Wreath of the Month – January

Since it’s coming up on the end of January I thought I would share my wreath of the month.  Hip hip hooray for wreaths!  Yes, I get weirdly excited about the dumbest things….including a-DOOR-naments for your home :) Pun…no extra charge :)

Anyhoo…I mentioned as one of my 2015’s goals I wanted to make a new wreath each month and I am here to share what I came up with this month.

It’s my version of fresh and winter in one.  I wanted to try my hand at a pinecone wreath for a while now and winter is the most seasonally appropriate time, right?!  I simply went pinecone hunting with Will one afternoon and we came back with an entire bag full and one lizard sighting.  I also used one of those wire wreath frames that you can get for under $5 at Walmart.  I used some craft wire to attach it and I think it was eighty-eight cents.

There are probably much better ways to attach pine cones to wreath forms but I just wrapped it with wire till it was evenly balanced looking.  I know there are lots of Pinterest tutorials on how to make pine cone wreaths and I looked at a few…but they seemed really tedious trying to get that wire hidden and everything still secure.  I ended up making mine visible because I figured that the spray paint would blend everything together.

I used a crazy color….just because I am nuts like that.  Also because nothing says “it’s not Christmas anymore like Green Apple”.

I strapped a piece of fabric to the top to hang it.  Nothing fancy….but still goes with my whole winter-not-christmas theme.

Overall, really really fun to get my hands dirty with a little craft….especially since we have been neck deep in basement cleaning/emptying/moving/renovating.  How bout you guys? Make any wreaths this month?  Share em in the comments!  I’d love to see them!