Wasps, Windows and Weston’s Walls

Weston’s room.

Are we skipping around enough for you?! I know I’m not done with the dining room or laundry room or the exterior stuff….but I must share a little update I tackled in my youngest’s room. As you may know, the floor plan on the top floor is a little crazy. It’s not exactly how I would necessarily design it myself but it works for now…and the fact that we had two boys first in our family helps us plan for the future. I’ll explain all that TMI later.

First, the floor plan…

As you can see, there are four true bedrooms upstairs. The master bedroom will probably remain ours. most likely. The guest bedroom will probably remain the guest bedroom for a long time. And the Jill room is actually the “Will” room. There is also a “Jack” bedroom that shares a bathroom with the Will room that we call the blue room. Here’s why…

Oh yes. It is blue. Very very blue. In fact…the color is actually much closer to the background of this photo…

It’s like a member of the blue man group drank neon and then spontaneously combusted on our walls. Oh but it was worst before the new carpet…(cover your retinas!)…

Yes. yes indeedy. That is matching walls and carpet. So we had a bunch of furniture in there at one point and I asked Jeremy to move the bed to the basement…and then I sweated to the oldies moving the dressers. My muscles are humongous now. Seriously…why do I not just move furniture all the time?! It’s like the ultimate workout. I’m waiting for the DIY network to pick up a series on that….Extreme Makeover : Home & Hips.

So anyway…it was a surprise to show Jeremy after he got home one day…the room was finally empty and ready for painting. Almost.

You see, the plan is to have the room ready for Weston by the time he is ready to sleep in there. Right now we are doing exactly what we did with Will…having him sleep in our room at night in a pack n play and then co-sleep half the night until he’s about ten months old. That means we only have about three months to get this space finished. The biggest problem with getting the nursery ready was the fact that there was a big issue with the window…

You see, the window itself is vinyl and is coming out of the wood frame because the wood was water damaged and warped. There was also a fair amount of rot that needed repair. It actually was a literal pain in the foot because the window frame would allow for wasps to nest inside…and we would constantly need to keep the doors closed so we didn’t find those stinging insects all over the house. And every time we had a guest in there, we would spray the window and then put packing tape on the seams. Classy huh!? But better than a wasp sting to the face.

We kept spraying the frame for the nest but we knew that it would just keep happening until the wood repairs would be made. So when the painters came to prep the house for paint, the first thing they did was secure everything and remove the rot. That meant, I could start painting!!!

And then this happened.

Yup. That would be me…in the entrance area of Home Depot with spilled paint all over the floor and on the wheel of my stroller. Erg.

After I got home, silently screamed at lady luck, put both boys down for a nap, I got to work…

It’s Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan color matched to Behr paint. I was really pleasantly surprised that it covered really really well. I only did one coat and so far, there is only two areas that need a little bit more coverage.

Of course the trim is still the tannish brownish cream color…which is desperately crying out for white. Jeremy and I always said that we would spray the trim after the window got fixed but once we got to the point where the furniture was out, we both changed our minds. We both said…why go through all that stress? It would be such a disaster if the paint got on the carpet and we just don’t want to risk it. So now I am back at the point where I need to do the whole multiple coats of white paint thing to get it right. But the good news is….there aren’t any stinging insects in there.

And the walls are officially painted the very surprising gray. (ok ok…nobody is surprised by that one). Next on the to-do list is paint the trim and then paint the ceiling. Then we are ready for an accent wall (you know me and accent walls!) and then we can do move-in of furniture and then finally move in of our little man.

Although I have to admit…Jeremy and I recently have discussed moving both boys permanently into our bed. We love having them with us. Of course, the whole notion of growing up is completely out of the question.



  1. Michelle says

    Oh, my gosh. Kids are the worst. I have seven and NOT ONE of them would obey my orders and stay little!!!!! I don’t understand why they all think they need to grow up! *sigh*, guess we’ll just have to keep trying, lol. Good thing we like the older versions, too- we even like our teenagers and now grown children. Your boys are completely adorable! Our 18 month old girl is in our bed and every night we say we should start kicking her out, but our desire for sleep and a cuddly baby wins!

  2. Natalie says

    Katie! I read your blog almost everyday. I love you and Sherry over on younghouselove :) I haven’t commented up until now. But saw your last comment about moving the boys into your bed permanently. DO IT!! :) My little one just turned a year… didn’t listen to a word I said about not growing up!! Anyway, we had her in the bed “just for the 4th trimester”… and she is still there!! We love waking up w/ her and she will hold our faces in her little hands and “talk” to us. I think she is telling us about her dreams, but who knows!! Hahaha! My husband and I are both very FOR co-sleeping. :) OH and I just love love your blog and your adorable boys and cute “boyfriend” you two make the cutest couple. Ok, enough gushing. Thank you for being a bright spot on the internet… ok now I am really done :)

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