not a whole lot of belly grabbin

***sorry I was MIA this week…Jer was in Vegas for business so I was flying solo…then Weston decided to cut a tooth and Will caught a lovely stomach bug…needless to say, it’s been eventful :)  pray.  pray hard.

My sister is not a belly toucher.  She’s just not.  Never was…probably will never be one…not on others and not on herself.  I, however, am an obscene belly toucher.  I love bellies.  Baby optional :) 

So this week when I was shooting her maternity photos, it was really hard for me to not say “Grab that belly!” when her only request was “not a whole lotta belly grabbin'”.  In the end, I feel like this is a really good reference for newbie photographers who are shooting maternity and need some variety in their poses.  In regards to feel – every time you shoot someone…no matter if it’s your family or a complete stranger, you absolutely need to know what they love and what they don’t.  If they don’t know, then ask what feelings they want to have when they look at the pictures.  My sister wanted happy, bright and a little ethereal…with limited belly grabbin :)


Seriously…Norn is so beautiful.  It’s almost obscene.  So just forgive her now in your hearts.  Oh and the white thing in the background is the fabric knot garland was made from my wedding runner for her bridal shower and hung below the “LOVE BIRDS” sign I made for her.  I thought it would be perfect since the little love birds have a little chick on the way :)

We just trekked down to the woods behind our house to do these pics so nothing is fancy here.  All the green stuff is weeds :)

A lot of times my maternity girls ask to look thinner.  I understand.  Water weight, hormones, that extra bowl of ice cream and pickles….I’ve been there.  So a really good tip to make your subject look thinner is get above them.  Try your hardest to never get below their chin level…that way the camera sees them in a more flattering angle.   

Norn is a sweller and I think that we should capture the little details like her big-for-now ankles.  She doesn’t like them in their swollen state (what pregnant girl does, right?!) but I told her that in a few months when her little guy is here and she has her slender ankles again that she’ll want a picture of them.  If nothing else but to show that she suffered through a summer due date in Hotlanta.

This is my favorite I think.  I love the casual hand on the belly and the look in her eyes.  Plus, the lighting was fantastic in this spot.  And even the weird framing is kinda my jam.

Pure belly grabbin.  This is exactly the kinda thing she didn’t want in every single picture.  I liked this one because it’s all about the belly here…

This may look like an easy pose but it really was a task.  Basically it only works if you are wearing a maxi skirt….the one leg that is creating the angle is practically off the ground.  I love this pose because it draws the eye up to the belly.

The skirt is really great because it gives subjects something to touch…to hold…to keep their hands occupied while not grabbing the belly.

This pose is a great one too because so many pregnant girls stand like this naturally.  It looks very easy breezy covergirl :)

This next one is interesting to me…I didn’t mean to take it as part of the photos but in the end, I kinda love the way you can feel her move in it…like you get the fact that pregnancy isn’t all flowers and glowing. 

Of course, it definitely helps to have a little prop or two.  These prickly weeds had the cutest white flowers….they reminded me of the baby’s breath she used at her wedding, so I loved the fact we could work it in.

I could go on and on about the rest of the pics…but in general, I know that they speak a thousand words and people need photo references…so I’m not gonna explain each one.  Enjoy!



  1. Ginger Noble says

    Beautiful photography, Katie! And your sister is gorgeous! Love your humor! You are so cute!
    Hope all goes well with her pregnancy!

  2. Kym V. says

    Such beautiful flowers that capture such an amazing moment for your sister. You are so talented and gorgeous. Your sister looks so beautiful too! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  3. MB says

    Such a special time:) Very Important Question….what hair product is your sister using in these shots. Lack of frizz in southern locale is phenomenal.


    Frizzy in Detroit

    • says

      I asked her tricks – this is what she said “straight out of the shower I comb my hair while it’s still very wet then apply a mousse and scrunch with a towel. Then after most of the water is out, I use a bit of hairspray to set it.”
      xo – kb

  4. Monica says

    Hi Katie,
    First off, I love your blog, I visit it frequently, but have never posted. You are beautiful and so is your sister. I was wondering the other day about if you would have an update on your sister and bam! this post was the answer. I love how you post about every day diy updates and family, you do a great job with your blog. I really enjoy reading it!

    My husband and I spent a week in Atlanta(early May) celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. He wanted to visit Gallery 63 (the auction show Auction Kings caught his attention), and we had a wonderfuly time at the auction. In my mind, I kept on thinking, this place is so nice, the people are so friendly, no wonder Katie lives here!

    Just wanted to say “hello” from Canada! Again, love your blog, with all the love Jesus and bacon comments, and how you refer to your husband as you boyfiend, you make me laugh! Keep up the great posts!

    From up north in Ontario, Canada,

  5. says

    I’m with your sister on not liking too many belly grabbing photos. I only really like belly grabbing if it is higher up on the belly. I find belly grabbing often looks like they are holding themselves because they have to go pee (not a good look). Great photos of your sister and I love the white flowers you used.

  6. Aubrey says

    Love these pictures! How in the world does your sister to get her curly hair to look so amazing in the humidity of the south? As a curly haired person, I need her tricks! =)

    • says

      Okay…so I asked her and this is what she said “straight out of the shower I comb my hair while it’s still very wet then apply a mousse and scrunch with a towel. Then after most of the water is out, I use a bit of hairspray to set it.” Sounds pretty easy I guess :)
      xo – kb

  7. Ashley says

    Absolutely beautiful photos!! Do you want to come to Chatt in about 6 months to take mine?? I know you get lots of questions about her gorgeous hair but would love, love, love for her to share her products of choice and which salon she goes to…I’m willing to drive down to Atlanta!

  8. says

    Oh Katie! You have outdone yourself with these photos! I have to say, I like the variety of not too much belly grabbin too. I know in the bible that angels were pretty much scary tough guys and not women, but I kept thinking, “What a beautiful angel.”


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