My Girls of the Past Year

I was talking to Jeremy the other day about blogging.  He asked me if I ever wanted to do it full time (like put Will in childcare and not do it at 2am in the morning) or write a book or make more money out of it or grow the ‘business’.  He asked if I ever wanted to take on contributors or have him join the ‘team’ in writing…kinda like what a lot of blogging couples do.  He wondered what I really wanted. 

I told him this…

I want to be a freaking amazing parent. 

I want to know what matters and what doesn’t and let go of the stuff that hurts. 

I want to protect my family from cruel words and would love to have a cup of hot chocolate with every single reader that leaves an encouraging comment or prays for me and my family.  with marshmallows.

I want to have every little and big girl out there feel as encouraged and as loved and as hopeful about their future as I do.  even when things don’t go according to our plan.

I want to walk away from each year knowing I did my best.  I worked hard.  I dug deep.  I loved big.  I felt the depth of everything on my journey.  I jumped.  I served.  and I soaked it in…even when it was hard.  and I did a good job. 

Lastly, if I stopped breathing in this moment, I want to know that I left something beautiful here.

I said all that and realized that one of the things that I feel most proud of is capturing just a small taste of the beauty in others…my photography work. If I can grab just an ounce of the amazingness of someone else, bottle it up and give it to a mother or father or grandparent or any other loved one….and know that a picture could be one of the most cherished gifts in that person’s life. Well…that fills me with a joy indescribable. What an amazing priveledge I have. I am so glad to have you all to share these with…these are some of my girls of the last twelve months…and I think you will agree that they are truly beautiful.

C:UsersKatieVideos2012 girl photo movie from Katie Bower on Vimeo.



  1. Erica Renee says

    Just wanted to say that I am praying for you and definitely talk about you and your family like I know you all personally! ;) I’ve even had dreams about you and younghouselove peeps… I know- a little creepy eh? Haha But honestly, I love that you care about your family and love that your heart is so open to the rest of us! Thank you for the encouragement you are and for living your life in a total way that God’s heart shows though.
    Take care… Friend :)

  2. KathyL says

    I don’t know if the link will work, its Jessica Andrews, Who I Am. It’s exactly what I want my daughter to feel at every moment of her life. My son too, but this particular song was “ours” (My daughter is 24 and her momma is her biggest fan).
    Second: I LOVE YOU. There, its out. I love Katie Bower. I cried instantly when I started reading your post. I’m 51 and in the last 3 years lost both my parents and watched my beautiful daughter go through recovery from a horrible accident with more grace and appreciativeness than 25 people twice as old. She’s amazing. and so are you. I wish I was your mom.
    Third: I know what matters, its people and love and health. Its being good and kind and MOST OF ALL: FORGIVING. to others and yourself!! It will set you free each and every time.
    Anyway, its at the end of a long day, and it was dark outside until I read this.
    thanks for brightening my day (night, lol) Kathy

      • KathyL says

        It is hard sometimes, isn’t it? I’m sorry someone hurt you that you need to forgive them. My self defense kicks in when I’m hurt and I pull away and remove my love in self preservation! I rationalize it- that they are the ones who lose out on my specialness-big lol. (Thats what I tell myself so it doesn’t hurt when its someone you love) In your position, you’ve put yourself out there for all www to see, and I’m sure you’ve heard some doozies that would sting. But you come from good soup stock, I’ve seen your christmas pictures, and you’ll be ok.

  3. says

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years and look forward to reading every post! You are so witting and creative.

    Last summer I started leaving my camera on “manual” all of the time and have learned a lot about taking pictures from you. I’ve looked back at the post you did about editing photos several times. Another post on tips on editing in Photoshop would be great, if you have the time! Thanks!

  4. Ashley says

    Wow…your photos brought tears to my eyes, they were so beautiful! I have a 27 month year old boy with a 5 week old boy…life is crazy right now! Crazy, but so amazingly awesome all at the same time! :) I’m excited for you and what life will bring to you very soon. Good luck and congrats!

  5. says

    If I lived closer I’d love so much to have you shoot my family! I want to learn to rock my camera like you do. You really have a talent for capturing the spirit of a person – it’s a gift Katie – thanks for sharing it!

  6. Whitney says

    Wow Katie, you are an AMAZING photographer. I knew you were talented, but this is an incredible range. Great job!

  7. Lauren says

    I feel like my little one just became famous! Thanks so much for capturing Sutton’s 18 month photos and more importantly her little personality. I am one of those parents that you have given something that we will cherish forever. Thanks so much and look forward to many more sessions!!

    • Beth says

      Hey that’s my niece! WHOO HOO!

      Katie, I think beautiful is an understatement- the girls (and you too!) are absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Christina says

    Thank you SO much for sharing these beautiful moments. You captured each one in such a way that I felt I got a little of their personalities. Made me cry…and I don’t even know one of those ‘Beautiful Girls’ ! Keep it up, Miss Katie Bower! You are definitely leaving your beautiful footprint on this old world.

  9. says

    Katie, you are amazing! I absolutely loved the video… you are such a talented photographer, I love your work! And of course, that song went just beautifully. It’s a pity I’m in Australia :(

  10. Lisa K says

    Gorgeous Katie, simply gorgeous. Wish my family lived closer to you or vice versa so you could take pictures of my little ones. :)

  11. says

    Love. Just love. And I’d love to have a cup of hot chocolate with you & Will… Mini marshmallows and extra whipped cream. Seriously, I love your blog- the way you share the good and bad, put yourself out there even if there is a backlash sometimes. I’m sure anything you choose to do in the future will be just as genuine and witty as your blog is now. And I’m off to watch that sweet lil video again, because sweet girls with parasols = melt my heart. I’m pretty sure if I gave my son a parasol it would become a weapon of some sort. No, I’m not pretty sure, I KNOW.

  12. says

    I wanted to say that I’m so thankful of the gift you gave our family by photographing our little girl last year after she was born. Seriously, I was a little starstruck when you came to our house and still cherish those pictures that you took for use and sharing in that exciting time.

    You have a gift and thanks for doing that for our family, we love following along with your family too.

  13. says

    you’re certainly filling the world with beauty in many different ways…
    just wish you were nearer so you could photograph my little girl…

    all the best, and I’m crossing my fingers for this little bundle of joy of yours…

  14. Renee says

    Katie – love your blog and your PHOTOGRAPHY is amazing, I wish I could capture moments like you do. I love reading what’s up with you Bowers and feel like we’d be friends in real life too.

  15. Jennifer says

    Well I am one of those people who feel like we are best friends already (in a totally not creepy stalker way of course!) I just wanted to say that I love your honesty and the way that you put it all out there showing the good and the bad! And I love that video, the music made me cry as the Mom of 4 girls that was awesome!

  16. Beth says

    Amazing pictures and beautiful music — your blog always makes me feel good because you are real and honest. Have a wonderful day!

  17. says

    What a touching post. I’m pretty sure that answer is why people love you; your real interests and thoughts and passions come through so strongly in your posts that we’re compelled to come back and back again to see what you say. When blogging becomes a business first and a passion outlet second, it often loses something significant. Keep on being you. :)

  18. Karin K says

    Come to my house immediately and take pictures of my kids and pup.

    You have a gift, Katie Bower. And you’re a hell of a nice person to boot, so try to keep throwing us a few posts here and there….think of the little people!

  19. says

    As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Don’t change who you are. It is so refreshing to read your blog. You keep it real. There is enough phoniness in the world already. Keep on keeping on. You do an amazing job!

  20. Maria Bingham says

    I don’t blog, but I am in awe of wonderful people like you who have such a beautiful outlook on life and a kickin sense of humor and are willing to share it with people like me! I have been following you for a few years after finding you through Young House Love and look forward to every post. I have cried and laughed along with you on so many things you have shared about your life. I don’t comment much but I am so very supportive of everything you do. I cannot imagine people are so mean that they have to hide behind the anonymity of the web and berate you for ANYTHING!!!! I wish there was an app to just erase the bad comments even before you see them. There are a lot of us out here who are supportive of you and wish you and your family only the best.

    Whatever you decide to do in your life will be what is best for you. I do admit that I envy your photography skills. Keep us posted so we can enjoy the ups and downs with you and your beautiful family.


  21. Jen says

    When I cliked on the video, I thought, “She will have put this to some amazingly perfect song, and I am going to cry now.” Yep, like a baby.

    I have read your blog for a couple years now, though I don’t always comment. I love your description of what you want – and I love that you are able to achieve that through photography. You have inspired me. Thank you.

  22. Jeanie says

    Jeremy is such a good husband to ask how it is or isn’t working for you and how he can be helpful to you. Good catch there, Katie!

    God be with you in these final weeks before Baby! My little sister is due (her third girl) same time as you so I have you in our prayers, too.

    Too bad we’re not around or we’d drop off some hot dish (casserole for you non-Minnesotans) and my 4 year old could run around outside with Will — they would have a blast being all boy.

    God bless you, Jeremy, Will and Baby Bower. You are more of a bright light in a dark world than you know.

  23. Melanie says

    That is such a precious video.
    You have an undeniable talent, Katie.
    Wishing you all the success in the world in following that passion. It truly is a gift to all who get to share it.

  24. Michele says

    You have a wonderful way with the written word. You also speak to us with your photography. You photograph my beautiful redheaded granddaughters and your pictures never fail to make me remember how truely blessed and lucky I am! Thank you.
    PS love the video:)

  25. Kristin S says

    I just. love. your. photography. I can’t wait to be your first CT family once you move your business to New England!! Just let me know when I should mark my calendar, we are totally ready :)

  26. Pinja says

    Amazing pictures Katie, and you were right, the girls are beautiful, each their own way. You have a gift for photography and not just the technical side of it, but rather somehow bringing out the soul and the inner light of the person in your pictures. Wishing you and your family all the best, love this blog, love your writing and love the pictures!

  27. Anne says

    Katie –
    Your photos are beautiful. Your words brought tears to my eyes. If only everyone had this much clarity of purpose and understanding of what really matters in the world, there would be more love and peace and joy! It’s been such a joy to “meet” you via your blog. Keep sharing and being yourself!

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