That Sinking Feeling

One of the quintessential mommy moments in my mind is bathing your babe in the kitchen sink.  I have no idea why but it feels like it connects me to the decades of mothers and caregivers of years gone by.

It’s basically me holding hands with Mary Poppins.  Because I am fairly certain she invented the kitchen sink bath.

For Weston, he always had sponge baths until he was old enough to sit with me in the real bath tub.  And then once he could sit in the Bumbo, I would sit him in, holding it down with my feet (it would float even with my chunky monkey in it) while he shared bath toys with Will…aka chewing toys while Will pretended the shark can talk.  When he finally mastered sitting solo, it was always just easier to throw both boys in the tub together so this moment almost didn’t happen.

It’s funny.  These little things that make you really feel like a mom.  Sometimes I feel like I am just going through the motions….cleaning their hands, prepping food, making crafts, watching them play outside, pulling random objects from their mouths and pockets….but it seems like whenever I do sink baths, it really sinks in that I am a mother.

I am probably the only person that feels that way.

I am also probably the only person that realizes that the below photo is a rare jewel.  You can see his smile AND his eyes.  It’s like seeing a leprechaun or a unicorn….this is so rare that this is THE ONLY picture I have of both.  #WINNING

So after a little digging, I found Will’s first bath time experience.

Apparently I did believe in white balance.

This is a very ‘Will’ photo…

Stoic and wide eyed.  Contrast that with my second – smiley and squinty.

And this reminds me of Weston.  I see both the similarities in looks and activity of choice…

I quickly realized that Weston was just a smidge too old to continue having sink baths after this happened…the ability to stand pretty much evicts babes from the sink bath.  foh-evah.

So what are the quintessential ‘mothering’ moments you think of?  That first diaper change?  The moment where you realize that all of your clothes smell like baby powder?  The day when you no longer order food in a diner based on your personal preference but on what can be mashed, smooshed, and masticated by your toothless partner in crime?



  1. Jessica says

    That pic of Weston looking up is divine, and I can’t believe how much the two boys look like each other.

    I think my “I’m really a mom” moment was those middle of the night nursing sessions when she was a newborn.

  2. says

    These are the sweetest photos everrrrr! I love giving my baby boy sink baths, he is 9 months old and my last baby so every moment feels special to me because I think it may not happen again. I love giving my son baths in the sink, love when he reaches up for me from his crib when he wakes up, love that I’m the only one who can calm him down & I love nursing him most first thing in the morning before the day gets started and nursing him at night in his room when it’s just starting to get dark out. It puts what is really important in perspective! I loved this post so much!!!

  3. Judi says

    Packing up my kids for college with that huge lump in my throat because I know there will be no more sink baths for me and my kids…sob….
    And he is a doll!

  4. says

    Hi Katie!!
    wow, those pictures were amazing! You might not have to give up sink baths yet. Your sink is really deep, when my boys were your boy’s ages I would put one in each side and let them play while I cooked dinner, they thought it was so cool even if it was a little squishy for my 3 year old:)
    sending you so much love as you grow your new 3rd baby. The only thing better than 2 babies is 3!
    mama to 3 amazing little boys

  5. Kristy Diebold says

    1) I just have to say how gorgeous your boys are!! I would not EVER let them leave! I guess we don’t have a choice, other than making home reeeeaaallly comfy! Ha!
    2)I have to say my “babies” are 19 and 9, but this post was like a time machine that Dr. Browned me smack into those days of long ago when I thought the smell of spit up was burned into my nostrils. Sweet days. They go so fast :(
    3)Which brings me to your question… it was definitely those moments when they see you (like when you pick them up from the church nursery, or a baby-sitter) and they light up. You know that they know YOU are THEIR Momma. Such an amazing gift.
    4)and now I must wipe up my nostalgic tears, reset the Flux Capacitor and get back to work :)

  6. Mindy says

    My mama used to always scratch my back when we were sitting next to each other on a couch. I just realized the other day that she doesn’t do it anymore, and I was trying to remember when she stopped. It was after I had my second child. I realized she no longer sees me as her little girl, but as a mama, strong and capable. THAT brought tears to my eyes, and made me feel like a real mom!

  7. Amanda Z. says

    We recently had some, ahem, plumbing issues (flushable wipes are not flushable?!) and our only choice was to give our 3.5 year old a kitchen sink bath. Mind you we do have a 24 in. ikea sink so it wasn’t exactly a tight squeeze. (this kitchen, specifically:

    Our son is a smidge small for his age so he fit with room to spare, and rather enjoyed having his hair rinsed with the sprayer. And he’s now requesting “kitchen baths.”

  8. Diana says

    That photo of Weston looking up is amazing!! You should frame it and put it up on the bathroom wall! So cute to compare both little ones.

  9. tannersnonni says

    All my babies and grandbabies loved sink baths. I did them daily for years. It would make an adorable little photo album.

  10. Jessica says

    I love your pictures! I thought that my 2 and 3 year olds were too big for sink baths until last week when we made cucumber boats to sail in the sink. I turned my back for a minute and they both jumped in. I thought, “Well, I have to mop the floor anyway…” and went and got the soap. My 5 month old was sleeping and I don’t think I’ve ever had a better time cleaning the kitchen in the last 3 years. My favorite mothering moments are when I see my babies light up and smile when I walk in the room and when I see my children helping each other do something hard. (Like seeing my son drag my daughter up each level of the McDonald’s play place because she isn’t tall enough to get up herself. :) )

  11. says

    What a lovely post Katie. That picture of Weston looking up at you is simply precious! Love how you have both baby pictures in it too. Now you most get the third one that’s in the oven in it. What a great little collection.

  12. JennC says

    I’m right there with you mama! Sink baths were my favorite thing ever – I was so sad when my guys got too big (mobile) for the sink. Thanks for bringing back all those wonderful memories!

  13. says

    awwww!! LOVE the sink bath! You have caught the most precious moments of both boys. :)

    I’ll have to get back to you on when I really felt like a mother. My little man is almost two and I still don’t get that I’m a mother yet, ha. :)

  14. Katie says

    What lens did you use to take the pictures of Weston? I’m a new photographer and want to take better photos of my son, Nicholss (who was born 2 days after Weston)! these pictures are great! I love your photography advice because I can actually understand it. You give me hope that I can also take good photos :)

  15. Sarah says

    I can’t see the pictures anymore! All I see are photobucket icons with the phrase “Look who’s popular.” The icons are EVERYWHERE. I’m hoping your site hasn’t been hacked. :(

  16. koca says

    The dichotomy of your last two posts confuses me. It seems so awkward to the readers you were reaching out to in your last post. Surely a buffer post or two would have been a more considerate segue.

  17. Joanna says

    Weston is such a cutie! My first is very serious like Will, my second is a goof ball and has been since day one. I think it’s a really good mix, the two kids equal each other out, she’s taught my oldest to have a little fun in life… he will always be keeping his sister out of trouble.
    Sink baths are fun and the time goes by way too quickly. I’d say my very mom moment is when they’re sick, maybe it’s because they’re needy, or they just threw-up all over themselves and I clean them up with no gagging and nothing more then two wipes… maybe it’s my super mom moment.

  18. says

    Gorgeous. And this makes me realize that I MUST get a new sink for baby number 2 (which is still at least a year away). But kitchen remodel here I come!!

    And congrats on #3- you are one kick ass mama.

    And and I love your table- looks very similar to the one we got lat year from Restoration- love it!

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