Max & LJ’s Nursery Plans

My passionate little Munchkin is in his big boy room with his older brother and now it is time to address the room for our two youngest – Max & LJ.

We decided a long time ago that we thought sharing a room was a great idea and this is the first time we are going to be doing a shared nursery!  It’s kinda crazy to think we have two little ones in cribs.  It’s kinda like decorating for twins which to me is a huge challenge.  Fitting two cribs, a rocker and enough storage in one space for two people isn’t really easy.  Then pile up limited wall space and some weird layouts and you can find yourself stuck!

As you may remember, the nursery looked like this….

Well, we had borrowed that brown crib and have since returned it.  The large W and green mirror has been moved to the Big Boy Room and I am ready to recreate the space without repainting.  The recliner/rocker is still going strong and we need to move it into the playroom because there is more space in there for reclining action (the playroom chair is dying a slow staining death).  We want to keep the cubbies in here and the dresser.  Everything else is kinda up in the air.

Right now the room looks like a bomb went off.  We moved Will’s old crib in here temporarily for LJ but it is a really BIG crib and we are thinking that we can just sell it on Craigslist and replace it with two matching new cribs for cohesiveness.  We also had a bed set up in here for when the Petersiks came to visit and haven’t taken it down again.

You can see we are in the middle of transitioning LJ’s clothing.  It seems like every month I go through the size-up process with one of the boys and I dread it.  I LOVE seeing their cute ‘new-to-you’ clothing but trying to figure out what fits and what doesn’t takes forever!  One day I’ll have to show the massive amounts of boy clothing we have…it’s terrifying.

I really want this room to be calm.  And to be slightly themed….you know me…I love a good theme :)  I think that the idea of ‘flying’ is fun….anything that revolves around flying would be cute.  I also like a little industrial look with turquoises and muted tones.  I think they would play nicely with the gray wall color and the white washed brick accent wall.

Now for the moodboard….

Here are the sources….fabric, lightingDelta Children Ava 3-in-1 Convertible Cribglider, rug, pouf, wall storage.

I will go more into details as I order the items!

The best part about this space will be that flying kinda represents both of these little ones.  For LJ’s gender reveal video, we did a pillow fight….full of feathers…which go on a bird that FLIES.  And with Max’s gender reveal video, we just went down to the creek and made paper airplanes….do you see what I am doing here with connecting these invisible lines?!  :)  I guess it doesn’t really matter if there is ACTUALLY hard core connectivity….the point is…the room will have an underlying theme and it will be “calm flying”… like “gliding”.  And maybe that will help reduce the turbulence when it comes to bed time :)

(I’m very proud of that last line…just in case you were wondering. :)


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