Great Giveaway – Impressions Hardwood Flooring

Impressions Hardwood Collection is one of our fine sponsors…you know…the folks that keep this sucker up and running.  So obviously when they offered us some free flooring, I was all like WHERE DO I SIGN?!  I’m very obviously pro-freebie, if you haven’t gathered that…if they were handing out free Gatorades at the Braves stadium, I take one…then another…then stuff a third in my bra.  I’m cheap like that.  

But let’s be honest…there are things in our house that fall in three different categories….need yesterday (ahem the exterior paint job and rotten wood!), need eventually (living room floor refinished), and would be nice.  $3K in free gorg flooring doesn’t really fall in the first two.  It’s a would be nice.    So after realizing that the next rooms to finish in our house (the dining room, the laundry room and Weston’s nursery) all don’t require hardwood floors, we asked if we could offer up this amazing prize to a reader. 

Obviously the awesome answer was yes. 

Here’s what is up for grabbies….

  • PRIZE :  $3,000 credit to Impressions Hardwood Collection that can be used for flooring product + shipping 
  • TO ENTER : Enter by commenting on this post with “Impressions is Impressive!” and let’s talk ‘would be nice’….what is the item that falls into that category for you? flooring? new washer and dryer? new mixer? gatorade in the bra?
  • PRIZE SHIPS :  Continental US
  • NITTY GRITTY :  Impressions offers up the winner’s choice of flooring.  Since they have retailers across the Southeast, if you prefer to use your credit toward all product and pick up in person at one of the retail stores, you can actually purchase more flooring and not pay for freight.  If you live on the other side of the US, Impressions gives you the option to use some of your credit toward shipping so this sucker still remains free for you!  The winner will need to have the product shipped or picked up within 30 business days.  Only residents age 18+ of the U.S. are eligible to win.  Employees of the sponsor and members of their households, whether or not related, and immediate families (spouses, parents, siblings, children and each of their respective spouses regardless of where they reside) are not eligible to win.


DISCLAIMER:  Impressions Hardwood Collection and Bower Power take no responsibility for the installation, service or use of the this product.  All rules are subject to change without notice.



  1. Shelly Humphries Conselman says

    Impressions is impressive! So many things…definitely would like to improve upon the flooring in our bathroom first!

  2. Hillary Wong says

    Impressions is Impressive! Would love to tear out the stinky carpet (it literally stinks… like smelly socks) in the guest room and replace it with a nice hardwood floor.

  3. Katie says

    Impressions is Impressive!

    I would love to get rid of the carpets in a bunch of the rooms in the house and the stairs (especially the stairs! Ours are so short, we’d like to see if ripping out the carpet and putting in wood can make them longer by adding an extra inch or so on the ends!)

  4. Cristen says

    Impressions is Impressive! Oh please pick me!!!! New floors have been on my list since we moved in 8 years ago. We just can’t afford them at this point. My upstairs had the same builder grade carpet from when it was built in 96′ and the main level has 6 different style of flooring! It is horrible! I would love to put new carpet upstairs and hardwood on the main level.

  5. Sarah says

    Impressions is Impressive! The lady who owned the house we’re about to move into had a lot of pets. Pets + carpet = not a great (smelling) idea. It’d be so nice to rip all that carpet up and lay hardwood instead!

  6. Steph says

    Impressions is Impressive: I would love new flooring (new house- GROSS beige carpet in bedrooms and family room), but actually what I bugs me even more is my HORRIBLE painting job – the walls look great – my mishaps on the ceilings and trim== not so good…

  7. Jessica Nsouli says

    Impressions is impressive!!!

    We need flooring like last year-sticky tile in our dining room…ewww :)

  8. Catt says

    Impressions is Impressive!

    Our original 1955 hardwoods are in terrible shape. We’d love to put in a new floor!

  9. Carla says

    Impressions is impressive! We’d love to make our “3 seasons room” a room to be used all 4 seasons!

  10. Amber says

    Impressions is Impressive! While refinishing the floors is a pretty urgent need in our house, I would say our ‘would be nice’ is redoing the ceilings. Ah, it would be SO nice to lay in bed and not gaze up at a popcorn ceiling!!

  11. Ana Rodriguez says

    Impression is Impressive!
    It would be nice to have my whole tiny beachy house with hard wood floors instead of the ugly carpet that we have now!

  12. Lorrie says

    Impressions is Impressive! It would be nice to have cohesive flooring throughout the house instead of something different in every room! Lucky I have a “handy honey” who would be able to install this beautiful flooring for me :)

  13. Kelly Ann says

    Impressions is Impressive!!

    We would LOVE to do hardwood on our first floor! We have tile now, but we will someday upgrade!

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