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The Children’s Place is one of my favorite places to buy little boy’s clothing.  The baby selection stinks.  The girl selection isn’t even as cute.  But the boy’s?  Besides the over-the-top t-shirts, I dig most of the preppy stuff…tops, plaid shirts, and even the outerwear.  OH AND THE JEANS.  Holy mackerel.  I have to tell you….if you have a boy like mine (one who has dirt flowing through his veins and still struggles with the idea of gentle hugging), then you will understand the jean situation.  I feel like every single pair of jeans we own needs to be inexpensive (they just rip them, stain them and wear them out), adjustable at the waist (what the heck is with all these growth spurts?!) and decent looking (Jeremy insists that he has straight leg, bootcut and carpenter style…while I like jeans of different washes).  The Children’s Place delivers on all of those options.  First, I sign up for their My Place Rewards and get the coupons sent to my email…then I wait for the jeans to go on sale for $10 or less.  The coupon can be used on sale items…meaning most times, I get jeans for Will for right around $7 a pair.  That, my friends, is like a candy bar to an inmate.

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  1. Christine says

    TCP was my secret weapon for boys clothes. Super cute, super cheap, always a sale or coupon. Looks like Gap or Crewcuts for a fraction of the price. Sadly the one by me just closed (The Forum in Norcross) :(

  2. Caitlynne says

    Albie crossing my fingers! We met, got married and had babies in OKC so that’s home for us! We’re about to move to NC so I have been looking for some good art to remember OK by!

  3. Jane says

    I’m sorry, but really? All week long your posts have been about maternity and kids clothes. I get that they pay you but really?

    • says

      Who pays me? You? Because I didn’t get a check yet :)
      No but seriously…my week has been crazy busy with Will starting school so these clothing posts are purely bonus…everything else was the stuff I was gonna blog about :)
      xo – kb

      • Sandra T says

        I don’t understand “Jane’s” comment? This is the time of year that I am most looking for clothes! Hello? Back to school. Labor Day sales. Yeah, I’m liking the shopping ideas. Most people do like shopping!

        • Jane says

          I agree. As a mom of a 10 month old , i like to hear ideas shopping for them.
          Seriously , you dont have to like every post on a blog.
          Its ‘their’ blog. If you dont like it just skip to something else.

    • Shelley says

      Comedian Ricky Gervais said, “‘Liking’ someone on Facebook (or following their blog) and then complaining about their posts is like secretly stalking someone through the streets and asking them to take a different route.”


  4. says

    Children’s Place jeans are the best! Adjustable, hold up well, and for little girls they have the adorable ruffles at the ankle and hearts on the back pockets. :)

  5. Carrie M. says

    Such cute clothes! They’re having a great sale right now. I picked up 4 pairs of jeans for my boys tonight at $8 apiece. Can’t beat that!!! Their homepage was advertising 15% off, but I found a coupon code on RetailMeNot for 20% off and free shipping! Score! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  6. Sara says

    Hi there! I am wondering where you find the really adorable baby boy clothes? We have a three year old daughter and a 3 week old little guy. I am mentally storing the boy clothes in my brain, but what about those baby clothes?

  7. Leila says

    Albie crossing my fingers! I live in Canada, but have been to Chicago several times, it’s my favorite US city. When I’m there I always go to the Art Institute and if there’s time, the Shedd Aquarium. Great place!

  8. Jen P. says

    I’m diggin these fashion posts for little men. I have a three year old son too and you can not beat children’s place jeans. I love your picks. :) I’m getting that military jacket for sure. And that striped sweater… :)

  9. Rebecca says

    The Children’s Place jeans are the best. My son is very skinny with long legs and these are the only jeans that have ever fit him well.

  10. Eileen says

    I’m not great at shopping, so I’ve really enjoyed these roundups. Especially this one, great tip on the jeans. My boy is only 13 months, and it’s the Florida heats right now, but you can bet come end of October I’ll be all over then jean scene like butter on toast. Thanks KB!

  11. katie says

    Any time you can score little boy pants for $7, it is a steal! They ruin those suckers like nobody’s business! Bummer for us, TCP seems to run too wide for my skinny guy. And I have to say, their girl and baby sections aren’t nearly as cute as the boy section.

  12. Annie R says

    Love Children’s Place!! And I TOTALLY know what you mean about boys- gross!!! When my now 8 yr old was around 3-4 I discovered that our Sears had a program in which you could buy ToughSkins jeans and if they got a hole or something in them you could exchange them or another brand new spankin’ pair for FREE!!! My boy did not grow very quickly and I tell you- we exchanged the same 5 pairs of jeans at least 8 times (so that is FORTY PAIRS!!) for free!! Their jeans were trendy and only $15-20 a pair. I think we broke the program…. They no longer do it. So sad!! But- I did squeeze in one last return on ALL my sons jeans and so now my youngest boy will have all new jeans!

  13. Kat S says

    super cute stuff! Almost makes me wish I had a boy :) Does Will pull down his own pants when he goes potty? If so, how’d you train him to do zippers/buttons? I’ve kept my daughter in leggings cuz I dunno if she’ll have more mistakes in zippered pants.

    • says

      He does…mostly because his clothes are stretchy waisted. He hasn’t quite the hang of zippers or buttons but he does find with snaps…so I always look for that :)
      xo – kb

  14. julianna says

    Ooh, those are some cute finds. I’ve always avoided the Children’s Place at my local mall, because they play such loud music in there. But now that I see what cute stuff they have, I’ll have to risk a migraine and check them out again (or get some earplugs!).

    Just curious, do these shopping posts have affiliate links?

  15. Rose says

    Hi! I hopped over to TCP website and just ordered a TON of jeans. My 8 year old is skinny and needs slims so it’s perfect. You should do a quick little post letting people know they have jeans for $10 NOW! With this code they get 20% off so they’re only $8 plus free shipping over $75. G4GTY2013. Now get shopping!!!

  16. Jill says

    TCP…the place of my nightmares! I was an Assistant Manager of a TCP outlet when I was in college. Oh the stories I have of that place. Kids using the changing rooms as toilets. Fist fights during the holidays. And the shoplifters…my goodness. I never knew there was such a market for stolen kids clothes! I blame working there for the reason I don’t have kids right now :)

    It is a great place to get clothes for cheap. I once picked up a beautiful suede coat for like $2 for my nephew (I think it was originally around $60??) And I’m totally not ashamed to admit that I used to buy socks for myself there when they’d go on sale ($0.25/pair is a perfect price for a poor college student!)

  17. Mari says

    Thanks for the tip about jeans. I always assumed the TCP was more pricey and have stuck to Target for most of my boy’s stuff since it is within walking distance of my house (very dangerous). Target’s boys jeans are closer to $20 so this sale price is great.

  18. Stephanie M. says

    Oh I love The Children’s Place. It is in my top 3 shopping destinations for my 2.5 year old girl. But it can definitely be hit or miss. They either have a ton I’m loving or not much at all. I tend to like their spring/summer collection over fall/winter. And they always run great deals. I got my daughter THE cutest floral chambray dress at the beginning of summer for a steal. It was regularly around $30 so I waited until they clearanced it out PLUS used a 30% off and free shipping code. It ended up being less than $7 and nobody believed how much I paid for it.

    P.S. Totally enjoying these posts Katie!!!

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