Stenciled Paver

Have you ever seen this stuff?

It’s called NeverWet.  It’s supposed to get sprayed on fabric and make it waterproof.  I bet you a bazillion dollars that a mad scientist mom who was tired of wet and muddy shoes created this.  Ibetchya that much money and I would win.

On the front of the package, Rustoleum brags that you can use it on wood, metal and concrete.  It also says on the back you can use it on fabric.  Well….I got it for a totally different project than this one (maybe I will still try it…I am on the fence) and then decided to scrap the original project (yes, I think I might try to tackle it) and do this one since I already had the materials (no longer on the fence…firmly in yes-camp.  thanks for convincing me.)

Back to this project….I decided to put paver stepping stones in our front garden bed.  It was out of pure laziness.  I was tired of taking those ten extra steps….it was exhausting.  I found some cute (and super cheap) round concrete pavers at Walmart.  I had to trek through the ‘parking lot aisle’ to get them (yes that exists) and grabbed five for under ten bones.

On one of the pavers I decided to make it a little special….stencil style…

First I placed my stencil (it’s from a Martha Stewart stencil pack from Michaels) and then covered the rest of the stone with tape.

The Never Wet is really easy…you just spray on Step One and wait…then spray it on again and wait…repeat.

Then after it’s dry, you do Step Two (which is another spraypaint type can) and wait….then remove all the stuff.

After it’s dry and free from bondage, you set it in place.  It looks like a normal paver….but when it gets wet, the suprise pattern will suddenly appear.

It’s really fun.  I might move this paver over to another area and do these five stepping stones with number stencils instead….that was Will’s request….

But overall – I love this idea of sprucing up some regular ole concrete.  It makes them special.  It makes them a little shocking.  It makes me wanna dance in the rain just so that I can see my stencil!


Scrap wood happens.  And for us…usually that means that the boys have some splinter-covered building blocks fo fahree!

Mom of the year award :)

But this time, we took a bunch of our scrap wood and decided to make a towel hook for the boys bathroom sink area.  It doesn’t match the existing walls (because the sink area is florescent pink and tan trim) but it gives me an idea of where I want to take this space.  And it’s functional.  Three cheers for hand towels hanging on a hook instead of being tossed on the floor in front of the toilet!  Just say no to the splash zone!

Ok, so this whole idea was born from the need for a towel hook…but I didn’t want to spend more than $10.  That’s tough these days.  I mean a Baconator burger meal costs that much.  Trust me…I know.

So I found these little hooks from the home improvement store for $1.46 each.  I got five of them and decided to use the rest of the supplies I had at home.  It required five hooks, five scraps of 1x6s at various lengths, Rustoleum oil-based paint in Smoke Gray (usually this is for metal but you can get a slick gray wash finish with this), paper towels, a kreg jig mini and screws, and a foam brush.

I think you understand what we need to do first.  Let me give you a clue…

After that incredible DIY feat, I lined up all my pieces where I wanted them to join together.  I wanted this to be fairly balanced.  Then I marked with lines where they overlapped and numbered each piece.

See where those red dots are?  That’s the line up marks.  And the numbers are circled in blue.  The white arrows are where I planned for the Kreg Jig screws.

I am really getting the hang of the Kreg Jig mini.  It’s not hard.  It is really just a guide so that you can predrill with a special drill bit and then screw in the screws with a special screwdriver head.  I don’t have any experience with the big Kreg Jig so don’t ask me those questions…I will just make up an answer :)

After the pieces were all drilled and screwed together, this is what it looked like.  Then I used the foam brush to apply one coat of the paint all over and wiped the excess off.  Then I just attached the hooks in the center of each board.

After a little dry time, I staged it in the guest room so that you can see it and keep your retinas.  Trust me – the pink bathroom scorches eyeballs.

It’s cute though right?!  And very easy to make.  I think I might even make a couple as gifts…it would be great for an entire wall in a mud room or laundry room.  In fact, I might even do this in the garage because we always have creek-wet clothes and muddy socks to hang.

p.s.  I added a pin-it button on each photo!  It only took me 72 hours of coding to figure it out but now photos are really easy to add to any Pinterest board.  Just scroll over any picture and a pin-it button will appear in the lower right hand corner.  Click it and pin away!