12 Days of Christmas

Are you killin’ it this Christmas?!  Don’t wanna brag but let me totally brag for a hot second.  We are knocking this holiday season outta the park….got our decorating done early….um….early for us….which means right on time….which means that we get to enjoy it for at least four whole weeks this year.  Call the New York Times.  Seriously.  Most of our gift giving is done and stock piled.  The boys aren’t allowed to go in any closets or else.  I have baked all our neighbors gifts and even helped Will buy his gifts and wrap them.  And I even have matching Christmas Eve outfits for the boys.  HOLD.  THE.  EGGNOG.

I say all that because I feel like I am really getting to enjoy this holiday season and here is a little project that has really helped.  If you have been in my house in the last week, you will know about this project already because I promptly shuffled you to this back door area and made you ogle my latest creation for at least seventeen minutes.  My apologies to the delivery man and our mail lady.  It’s our 12 days of Christmas Board!

In the past, I have always done an advent themed board (here’s the original Pottery Barn knock-off advent board that I love) and when I did the boys loved it….but it was hard.  For me, it was difficult to get everything ready right after Thanksgiving finished.  And 25 days is much longer than 12.  And put Jeremy’s birthday in the smack dab middle for even more stress.  But 12 days?  Starting the day after Jer’s big day?  Much more manageable.  The idea here is to plan activities that get us ready for the Christmas event.  It’s holiday foreplay if you will.

I made the board ages ago and the stockings were scores from Target last year.  I think I paid thirty cents each (90% off after Christmas!).  I just put each one up with a straight pin and added a little number tag made with one of these craft punches (if you don’t have this…it’s a great stocking stuffer!).  Will helped decide on the activities and each one is very inexpensive but still traditional and we can do some even at the in-laws.   These are not in order that we are doing them.


We definitely want to read the Christmas story.  We’ve been reading the boys children’s bible but we want to read the actual scripture to them….even if it’s not as exciting and there are no pictures.  I know the boys are still little but one day hopefully we can do something with more memorization (this is my inspiration!).  The Christmas movie is self-explanatory.  We just went with one that would be age appropriate for the babies too.

Every year we do a gingerbread house (here’s last years house) and this year we are only going to do one at the grandparent’s house.  Whew!  I have promised to bring the pound of leftover Halloween candy and some extra icing.  And Christmas wouldn’t be complete without seeing lights.  This year, we are going to Rock City to see the lights.  We have been there when Will was little…but I barely remember it.


The giving night is an activity that Will suggested.  We had one more spot left on the list and he suggested that we “give all the world something…like a present”….and my whole being just melted in the living room.  Seriously.  Our couch cushion still has my heart.  We decided that this year we would let Will get involved in the giving process.  We are printing out the World Vision and the Save the Children gift catalogs and letting Will decide where we should give.  I know that this means explaining to him that he won’t be getting as many presents (aka he’s gonna be upset) but I feel like it’s a good life lesson.  And the christmas picture…well, I think you know what that means.


Christmas fun night is gonna be at Stone Mountain.  They have a full day of Christmas fun and we are really excited about the caroling train and the Christmas parade.  We already baked the Christmas cookies (obviously we are a few days into the 12 days by now) and the boys were really great at dipping the sugar cookies in christmas sprinkles and sticking the peppermint kisses in the center.


Every year we go see Santa and do a free carriage ride.  One day I want to print out all the Santa photos and hang them up together for Christmas.  That will be a epic day.  And speaking of Kris Kringle, I got this ornament kit for three felt Santas at Michaels.  It was 50% off so each ornament will only be fifty cents.


The last two are pretty simple.  We are drinking hot cocoa.  And we wrote a letter to Santa.  I made the letters in Photoshop and I must say that I will cherish them always.  Especially the part where he told Santa to say hello to his favorite reindeer…..Joey.

I’ve done 12 days of a toddler Christmas before but I think this version is much better.  The boys seem to like it better and the fact that everything is up high makes me happier.  Nobody likes to crash things more than Weston.  Mason jars are just not a good idea when Munch is involved.

So how are you celebrating the next few weeks leading up to Christmas?  Are you doing the traditional activities?  Are you decorated?  baked?  gifted?  exhausted?  still in a turkey coma?