How to change a Toilet Seat

This is gonna be gross.  Fair warning.

Recently Will brought me his toilet seat.  He said, “Here Mom….I’m gonna need a different one of these please….and a fruit roll up.”

At first glance, it seemed fine but when you opened the lid….the seat was indeed missing.  Not that I thought the one that he handed me was one that he just randomly found outside or anything….okay yes, the thought crossed my mind.  THE KID FINDS CRAZY STUFF IN THE WOODS!

So here is a quickie tutorial on how to fix a toilet seat.  It’s super simple.  All you need is a screwdriver and an iron stomach and maybe a bucket of bleach and a scrub brush and perhaps some matches….because after you are done, you will want to hurl, scrub the skin off your hands and burn your clothes.  Thankfully, if you need to pee after you do all those things…you will have somewhere to sit.

So first, pop off the covers from the back hinges of your toilet seat.  It will be gross.  My hinges didn’t really come without a fight and they broke when I removed them.  Nastiness ensued.

The next part requires two hands.  Screw driver on top and grab the twisty thing underneath the bowl that holds that screw in place.

Unscrew it and then remove both plastic screws.  Prepare your iron stomach.

Oh geesh.  Have your four year old hold your hair back while you vomit thinking about what is underneath those hinges.

Okay…so remove the entire toilet seat.  There will be grossness under them.

Next you wanna break out your new toilet seat.  We chose this one from Glacier Bay (tried to find the link but Home Depot doesn’t list it online).  And when I say ‘we’ I mean, we let Will pick.  He decided after thirty minutes in the toilet seat aisle that he wanted a squishy seat…mind you we only gave him three options.  It’s slightly whiter than his toilet (which is off white) but he opted for comfort.

The process to reattach it is exactly like taking it off.  You remove the seat from the box…

open the hinges and line them up on your CLEAN toilet….

drop the plastic screws in the holes…

and tighten the screws with your screwdriver while you hold the plastic nut on the bottom side of the bowl.  (Management is always looking over my shoulder)

Close the lids to the hinges and you are done!

Let all bottoms everywhere rejoice!

Kid tested.  Tush approved.

This really is something that everybody should know how to do.  It’s not hard hitting journalism but it is helpful to know that some things are super simple to do around the house…so if you need a confidence boost when it comes to little things like this….don’t hire a plumber, you CAN do this.  In fact, next time Will brings me a toilet seat, I’m gonna let him change it.  I’ll even throw in TWO fruit roll ups for good measure.  He’ll have to wash his hands of course :)