Pint sized Pinterest Challenge

Followers on Instagram and Facebook knew that we had some very special visitors last weekend…

Yes, our dear friends John & Sherry Petersik had their final book signing in Atlanta on the 7th of this month.  Let’s just say that I considered it a birthday present a couple days late because having Sher come see me is the best gift ever.  This friend is one amazing girl.  I love her like a sister.  And I am so so proud of her.   All that to say, John & Sherry’s first book came out.  It’s amazing.  If you don’t have it, you need to buy it now.

And just like the other million point million fans, I couldn’t wait to get my photo with them behind the signing table.  I couldn’t wait to be their front row cheerleader.  And I really couldn’t wait for them to meet baby Weston.  We did all that and much much more over the weekend.  I’ll tell ya about it soon…I promise.  The one thing I do wanna tell you is that while we were doing our Bower-Petersik fest, we decided it was high time for another big announcement…

Freakishly cute. I’m totally not biased…it is just a fact. I can’t wait to hear them say their vows one day :)

I’ve very excited to agree with our pint-sized bundles of energy – the Pinterest Challenge Winter edition is here!  Motivation is right in front of us!  Let’s get something done!

For those of you that are new to the scene, the Pinterest Challenge is really REALLY simple.  Basically it’s just a little accountability to get something done.  Here’s some of the details on how we do it…

  • Like the tikes said – pick your Pinspiration project.  Do your own spin.  Blog about it.  Celebrate!
  • In your blog post, we ask pretty please for everyone to share the link love!  Link to the Pinterest item, the ORIGINAL source of the inspiration photo on Pinterest, and it would be soo nice if you also linked to the four Pinterest Challenge hosts below (you have no idea how much we appreciate the linkage love too!)
  • Linky Party at the Bower House!  Each host has the option to linky party – so if you blogged about your project, link up with us too so that we can all see your completed projects and we can share it to our readers.
  • Have fun!  No matter what the project is – it can be small, big, super-sized, seasonal, decorative, cooking, crafty – anything goes…just as long as it “Pinned then Spinned” you can consider us fans!

And now to introduce you to the other beautiful cohosts…

Yes indeed…our cohosts rock….here they are…

Megan from The Remodeled Life

Sherry from Young House Love

Michelle from Decor & The Dog

I have no idea what I am tackling yet but I know that getting ANYTHING done will be a huge huge thing.  So I’ll see you back here in one week to share what we tackled!


p.s.  I added a little button on the sidebar that gives you a glimpse into past projects and you can see all the gorgeous girls that have cohosted in the past.  Hopefully there will be many many more in the years to come :)



  1. beth says

    Hahaha, yes! I love how Will sits SO still at the end, even thought the balloon is clearly blocking half of his face and field of vision. Hahaha, SO CUTE! Shooting for a painted headboard a la The Petersiks this time around.

  2. Pat says

    I had been using Image-Adjustments-Color Balance to do this in Photoshop. Is your method a better alternative? I will definitely try it. I am just a Photoshop novice trying to figure this all out. Great informative post!

    • says

      Both could be good – I think it all depends on the photo. Like I said in the post, there are lots of other ways to do it…so just do your best and forget the rest :)
      xo – kb

  3. ErinY says

    Adorable!! Was so sweet to hear Will talking. And that little face he made- sticking his tongue out a little while smiling and shaking his head- melted my heart, my nephew does that all the time too!

  4. says

    I left a comment on yhl but I think it would’ve made more sense over here. silly me. anyways.

    I’m so in love with Will’s hair-do. I’m not sure if you meant it to be but it’s so ’40’s to me and gentlman-ly. I picture him holding the door for Clara and dancing to the twist. And I’m hopelessly in love. I shall start having babies so I can at least snag Weston as a son-in-law [since Will is spoken for- lets hope he has good hair too ;)]. Although I did see Dana from house tweaking has tried to claim him as Mabrey’s. We shall see how this soap opera ends.

    • says

      haha…I have a feeling that Weston’s is gonna be so different! He has this killer natural buzz cut that kills me :)
      And yes, we shall see…it’ll be like the Bachelor…baby edition!
      xo – kb

  5. Carla Mahony says

    That video was hysterical!! My four year old went nuts for it…she loved Weston’s mustache at the end too :) Classic!!

  6. says

    We’re so excited for this challenge!

    I didn’t think there would be time to get a project done before we head away for the hub to present at a conference, and then I mentioned it to him.

    Low and behold, he started talking about an idea related to his conference that lead to another project idea.

    We doodled in colors and black and white, too, before heading out to JoAnn’s and Home Depot.

    It was Poetry-meets-Paint Chips-meets-Baby-meets-Music brilliance!

  7. Augusta says

    Cutest video ever! So glad my Google Reader is working right (finally!) so I didn’t miss this! I might have to start this blog the boyfriend keeps wanting me to so I can participate and share!!

  8. says

    All I’m going to say is… I think your son is adorable, and I love his clothes style!! You should do a post like YHL did one time, about where you buy your kids’ clothes. I’d be totally all over it. ;-) Or, or, or… how a homeschooled girl is able to pull off her kids looking *awesome* and modern. ;)

  9. says

    I’m so happy to read this post (sounds weird right?) We bought our kitchen paint from Sherwin Williams because we heard they have the best paint ever. Well it’s been chipping in areas but I didn’t give it much thought until I used the same color in my bathroom and that too is chipping. It’s very upsetting because we paid a LOT for that paint. Good to know that it’s not just us not “applying” it properly. I did contact Sherwin Williams and they had the store I bought it at contact me but I never bothered to return the call. What are they going to do? Give me another 5 gallons of paint? Meh, not interested unless they have someone come and paint for me!

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