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DISCLAIMER – This is a sponsored post and giveaway brought to you by Smith & Noble.  It’s not a book store.  Just a company that sells freaking awesome blinds.

For the last four years we have been fighting a losing battle.  Against the sun.

Yeah.  You lose to a flaming ball of gas any time you try to fight.  Until now.  After years of stalking the Smith & Noble catalogs (I would have them delivered to our house because I loved the textile patterns that they used for their roman shades and I felt like it kept me up on upcoming fabric trends.  I’m a dork like that.), I was thrilled to finally get some blinds for the front windows of our house.  Currently we have only five windows facing the front of our house.  Two of them are in the nursery and they are cheap woven blinds with cheap roller shades behind them to block the sun.  It was cute enough from the inside but the outside just showed a stark white window.

Also…there was the issue of the cords.  On most blinds, there are the cords that control the up and down movement of the blinds.  The problem is that they are a hazard to kids.  Little kids can get hung up in them and even die.

In the other windows facing the street, we have nothing.  At one point we had white roller blinds but Weston went Freddy Kruger on one with a monster truck.  We tried taping it back together but then it was visible to the whole neighborhood….white frankenblinds.

It was time for the real deal and we decided that 2 inch wood blinds would be the best looking from inside and out.  It was also important to us to get cordless blinds so that we didn’t have to worry about the danger factor.  Every mom wants a break now and again from their kids…but not because of some tragedy.  And no mom has time to worry about safety inside the kids rooms.

As far as blinds go…Smith & Noble are like the filet mignon of window coverings.  They are measured to be a perfect fit (something we needed because we have weird size windows), they offer A TON of different colors, and they even can send a design consultant, someone to measure for you, and even free samples of all the different colors and fabrics.  We actually measured three times….were completely confused because of our window moldings…and then finally had a representative come out and measure for a perfect fit.

Installation was super simple and the brackets stood up to Jeremy’s sturdy-test.  He just predrilled the locations, screwed in the brackets, and popped in the shades.

To pull them up and down, it doesn’t need anything more than a firm hold on the bottom of the blinds and a gentle tug or push.

The best part is that they block a ton of light…so much that we can totally get rid of those roller blinds.  Take that, sunshine!

And look how nice it looks in our newly painted guest room!

But for me, the real kick in the pants was the way it looked from the outside.

As you can see…the left hand windows have the new blinds and the one on the right has the white shade…that look like a sheet hung in front of the window.

Can you see why I am doing an entire post about blinds?  Yeah.  They make me wanna do a dance move that would probably dislocate a hip. Did I mention that Free In-Home Design consultants, Free In-Home Measurement and Free Samples are available every day!?! Also, as a special bonus exclusively for Bower Power readers, Smith & Noble is offering $30 off each custom window treatment with Cordless Lift, through 12/15/14. And here are some promo codes they’ve also provided for everyone to use:

  • Design It Yourself Guide – call 888.214.2134 or CLICK HERE (code – 1409FH)
  • Complimentary measurement for their windows – CLICK HERE (code – 1409FJ)
  • Complimentary In-Home Designer to your home – CLICK HERE (code – 1409FM)

The best part about this post is not about my new blinds though…it’s that Smith & Noble is giving away a HUGE prize to one of you.

  • PRIZE: (1) $1000 credit to Smith & Noble
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p.s.  Smith & Noble is the only window treatment company that guarantees delivery and installation in time for Christmas, or the products are FREE. More information available about the Holiday Guarantee click here

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