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Operation Heart of the Home : Painting that dang-tan-Ceiling edition

So it’s hard to tell from these photos but all the trim in our kitchen is tan.  I actually had it color matched one time and the closest color I could find to it was True Value’s paint color called Irony.  It is ironic…because I hate that dang trim and I have it EVERYWHERE.

And I didn’t even notice the ceilings until we started painting the trim a nice bright white color.  Then it popped out at me like a kid in the bushes on Halloween eve…you know…the one that scares you half to death and you thank your lucky stars you didn’t have a weapon in hand because you probably would have beaten them to pulp and gotten sued for attacking a fourteen year old. 

So last you saw, we tackled the cabinets.  The trim was painted.  The cabinets were painted.  The ceiling was not.

Since the floors and counters were already covered, we decided to just tackle the ceilings.  We used two gallons of Valspar’s Flat Ceiling Paint in Brilliant White. 

Since this paint was not low-VOC, I skipped out on this adventure and just popped in to take a few photos here and there. 

After he was done with cutting in part of the room, he would use a roller with an extender attached to keep the ‘wet edge’. 

It’s hard to tell from a lot of pics…but our ceiling was a tannish-pinkish-dusty color….and the new color was just a smidge grayer than the bright white trim color (which is Valspar’s Semigloss paint in Bright White with no tint added).

This task is not for the faint of heart.  First of all, it is like a major shoulder/mindovermatter workout.  This was probably the ONLY task during the entire kitchen makeover where he was completely exhausted after doing it.  All the others he would be tired but for entirely different reasons (like say, waking up at 6am, going to work, getting home at 7pm, playing with Will for thirty minutes before throwing on work clothes to paint cabinets till midnight and then repeating that routine over and over and over). 

He was up in this corner when I walked in the second time and said “I think I wanna cry”.  Then I called him a wuss. 

No I didn’t.  I actually would have if I didn’t think he meant what he said though.  He is no fan of painting with a brush and roller and this was pure unadulterated torture for him. 

He said that it was worse because this was his first time ever painting a ceiling and he just didn’t know how long it would take and how difficult it was to get a good finish without any drips.  Have you noticed that he tends to want to do everything perfectly and it is upsetting to him if he doesn’t meet his own expectations?!  Yeah.  Total opposite of me.

After a solid nights rest, he woke up the next morning (which happened to be a Friday) to see that he did a pretty darn good job and that one more coat was gonna do the trick – YAY!  So the next Saturday he applied the second coat. 

And yes, that is one of his ‘work outfits’…I love when he wears it.  Something so darn loveable about a man with paint on his jeans. 

His number one tip was to not load up the roller too much because then you’ll have drips and uneven paint and it takes longer to roll it all out. 

So that’s that.  Trim painted – check!  Cabinets painted (still needing touching up) – check!  Painted ceiling – check! 

On deck….taking up the paper and painting the walls. 

Oh and just so everyone knows…no, these posts aren’t up-to-date…I’ve fallen behind (what’s new?!) simply due to the fact that some processes take SUPER long (hello cabinets I hate you) and got sick this past week…so I will try to bring you all up to speed….I’m kinda afraid of going into labor and not having you all in on what we’ve accomplished so be prepared for a panty-load of kitchen updates :)



  1. Harper says

    I’m all caught up and just in time for the arrival of the new bambino! I’m not sure if I should win an award for most dedicated or be committed for being obsessive but in the last couple of weeks, I’ve ready every blog post you’ve written and am so happy to have found you. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I love the projects, stories, humor and love you share. You’re the best!

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