Great Giveaway – Plumbers Surplus

Congrats to Annie ! The winner of the Kohler Faucet!  You should have an email in your inbox right now girl!


Ya ever wonder who gets the job of designing awesome things that make our lives easier.

I do.

I think about the people who in college decide…I am gonna design chairs…or soap….or a revolutionary exercise machine….or just one kick-butt faucet.  I think about those people.  I think about how they probably grew up with really uncomfortable sofas, or they hated the way their body wash made their skin feel, or how one day there was the-most-dramatic-handwashing-situation ever that happened to them…and they found the need.

See a need, fill a need.  Right?!  Isn’t that what Bigweld always said?

Well folks, that is precisely what the folks at Plumbers Surplus are doing for you.  They see your need and they are trying to fill it…in style.  Today they are offering up a Kohler K-7505-CP Purist Primary Pullout Kitchen Faucet in polished chrome.  In layman’s terms, a faucet that could take down Chuck Norris.

Pretty, huh?!

Functional too.  My favorite features are the 360 degree rotating spout (for filling large pots and pans) and the pause function…because it seems like I always need to run the faucet to plants (and yes, I do make a mess).  But the absolute, positively, no-doubt-about-it best part is that Plumbers Surplus is making it so that you can win one of these!

Here’s how you enter:

  • PRIZE: (1) Kohler K-7505-CP Purist Primary Pullout Kitchen Faucet, Polished Chrome
  • DESCRIPTION: The simple, architectural form of the Purist faucet line has been extended into the kitchen. The single-control design of Purist remains intuitive to use and minimal in form creating visual appeal and an honest interpretation of classic modernity.
    • Streamline contemporary styling makes clean-up and maintenance simple and quick
    • Spout rotates 360 degrees with 8-15/16″ clearance below spout for maximum versatility and use with large pots and pans
    • Compact three-function sprayhead with spray, laminar flow and pause function for operation outside the sink area
    • ProMotion technology’s light, quiet nylon hose with ball joint configuration on the pullout sprayhead provides superior ergonomic and easy-to-use functionality
  • TO ENTER :  Enter by commenting on this post with “See a need, fill my pots!” and tell me what you are being for Halloween.  It has nothing to do with this…but I just want to know :)
  • PRIZE SHIPS :  Continental U.S.
  • NITTY GRITTY :  This giveaway closes on Friday, November 1st at 8pm EDT.  Only one contest entry per email address.  The winner will be chosen using and will be announced in an update to this post the following Monday morning. We will email the winner directly, so please make sure you use your regular everyday email address.

And if you want more info on Plumbers Surplus, you can check them out on their web page.


DISCLAIMER:  Plumbers Surplus is giving us a Kohler faucet to give away to one of our readers.  We weren’t perked or compensated for it. We’re just doing it because we love you.




  1. Nathan Pence says

    See a need, fill my pots!
    I was already an airline stewardess to her Maverick (from Top Gun) in a Halloween parade. For the record that’s one big, ugly, stewardess. I will also be a pirate in the coming days.

  2. Erin M says

    See a need, fill my pots!

    Everyone at the office dressed up like animals today – I am a puppy. We also had a ladybug, jellyfish, a few cats and a penguin.

  3. Jessie says

    See a need, fill my pots! I’ll tell ya what I’m NOT dressing up as this year- a twerking (twearking?) miley cyrus! :)

  4. Kim says

    See a need, fill my pots! I’m just wearing my Halloween tee with a black cat and a full moon. So I guess I’m going as a mom.

  5. Hailey says

    See a need, fill my pots! No real costume for me, just a witches had and a big ol bucket of candy to hand out to the kiddos in our new neighborhood…in our new house that needs more than just one pretty faucet, but gotta start somewhere! ;) Happy Halloween!!

  6. Tiffany W. says

    See a need, fill my pots!
    I’m not really dressing up, BUT I’m really looking forward to taking my little ladybug around the neighborhood!

  7. Alex says

    See a need, fill my pots. I’m dressing as a zombie this year since I can pull it off without buying anything new. We’re in the middle of redoing our kitchen (down to the studs), so a faucet would be immediately useful!

  8. says

    See a need, fill my pots! my husband keeps a very well trimmed beard year round…everyone says he could pass as an amish guy…so it was easy this year when we actually had a prty to go to…we were breaking amish!

  9. Erod says

    See a need, fill my pots please!
    – I was Princess Leia, my oldest girl was a peacock and my youngest girl was a sock monkey. So fun.

  10. Caitlin Skoda says

    See a need, fill my pots!

    I was absolutely nothing for Halloween this year! Just ran out of time to put something together.

  11. Stacey says

    See a need. fill my pots!

    I dressed up as jessie from toy story 2 since my little man was dressed as buzz lightyear.

  12. Kristen Smith says

    see a need fill my pots!
    I’m was a witch yesterday, but will be doing some scary dia de Los muertos makeup for a party this weekend

  13. Liz says

    See a need, fill my pots!

    Halloween was filled with hanging out with the neighborhood kids and enjoying all the creative costumes!!

  14. Katie N says

    See a need, fill my pots!

    I was a Halloween themed candy giver out-erer. Orange shirt, black pants, bowl ‘o candy, aw yeah! Also a “brought candy into the office where everyone was like noo whyy I’m trying to be healthy”-erer.

  15. Alexes Jones says

    See a need, fill my pots!
    I was a Zombie from the Walking Dead really wanted to be Michonne couldn’t find a wig.

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