I like Big Balls

And I can not lie.

mmmkay you pervies….get your mind outta the gutter.  We aren’t talking anatomy.  At least not today :)

Today we are talking about balls in decorating…spheres…orbs…whatever you want to call them.  They are one of my go-to decorating items and I realized that it was kinda weird/hilarious how many of them I have in the house.  I did this roundup post before with my animal collection…and I am still growing my little home-made zoo.  So maybe one day I will revisit the critters….but today, it’s all about the balls.

I have these mossy ones in the guest room.

I definitely like balls that are covered in shells.  Note to everyone including myself – dust the dang boxes on top of the dresser.  eww.

I got these coconut ones that look like balls at Pier 1 AGES ago.  They are painted with tribal designs and have something inside that makes them like maracas….I use them when I try to do my seduce Jeremy dance.  You’re welcome for that visual.

I got this ceramic ball at Goodwill.  I like that it is different than all my others and adds a bit of pattern.

Again…shell covered ball.  The boys have dropped this one enough that some of the shells cracked but it still looks good to me.  It’s like organic messy.  That’s a legit look when you have toddlers.

I have these rope-like balls…they definitely have a sea-inspired vibe.  And they are unbreakable so obviously that makes them a favorite in my book.

I got this giant ball at Southeastern Salvage this past year.  It lives in my office.  And it’s a running joke because I can say ‘wood’ and ‘ball’ in the same sentence.  #twelveyearoldboyatheart

Don’t look at that picture frame.  I swear I am getting to it.  The collection of balls in here are a wooden stick ball, a sea shell ornament that I made, and then a collection of little balls.  It may seem odd that I have a golf ball in my collection…but Will gave that old used golf ball to me for Mother’s Day this year and it was completely unprompted by Jeremy so it is like my favorite gift ever.

I have this weird vine ball at the top of our little nooks in our living room.  I wish I had like three dozen of these in miniature size and I would put them all over a Christmas tree.

There are actually two nooks in the living room and this giant ball is on the top of the other nook.  Similar but different….that is an easy way to decorate.

Ok ok…I know these aren’t orbs…but they sort of resemble a spherical shape…with a stem.  They are artichoke vase filler.  I love fake vase filler…they are such an easy way to add color to a space.

So that is one little odd nugget of our house….do you have anything that you gravitate toward?  Animals?  Balls?  Horse paraphernalia?  Metal and wood?  Miniature figurines?  Ceramic fruit?  I’d love to hear your own crazy collection!


p.s.  Have you voted yet for the Bower Build Off?  It’s not as close a race as we had anticipated…so if you love the mantel or accent wall, make sure your voice is heard!