Demo Moore

Totally understand Ashton if you have to skip this post purely based on the title.  Totally totally get it.

So Operation Heart of the Home continues….let’s call this one “Trading an overly brown kitchen for an overly white one with too many photos of my kid” edition. 

Here is where we began…

Brown meets brown meets tan meets a wall color for kicks. 

And this is where we left off…ceiling painted, trim painted, cabinets mostly painted, paper and plastic everywhere.  Sounds like the start of a killer horror flick.  Hopefully one where I can learn how to discard of a body without the cops ever finding out. 

After Jer tackled the ceiling (he did two coats by the way and it covered pretty darn well), we did one more layer on the cabinets.  You can click here for more cabinet-painting info.

This side of the room was looking pretty good…but we had to use the floor space to lay out more doors and do another coat on those bad boys.  Remember how I said it took like four coats to fully cover the cabinet doors?  That’s four coats PER SIDE.  That’s eight spray sessions.  And we still have touchups to do.  erg.  If I wasn’t a lady, I’d say “middle finger to you cabinet doors”. 

Yes, my darling spray-happy boyfriend is an angel sent by the Lord of kitchen-makeovers.  And no, I don’t regret changing those brown cabinets for white for even a moment.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it white in there. 

Obviously it’s a personal preference thing and some folks love woody cabinets (they can be so beautiful!  My mom even has wood toned cabinets so I am definitely not knockin’ em!) but I have always wanted a white kitchen and once Jer was on board (kinda important since he was doing the work), I literally was like a rat at a fair (Charlotte’s Web hollah!).    

So that’s when I realized the kitchen is REALLY white.  Like white EVERYWHERE.  And I guess this is where a lot of people are gonna question our sanity. 

While the kitchen was under wraps, we were doing all our kitchen stuff in the living room.  I was sick and tired of it.   

Yes, we lived like this for six weeks.  SIX WEEKS!

It was kinda funny how Jeremy would come home and I would try to not nag motivate him to do anything…that is not my nature.  But I know waking up at 6 am, driving a couple hours to work, working, then driving a couple hours home, working on a kitchen, and going to bed two hours after getting home is not exactly his idea of a fun time…so I kinda let him decide if he was gonna have a work-night or a Will-night or a rest night.  By about day 12, he was so sick of this set-up that as soon as he saw it, he always tried to squeeze in at least an hour of kitchen stuff before bed.  But one hour of kitchen stuff five days a week with a day each weekend is not that much time. 

Henceforth…six weeks. 

And yes, the cut-out ‘door’ of the plastic is so that he could watch a very very blurry version of NFL while working.  He said he didn’t want his fantasy team to suffer just because he was renovating a kitchen. 

Finally I knew that it was about time to move back in….darn those touchups could wait…the kitchen-in-the-living room situation needed to go.  So I texted him and told him that I was tearing down the plastic and ripping up the paper.

And he said…there are cabinet doors on the floor.  And I said…I’m moving em.  And I did.

All the cabinet doors got moved to the basement to cure a little longer (I didn’t want to risk marking them up with the hardware)…that took me 21 trips up and down the stairs to move them all.  And yes, I paid the price the next day with a pregnancy-sciatica-flairup.  Totally worth it though.

After I shop-vac’d the paper (I was nervous about any paint dust flying), we started ripping up the paper.  I had an awesome little helper.

He loved the fact that I was letting him back in the kitchen.  He even put his firetruck on the counter and told me that the firetruck was “watching me work”.   

About an hour later, I had the kitchen back!  I removed the paper on the island too….I needed a sink.  So as soon as Jeremy walked in the door he installed the new faucet.  Oh.  Em.  Gee.  Having a sink is so awesome.   Having a dishwasher is even awesomer.  I loaded that bad boy up asap and can not tell you how much I just wanted to kiss it.  Six weeks washing dishes in a tiny bathroom sink is so not my idea of a good time.   


Jeremy celebrated by sledgehammering the tile.  I am not joking.  He was very excited.

Speaking of tile….yes….we are definitely tackling it.  I know I said in an older post that the backsplash would wait till phase 3 (we are currently in phase 2 of the kitchen makeover) but when we realized that we would have to remove some for our new hood it changed our minds.  I thought…well…we can always just put a piece of white painted board over the broken tile and call it a day.  Then one of our amazing sponsors, The Tile Shop offered us free tile.  It would be ridiculously dumb to say no and save that money.  Especially since I had already picked out my favorites from their site.  I immediately told Jer, did a happy dance that looked like this, and begged Jeremy to concede to doing the entire backsplash with me earlier rather than later. 

And he did. 

So that nasty old tile that sucked up the paint is out. 

This is the result of a boyfriend and a hammer and a hatred of traffic. 

Yup.  It took about two hours to get just a third of the backsplash demo-ed.  He scored the edges with a razor so that the drywall would have a clean cut….and then just took out some rage. 

The next day, we had a special surprise for Will. 

The folks at The Tile Shop had sent him a present.   They didn’t ask to see it on him or even mention that they were sending it or want any thing in return…just wanted to give something to a kid to make his day.  I just love sponsors that actually read this blog and think of us like that.  It makes me support them all the more. 

Grandparents – this is for you.

Other folks – get ready for the onslaught.

SOooo very excited to be ‘wookin like Daddy’.

A little saw action for breaking up the tile….obviously he needs to watch the DIY network a little more otherwise he’s gonna end up on Renovation Realities. 

He really wanted Jer to help…so Jer did.

I can imagine him thinking “You’re gonna blog this, aren’t you mom?” 

a half hour and too many photos later, Will was over the hardwork and requested a coke and the tv remote :)

Jer continued with his demo.

That night was another three hours of demoing.  I snapped a few pics and then did the whole Will-to-bed thing.

The next day, we had Cole over.  He’s like the best babysitter ever.  First of all, he’s eight…so he doesn’t mind playing Matchbox cars for hours on end….and he’s very careful with our overly agressive Will…showing him an amazing example of how to be a good big brother.  We told Cole that he could come over ANY time and that we would even give him money.  He really liked that idea :)

I worked on the doors in the background while the kiddos played.

And as I finished one door, Jer would come in and grab it and install it back in the hinges. 

As soon as I was finished, I walked in to see the most glorious sight….

Sure there is no drywall on the backsplash, insulation is showing worse than a celebrity wardrobe malfunction and the walls have overspray on them…but seriously.  seriously

Oh and did I mention the hood?  It looks amazing.  And it looks like it was part of the original design.  Amazing what a little caulk and paint can do.

There was one small snaffoo with under the hood.  See it? 

Yeah.  We uncovered a bunch of wires that were bundled together without being an electrical box.  Big time no-no.  Fire hazard no-no.  Building code no-no. 

Since Jeremy was moving that blue outlet box anyway (turning it the other way to make it accessible to the laundry room instead of distracting from our upcoming backsplash), he took care of the other wires too.  I can not tell you how much I love it that he can do electrical work. 

So all in all, we went from this…

to this…

LOVE.  Can I just say that one more time?  Love love love love love.  And that’s not even with paint or a backsplash yet!


Now it’s time for a little painting…a little drywall…and then tile.  Is anyone else getting hot in here?  Oh just me then…



  1. Randa says

    It looks great! But my favorite tidbit from this post was Will’s little nose squished up in his protective goggles (on that “you’re gonna blog about this” photo). Too cute.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, Katie – this is unbelievable!!! I am so so happy for you to finally have a kitchen back – and a beautiful one at that! It’s coming along so well and I cannot wait to see the finished project!

  3. Maryanne says

    Love it! It looks awesome. We painted our kitchen cabinets when I was pregnant with #4 and your posts brought back all the traumatizing memories (that I can mainly laugh about now). Yes, I did have a big weepy meltdown about how our kitchen would be all taken apart and everywhere when I brought baby home from the hospital. Fortunately, that was not the case and our dishes were back in their places before baby arrived. Our new sink even arrived the day I delivered. And I went into labor in Lowe’s while selecting countertops.

  4. Kristen says

    RIP the King of Pop…but this is kinda the Michael Jackson of kitchens, no? So full of talent and beauty… and color changing?

    In all seriousness, you guys have done such an amazing job and your new kitchen is going to be beeeaauty-full! And hopefully all done before the little guy arrives!

  5. Katie says

    Congratulations Jeremy and Katie (and Will, too!)!!!! You guys are ridiculous – that kitchen is stunning!!!! I can’t imagine doing that much work in my kitchen… but for those kind of results, totally worth it. Enjoy :)

  6. Carla says

    LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!! white kitchens are so beautiful and clean. da-roool. awesome job and totally worth all the pain and sleep deprivation!

  7. says

    Ha! I love the reference to Renovation Realities! That’s one of our favorite shoes on HGTV. I wish they would make more of them. Hubster and I always wonder if the people on that show know they are signing up for Renovation Realities. My guess is no. I think they sign some sort of blanket contract and when they screw up really bad they land on that show. Thoughts?

    • says

      Actually I had a friend who was on it. And yes, they know. And apparently you can negotiate to get assistance ($$) to redo a room so my friends doubled their budget and all they had to do was be themselves and ignorant of how to plumb :)
      xo – kb

  8. says

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Transformation!

    I would be happy dancing all around the kitchen right about now…

    Im excited to see the end result, you always do room set ups so well! xo

  9. Kim says

    Yay! The light at the end of the kitchen tunnel! Literally- so much lighter and brighter :) I feel your pain, we did a total kitchen redo and were living with a makeshift kitchen in our living room for 8 weeks! I cooked the kids’ chicken nuggets in s toaster oven on our front porch, white trash style ;) was curious why you waited to demo the tile until after you had all the painting done. Wasnt Jeremy afraid of messing up all his hard fork painting those cabinets to perfection!? Looking great!

    • says

      Well, when we found out that there was insulation behind the interior wall, we realized that most of the tile was holding in insulation (which we were afraid to spray onto because we didn’t know what would happen)…we could have gone ahead and tore it out and then drywalled first but we honestly thought that we weren’t gonna do the backsplash until phase 3. It was just a matter of timing and it didn’t end up making a difference in the end.
      xo – kb

  10. Dawn says

    Go Bowers! I can’t wait to see what colors are coming up next after your white. I loved the blue but you could go dark and have a great look. BTW, I also loved your video of the “Girls” on your photography blog. I showed it to both my hubby and my teenage daughter. It’s funny that they both thought the same shot was the cutest. I wish I was rich and I’d fly you out to Seattle and have you take my daughter’s senior pictures next summer! (Maybe I should play the lottery!).

  11. Sondra says

    Katie! It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful! NO back splash or painted walls and it’s still gorgeous. Such an improvement from the wood and tan kitchen of before. I cannot wait to see the final product! Congrats! too many exclamation points?? Nahh!!! :)

  12. Barbara says

    You & your “boyfriend” must be soooooo happy that your kitchen reno is so close to completion. I’m sure so many young ladies out there envy you having a very capable & willing husband who gets stuck in to doing jobs that sometimes he just hates doing. My husband’s pet peeve was putting up wallpaper or installing a drapery rod. You have saved yourselves a ton of money & you’ve all (little helper Will included) done a great job.


  13. Tony says

    All that hard work has really paid off already!! I’m sure you’re itching to fry some bacon in that new kitchen! I certainly would be…

  14. Jennifer i says

    WOW!!! Looks fantastic. Great post, love all the little pics of Will. Can’t wait to see the tile and paint. All that work is really paying off.

    Take care of yourself, all those steps…*shudder*. Yeah, I would totally do the same thing, and totally have the hubby fussing at me same as yours. ; ) I know about impatience, and husbands do not know how powerful that urge to get things done becomes before baby gets here…

  15. Peggy says

    Wow! I love it! It looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the backsplash. I need to do that in my own home now.
    I am curious why it took so many coats of paint? My husband and I painted our kitchen cabinets. We used one coat of adhering primer (specifically for kitchen cabinets) and only one coat of trim and door paint (from Sherwin Williams) and that ended up being enough. We planned on doing two coats of paint but after one, they looked so amazing, we just stuck with it. Now I am wondering if we were supposed to do more for some reason…

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the final kitchen!

    • says

      I think a large part of it was because of using the sprayer…it uses about twice the normal amount of paint as usual (we found out that after spraying the office) but we think it was worth it for the super smooth finish.
      xo – kb

  16. Jeanie says

    Hooray for Cole! I love it that he was so helpful without probably even knowing how helpful he was being. GOOD JOB, COLE!

    Also, your husband is really setting a good example about how to love his family. I am glad you will be raising 2 sons with Jeremy because we need more good sons from good fathers out here.

    And, the kitchen is fabulous. I’m sure the 188 comments before me all said that, too, but I will chime in: fabulous!

    And, completely unrelated, it snowed here today (Minnesota) and it is my birthday so hooty-hoo, there you go. White-white-white EVERYWHERE — your kitchen to our rooftops (but it didn’t stay).

    (I don’t say hooty-hoo for just anyone, you know.) ;o)

  17. Whitney Dupuis says

    Oh. My. Gosh. I love it!!!! It is really looking amazing even without the backsplash and paint! I can’t wait to see how you finish it!!!

  18. says

    Amazing! I love the white and the hood and the overspray– well, maybe not that yet– but I can see the finish line and it will be amazing! Go Jeremy for working so hard to get ‘er done!

  19. Theresa says

    I love your blog and am always checking for kitchen updates!! I can’t wait to see the final reveal! Hope you are feeling well, you’re so cute pregnant! My sister is having a baby in March, I want her to do the nursery like Will’s first room with the plank wall.

  20. says

    wow, Katie – it looks AMAZING! Really!!! I cannot tell you how much credit I give you for doing this all yourself (yourself = you, your bf & your super helpful kid). I mean, I’m only a 24 year old with no children/real responsibilities, and I still would never dream of undertaking such a massive project! Can’t wait to see the end result :)

  21. Carrie says

    BEAUTIFUL! I can NOT imagine life without a kitchen for 6 weeks. Hooray for getting your kitchen back. On a totally unrelated note, in the second picture that shows the fridge in the living room, the one that has your kitchen table right in the foreground, it looks like there is a face of an old lady on the table. Seriously, she is right there! It’s freaking me out. She has bright red lips and a scarf over her head. One big green eye is kind of looking at me from the side. She’s between the box of ziplocs and something with a red lid. Do you see her?!

  22. Cami says

    Katie your kitchen is beautiful!!! I totally feel your pain, we gutted our kitchen a few years ago and my husband did all the work,in his spare time. My kitchen was our dining room for TWO YEARS. Did I mention we have 3 children that were 8, 7 and 4 at the time? Great job!

  23. says

    Three things…

    -The kitchen cabinets look GREAT!
    -I can’t believe its been six weeks already WOW.
    -and seriously, can your family be any cuter? Will is just so stinkin’ adorable I wanna pinch him. I can’t wait to see new baby Bower. :)

  24. Shanna says

    I am in the process of taking my all white walled, not quite white white cabinets to an actual color. Last weekend I painted all my lower cabinets black. It almost makes the gross pinkish brown cafeteria style tile floor look livable as well as the pinkish brown and mint green 1970’s geometric pattern countertop look, I hate to say it, nice. After 6 years of living in that big white-ish box of a kitchen and the stains from spilled coffee all over my white-ish cabinet doors I decided to just go for it. I had the house to myself and lots of coffee and it looks SOOOOOO nice now. I now have to do the top cabinets, concensus is they will be black too and then find a yellow for the walls that will match the Roman shade that I made the new window over the sink. When you have a 7 foot wide window and store bought shades are a small fortune, you have to make your own. So it is custom to our house with material I adore.
    Good luck with finishing up your project. Someday our kitchen will be totally gutted and rearranged but until we can afford that little project, paint is cheap. ;)

  25. says

    Have to say I love, love, love it! And Will’s little outfit is just flipping cute. Whenever I have someone fixing stuff at my house, HJ follows them around with his tools. The poor strange men that let the toddler help them…

  26. Jen says

    Hi Katie! The kitchen looks great! You guys did an amazing job covering the floor too. It doesn’t look like you got any paint on the floor. :)

    • says

      We did get a little paint near the air vent…but we think it was user error…we actually got so hot in that room we pulled up that corner and perhaps forgot to seal it back (not naming names haha) but it came up really easily with a quick scrub of a Clorox wipe :)
      xo – kb

  27. says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE white Kitchens. I’m sure plenty of people are howling “why’d you paint the perfectly good cabinets!!?” but I’m so glad you did. Thanks for the inspiration and for re-iterating to me the importance of making your house your HOME. Can’t wait to see the finished room. Take Care!! ~Chris

  28. Maru says

    I recently became addicted to YHL, and thats how i got to your blog. I read your “reflexions” on what you wanted to do, and i just wanted to tell you that you have accomplished many things on your list, at least you have touched me and inspired me to try new things. Not only to adventure decorating my first house, but to try new things in life.

    You have a lovely family and are a beautiful person, you deserve the best of life.

    PS: sorry for the grammar mistakes, i’m venezuelan and english is not my main language.

  29. MaKayla says

    I found a picture of your kitchen table on pinterest, and I am in LOVE with the white/stain combo with red chairs. I have looked through your blog for a post that might have more information about your table, but I can come up with anything. Did you re-do the table yourself? If so, do you have a post I could refer to? Thanks!

  30. Shanna says

    Hi KB!

    What an amazing transformation. You guys are awesome! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m just loving all your projects. I’m in the middle of painting my kitchen cabinets white and I was wondering how the sprayer handled your cabinet doors laying flat? I thought I read that sprayer likes to be vertical. Did you have to buy an extra tip or did it work just fine?


    • says

      It does prefer to have vertical surfaces but as long as we moved the sprayer quickly and the tank was full of paint, it worked ok.
      xo – kb

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