Pavestone for the Win

Two years in the making.  That’s how long we waited…saved…and finally we got the exterior that we dreamed about. 

Of course, we are still passionate do-it-yourselfers but when things involve ladders over 24 feet tall (or in my case, over eight feet) then we are happy to cut a check to the professionals to get the job done.  and sweat from fear of falling to their death. 

I told y’all about our picking paint and picking painters process here…so I am very excited to introduce you to the crew that spent over ten days at our house, fighting rotten wood, repairing tons of siding, frames, fascia and soffet boards, cleaning, caulking and even capturing a snake…this is the Certa Pro Paint crew led by Daniel (he’s the one with his arms crossed)… 

I can not say enough good things about this crew.  I’ve heard from some other folks that they went with Certa Pro painters in different areas of the country and that they were disappointed about one thing or another…but in our case, I could not rave louder about this group of guys.  They. were. awesome.  

So before I blog about the whole run-down of how it all went down (and got brushed on), let’s just do the before and afters.  That’s what everyone likes, right?!  (I’m nodding yes). 

So here is the house when we bought it….brown and tan and more dead stuff than a zombie movie.   

And here she is today…

We went with Sherwin Williams Pavestone on the trim.  It was that light gray that we were looking for with the right undertones to make our stone really shine. 

The back of the house is mostly siding…with a smattering of crazy windows.  And before painting, the color was a light tan color…we called it “dried mud” and “skin siding” because it had pinkish undertones.  Nothing says ‘we’ve got taste’ like a big pink flesh house.   

And now the back is a dark muddy gray.  It is actually the exact color of the trim at 200%…so the undertones are exactly the same and the only difference is the contrast. 

The back exterior doors also got new paint…in Martha Stewart’s Seal.  The bottom ones were already painted but the upper ones are now done to match and the front doors are now black.  Surprise!  I’ll tell you all about that later too :)

But the crazy thing is that our windows (which are vinyl and not supposed to be painted) are now less dirty cream looking and look way more white (hooray!).  I think it’s an eye trick because of the intense contrast….but either way…we LOVE it. 

The best decision was definitely going darker on the back of the house.  And switching the darker trim to the lighter trim.  And hiring this entire job out.  Because there is just no way I would ever be found doing this:

yes, I said a prayer.  and left a puddle.



  1. Ellen says

    I never realized it until you described your before siding as “skin” but we’re lucking to have an entire house covered in that same siding! And we’re at the front of the neighborhood, so everyone gets to see it and marvel at our good taste (assuming they don’t know it was there before). I sometimes pray during bad storms that our house will be hit with lightning so insurance will pay for all new siding. Is that bad?

  2. Nancy Pants says

    Holy Cow. That last picture made me squeemish just looking at it! No wonder you “left a puddle” lol!

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