Photoshop Tutorial – Boob Job

I’m so excited to have a new regular feature here on Bower Power!  It’s the start of Photoshop Tutorials…and hopefully (fingers and toes officially crossed) it will land here every Tuesday morning.  See me and my bad scheduling self!  Yup…Mondays will be a project post of some sort and Tuesdays you can expect to see something photography related…this time, it’s something for Photoshop.  If you don’t have Photoshop and aren’t interested in photography related bizness, may I suggest a whirl in the Project Gallery?  It’s chalk full of yummy goodness like DIY projects and arts & craft stuff and an entire section dedicated to tablesettings.  Pappap get on that :)

Today our Photoshop Tutorial is for the girls.  Not just the female gender…but specifically THE GIRLS on us girls :)  Yup…we are talkin’ boobs.  Hollah! Twinsies!  Yup…you get to see me giving myself a boob job.

After you fish your mind outta the gutter, let’s go.

First open the file you would like to edit in Photoshop.   I have CS4 so that is what I’m working with today folks.  And this photo is straight outta the camera (SOOC)  so please disregard the bald spot, undereye darkness and cool white balance.  I first made a copy of my file by grabbing the ‘background’ in my layers box and dragging it down to the ‘create new layer’ icon on the bottom.  Let go of it with your mouse and bam!  background copied.

Then I select that copy of the background (indicated below with a red arrow) and go to FILTER down to LIQUIFY.

A new liquify window should pop open.  First I select the BLOAT tool on the left (indicated with white arrow) and make my brush size roughly the size of the boob I wanna plump.  I keep my brush rate in the low 20’s so it doesn’t bloat too fast (nothing can ruin a boob job like rushing).  Then I click on the very center of my flat boob until it looks about right.  Sometimes, you gotta fill out the sides.  Go slow.  You are playing doctor.

You can see that the image gets stretched (or bloated) and the pixels get pushed around that circle tool to make it look more natural.  If you make a mistake, just click the RECONSTRUCT tool and paint over the area that got funky and it should return the deflated boob once more.

Now before we go on, let’s talk Tata Responsibility.  Let’s be perfectly honest.  In a land full of Instagram filters and photoshop, there can be an urge to make yourself look like a Real Plastic Housewife of Barbie County.  You might have the thought of giving yourself huge ole boobies that are so perky that your chin is resting on them.  Don’t.  Everyone will think you are weird to virtually modify your boobs and crazy that you believe yourself to be 14 again.  This is a tool for enhancement…make the girls look age appropriate and believable.  The key here is to make it completely unnoticable that you pumped up the funbags.

After you have bloated the jugs, time to make the background look unbloated.  Time to click on the little box with an inner circle on the bottom of the Layers box.  This is ADD LAYER MASK.

Now see the part that got bloated that looks weird?  The purple arrow is pointing to the bit that has the bushes bloated too.  It looks like my chest is having some sort of radiation effect on the shrubbery.  Not cool.

So you are gonna first select the Layer Mask by clicking on it (circled in red) and then use your paintbrush to paint the bloated-but-shouldn’t-be area in black.

Now the background isn’t bloated but the boob is.  Nice, eh?!  Flatten your image down and BAM.  Instant boob job.

The best part?  You don’t have to pay a plastic surgeon :)  May the Facebook profile picture editing commence!

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  1. Sarah says

    I agree with a few of the other posts above…I think it’s sad that technology has advanced so far that even candid photos are edited to alter our bodies.

  2. Lindsay says

    I love this!!!! You are HILARIOUS! I’m off to start editing my profile pics! Little Mama got an instant boob job!!

  3. Eilene says

    Wow, feel the need to step in and defend Katie on this post. Katie is a photographer… she has a wonderful artistic eye. Just look at the work she’s done! In the ‘before’ picture your eye goes to that flat space instead of the belly… which should be the focus. By enhancing the bust profile… which probably just seemed flat because of the way she’s facing the camera…. it actually draws the eye to focus in on the belly. She’s brilliant. She actually made her breast fuller looking so you don’t notice them as much. I think it’s beautiful and natural looking. She still looks like herself. Anyone who reads her blog regularly knows that Katie is not afraid to show her pregnant butt or anything else. As for the young readers… they should see this post. It would show them how not to be afraid to be themselves or put themselves out there… or heaven sake… have a sense of humor. What we should be showing our young people is how to be real.. and you don’t get much more real than Katie. She seems like a beautiful person inside and out. Now leave Katie alone on her birthday! haha

  4. Gray says

    Thanks for just one more item I must add to my “want” list…but I guess to properly use Photoshop I should get a nice camera to, so really that 2 :)

    And I don’t know why people are ragging on you, this was HILARIOUS and awesome.

    Also, I loved meeting y’all last night at the YHL event! Weston is infinitely more adorable in person and his cute little onesie looked so warm and cuddly I was jealous! Why is it no socially acceptable for us all the wear onsies when its cold?

    • says

      Seriously! Let’s change that idea that onesies are only for babies…I feel like Beyonce was leading the charge at the Superbowl :)
      xo – kb

  5. Rachael says

    Not to detract from the opinionated convo, but in the first paragraph it says ” It’s chalk full of yummy goodness…” The correct saying is actually “chock full”…isn’t it funny how sayings evolve?

  6. Cara Jeanne says

    I have debated (obviously) for a while if I should comment on this blog post.
    DISCLAIMER: I do not want to come across as a “snark” as previously stated in an earlier comment, nor do I want to come across as attacking Katie for her tutorial, but I just wanted to put in my two cents. Also, this is a bit long.

    1. I understand this is Katie’s “personal” blog, but with reaching so many people, and a variety of people, understanding the ramifications of such posts as this is important.

    Nobody can escape the thousands of media messages we get bombarded with weekly. Women and men of all ages are constantly told that there is something they can improve on. When I first saw the unedited photo, I couldn’t even tell that Katie’s boob looked “wonky.” It just looked totally normal to me. Katie is a gorgeous woman, with or without a “wonky boob.” Regarding other women I encounter, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself, “I wish I looked like…” or “I wish I could have ____ like she does.” This is fine in small doses, because I do have a fairly healthy self esteem and am happy with my looks (I am 25, btw). But there are days when my self esteem is not what it should be, and there are women who have consistently low self esteem and thoughts like this can break spirits. I understand there are perfectly reasonable reasons for photoshop tutorials like this, but posting this in the public domain can have negative consequences. For those who have said “it’s funny” or “it’s just a little virtual enhancement,” tiny comments about body image can truly impact someone deeply.

    When we make tiny comments about our bodies, or stress about tiny imperfections, especially those brought on by aging or having children, we are equating these life changes with imperfection, which has to be wiped out. Now, I’m not saying that when women complain about their thighs or stomach, or whatever, that those around her will spiral downward into anorexia, bulimia or other serious ailment. What I am saying is, words matter. Words have ENORMOUS power to affect someone. We can create change, or destroy lives, with words. We have all seen examples of this. Regardless of whether this “wonky boob” was noticeable or not, why can we not say “enough is enough” and embrace any imperfection?

    Approximately 80 percent of all 10-year-old girls have dieted at least once in their lives, according to recent data released by the Keep It Real campaign. When I was a child, I remember one instance of being teased by my siblings and being called “fat” and ran home from a playground crying. I was FAR from being chubby – I was your average child. I have battled self esteem issues. It has taken me a long time to embrace my big butt, my “large” nose and my body as a whole. My body has enabled me to walk, swim, jump, dance, etc, some things that some people cannot do. I do not take for granted the great joy in being able to walk, swim, jump, dance, etc. But it has taken a long time to accept my body for all the things modern society and mass media deem unacceptable or displeasing.

    Media has twisted and contorted women’s bodies and appearance into a perfect state, that no one – not even those who have been Photoshopped for magazine covers and photo shoots – can achieve. It can be disheartening to constantly see celebrities who have been airbrushed to the point of looking fake. Women have wrinkles. Women have cellulite. What message are we sending to our young daughters and sisters when we have to photoshop something so we are comfortable with the photo?

    Your blog is your opinion, and I hope that by posting this comment, I have made you consider my point as well. How many of us women have praised our bodies in the presence of others, or with our children? On the flip side, how many of us have shown our children that we are constantly dieting, or make rude comments about our own bodies that we would never say about others? IT IS TIME TO STOP. We have to love ourselves, imperfections be damned. In caring about ourselves, and others, it is important to remember that we ourselves are perfect.

    In the short term, is a tutorial on a virtual boob enhancement going to destroy someone’s life? No, probably not. But being told over and over again that imperfections are wrong and need to be fixed, that aging bodies, wrinkles, stretch marks, and women’s bodies are things to be hidden or changed … that can destroy someone. In the long run, words about body image can change someone. They can cause 10 year old girls to diet. We should celebrate our bodies, celebrate our beauty, and lastly, unite to change the messages that modern society and mass media tell us.

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