I’m Rockin’

I guess we could have transitioned Will to a big boy bed.  That would have been fun.  NOT.

So instead, we just waited for a coupon to Babies R Us and we bought another crib mattress.  We figured that eventually (oh in about a year) we would need two (one for Weston who will probably still be in a crib and one for Baby Love after they get kicked out of the master bedroom) so technically it’s not a waste.

Yes.  Weston climbed up there all by himself.

So while we were at Babies R Us, we found something else….

It’s the Kelsey chair and runs about $500.  But it’s a recliner.  And a rocker.  And it’s cute as all get out.

Jeremy and I have both been scouring the internet looking for the right nursery chair.  We hit up outlets and regular stores and have been looking for something that both rocks or glides and reclines (that was Jeremy’s very specific request) and it had to be a solid color and clean lines.  Surprisingly, that is like a stack of onion rings….aka a tall order.  Since we didn’t spend any money on the crib in the room (it is borrowed from a friend) and we didn’t really need to buy any baby gear (we already had the boy stuff from Will), we felt like budgeting for a brand new chair was a good decision.

So why didn’t we use the one from Will’s room?  Well, he’s really quite attached to it…like sometimes prefers to sleep in that over his bed.

And if you recall, I got Will’s chair off Craigslist and reupholstered it myself.  It wasn’t perfect but it worked GREAT for the price (around $40 for the chair and $20 for upholstery supplies).  Jeremy felt like it never fit him right…which I understand because I did it for me and my legs are shorter and I went more for upright breastfeeding support (which surprisingly beyond his normal parenting skill set).

So after finding the chair, of course we didn’t buy it.

I mean…I only had one coupon and 20% off was $100!  So we checked out the mattress and in the receipt was a coupon for the following week.  Seven days later I trekked back to Babies R Us and ordered the chair.   While I waited, I thought I would take current pics of Weston’s room…

It’s not much to look at right now but it’s a start.

I literally can not wait to get more ‘baby’ stuff in here.  The baby things are so colorful and fun and really pop with a neutral background.

Obviously this space is far from done but it is good enough for a baby to sleep in.  Sometimes I get wrapped up in this world of ‘the room has to be perfect’ and ‘this space is not pin-worthy’ but the truth is…dude, this is an infant with a room of his own.  dude, this is an infant with an ENTIRE SPACE completely for him and his plethora of first-world stuff.  I am sure that folks in other walks of life would laugh at the prospect of a nursery being Pinterest worthy.

After the chair came in, I ran out to pick it up.  Thankfully it came in one big box (which usually implies less assembly).  As soon as we got it home, we unpacked it and put both pieces together (the back piece slid into the bottom piece and it was UBER easy).

And then this happened…

Seriously embarrassing.  But I have no shame.  Or energy.

And yes, I had to (poorly) photoshop my boobs because apparently when I fall asleep, things fall out.  Now stop looking for where the photoshopping was done :)



  1. Cressie says

    I, just as many others, ran across your site while searching for reviews of the Kersey recliner. You are the ONLY review out there! I see you are still happy with the chair… My only concern is the fabric. Do you know if it’s 100% cotton? The store was no help in giving me this info! Ugh! Love your blog! ;)

  2. Monika says

    Hi there,

    I really enjoyed your post, and the last picture is really making me happy. I’m pregnant with my first and I’ve been searching for a glider forever. I really would like something that can support my head during nursing. Would you mind telling me how tall you are?


  3. julia says

    Hi! Getting 2 of these chairs now that I read your review. One for living room one for nursery (one day we will put both in living room). Wanted to ask though, what color is the gray wall paint because it looks great with the chair & looks very neutral. Every gray sample color that I paint on our nursery wall looks purple to me! Thanks :)

  4. Lacey says

    Hi! I was doing a search for review on this chair. Just wondering how it is still holding up?

  5. Danielle says

    How is the Kersey recliner holding up? Im considering purchasing for my nursery and there aren’t many reviews on it but I love that it reclines! Does it resist stains stains well?

    • says

      It is holding up well but we did ScotchGuard it so that may be a reason why? Not sure. Also, since it is in the nursery, it doesn’t get exposed to a whole lot of dirt.
      xo – kb

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