference…but it is an experiment and I am pregnant so we will have to see!
      xo -kb

  3. JoAnn says

    Hi there!
    Just a note to tell you that I have both those books on pre-order and I.Can’t.Wait until they get in my hot little hands – and yes, yes one more excuse to delay starting anything around here – I have to read my new books now!
    Best wishes and all that stuff in the upcoming Bower production – I’m sure you are all looking forward to your new addition (your own production, just not in the paper format ;)

  4. Nicole E. says

    I’m excited to see how your gluten-free experiment turns out! I’ve been on a GF diet for several years due to mild Celiac’s, and it makes a world of difference in my energy levels and concentration. I would like to suggest, though, that you extend your experiment to at least 14 days, because it takes two weeks for the components of the food in your current diet to leave your body, and just as much time for a change to take effect. Best of luck to you!

  5. Jodi says

    I am living a gluten free life and so you are aware, it can take up to 6 months to get gluten out of your system, but really 14 days you should start to see a difference if you do have gluten issues. You also have to watch EVERYTHING and keep gluten items seperate (seperate surfaces, storing, etc).

    I am gluten free because of my son. He is/was ADD and had anxiety issues. I choose to try gluten free and didn’t know that I too was sensitive. In my case, I didn’t loose weight.. I have gained. Always being rail thin and unable to keep weight on, it was caused by my sensitivity to gluten.

    Good luck!

  6. Laurie says

    Hi! Love your blog!!

    My sister has been gluten free for 3 years and I’m going on month 2 I’m JUST now starting to feel a little better. I’d recommend giving it a longer shot then just the 10 days. It takes a while for it to get out of your system.

    For my sister it cleared up her horrible headaches – she wasn’t able to get out of bed some days.

    It’s not easy most days there are things hidden everywhere. I just realized my favorite chocolate has barley malt in it and now I can’t eat it :(

  7. Shannon says

    Because of your post I was able to meet Ana at the Seattle book signing last night and I remembered to pre-order my copy of Young House Love. Thanks!

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