Board & Batton Accent Wall

I’m still booty shakin’ and shrieking like that guy on Home Alone with the tarantula on his face over my Bower Build Off win.  Seriously….whoever rigged that voting machine, thank you.

I promised the tutorials on both projects and am so excited to share the progress in the guest bedroom today.  This post is obviously about the board and batton project but it also shares how we repainted the room and what the future plans are for this space.

I shared recently that I partnered with Home Depot and did a HUGE makeover in the guest bathroom.  (the countdown to share that big reveal is ON like Donkey Kong) When I saw that final bathroom and the gorgeousness that now oozes out of it, the guest bedroom looked like the ugly friend.  Ya know.  The one that tags along to clubs to make the hotties look even hotter.  Well, no more ugly friend for my guest bedroom.  It was time for a makeover….Cinderella style.

We already tackled the trim and ceiling and now our attention turned to the walls.

Our house color scheme was really helpful when trying to decide the color to put on the walls.  Since this is a space that is primarily used for sleeping, I decided to go REAL DARK and use Benjamin Moore’s Secret paint color.  It would be like a cool dark cave for my hibernating guests.  We also used Secret for the dining room so I knew I would love it.

When it came to the accent wall, I knew that I wanted to knock off Chris Loves Julia’s old living room wall.  They recommended using Wainscoting America’s design tool and it did come in handy when it came to doing the calculations.   The materials were super simple…we just used primed 1×3’s and construction adhesive.  We also used a brad nailer to secure the boards if the wall was slightly warped so this made it extra secure.

We started with the horizontal pieces and then put in the vertical pieces.

After that, it was just a case of measuring the spaces and cutting the pieces to fit.  I filled all the nail holes, spaces and tiny gaps with caulk and then got to painting.

Here’s the play by play for those of you that are gif-friendly.

Painting was fairly easily – it just took a lot more paint than I had originally expected.  I had to do three coats…four in some areas…to get great coverage but finally I got it to look brand new.

As you can see, it’s best to do the inset areas first.

Then I used a roller to fill in the spaces between.

After that, I did paint the rest of the walls to match.  I love how sophisticated it already looks just with paint!  A dark room always screams GOLD STARBURST to me…so I had to move in my DIY shim mirror.

It’s hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago the room looked like this….

Of course, there are a million posts on the inter webs about doing board and baton….I wish I could share them all!  I’m just surprised that I never tried my hand at it earlier….seeing as how I have a crazy addiction to accent walls.

So since this room is a low budget makeover, my future changes are very inexpensive.  I decided to add a picture ledge wall….I also want to make some stretched fabric wall art….and add a bit more decor in here to balance things out.  Also, if I find the right light, I did decide that I would like to switch out the chandelier.  That’s about it.  I’m thinking maybe a couple hundred bucks will finish the room off….and make it the luxurious space my guests deserve.