Backyard Bubble Bath

 DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.  The opinions are 100% my own.

It’s back to school time!  Can you even believe it?!  Summer FLEW by.

And even though my little guys aren’t quite school age yet…back to school means two things to this mama…

  • time for back-to-school sales (!!!)
  • time to squeeze the living heck outta these last days of summer

This summer I really wanted to capture my little guys outside more but it has been pouring rain.  Seriously.  Just call me Noah and give me an ark.  It seems like it has rained every day here.  Maybe a cloud has just camped out over our house.  It’s been such a bummer.  But I got a shove in the pants when I was recently contacted by the fine people behind JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES ®.   First of all…I was like dude…I need a lifetime of your everything because I am addicted to that smell.  And also because my babes got that full-out-baby-boy-stink.  We’ve used their products forever….

exhibit A = Will’s first bath in the kitchen sink

exhibit B = Will at our current house when he was only 11 months old

And then I was like….ooohhh, this would be perfect incentive to do that photo shoot I wanted to do.

You know the one.

The one with the boys.

In the back yard.

In a big metal tub spilling over with bubbles.

And then they get in it and my heart explodes with rainbows.

Seriously people.  This is what squeezing the last bit of summer is all about.  Getting dirty.  Getting clean.  Getting dirty again.  Getting sudsy in the backyard and catching the world’s biggest bubble.

Will loves washing hair.  (Weston is undecided on his brother having any control of his head).

I love when they wash their own hair.  Yup…my boys are uber independent like that.  I don’t mind because the fact that JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES ® Shampoo really does nourish their hair in one step…because let’s be honest, I have three seconds till I am soaked!

Will also likes styling my hair.  He gets to use JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES ® detangling spray on my hair when he plays hairdresser.  It’s a fun game we play…first he does mine and then I can use the spray on his hair.

Weston has super coarse hair…we even cut it really early and keep it short because it is like little pointy wires that make him itch his ears and neck.  The JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES ® 1-2-3 Grow 3 step system is great for his hair because it helps keep it softer.

Our general hair care routine is to wash, detangle, and spike it up with a little bit of Got 2 B glued.  It is my favorite thing in the world to see the two big boys with their daddy’s style.

I also like mohawks.  And bath time Alfalfa sprouts.  And bubbly baths in the backyard.

This boy-mama is short on hair accessories and bows and all those beauty things…but I got three healthy little ones with beautiful heads of hair and even more beautiful smiles and those little things are a BIG blessing.  And LJ better watch out.  I’m never cutting his hair.  like I said….I’m gonna need a lifetime supply :)

p.s.  To see more cute toddler hairstyles, you can check out this cute video!

p.p.s.  Style Me Pretty Living included some of my photos from this post in a slideshow!  I’m totally honored to be part!  Check it out here :)

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Cheapies in Chatty

Chattanooga is one of our favorite cities.  Not many people know what a gem it is because its so small (in perspective, the county that my parents live is about an hour into the burbs of Atlanta and it is more than twice more populated than the county that has Chattanooga).  But what Chatty doesn’t have in numbers it makes up for in gusto.  It has a beautiful aquarium – the butterflys here are awesome.  The downtown concerts are scenic.  The downtown area feels safe and clean and new.  And of course, it’s Jeremy’s hometown….so of course, it’s awesome.

We traveled up there to see Jer’s parents and while we were there we hit up some of the free spots.  Our favorite is Coolidge Park.  It’s right next to the river and the view is spectacular at night.  There is a walking bridge that you can take a stroll over the river if you are the walking type.  My boys aren’t….so we looked at the boats instead.

And of course, there was some wrestling.  Wrestling is a boys version of gently holding your hand and telling you that you are amazing.  I have to take some of the blame though….I am totally a wrestler.  My nickname in highschool was Disco Inferno.  I wish I was kidding.

Coolidge Park has the most beautiful indoor carousel.   I love love love it.  I wish I could just take pictures of all the different creatures (oh wait I did that) and recreate them at home.  It’s only $1 so we always get the boys a ride.

In the park, there are also some fun metal music structures.  My music-teacher mother would be happy to know that I spent a solid ten minutes trying to figure out jingle bells on them.  Of course, my version of jingle bells is a little like JLo’s lion birthday cake…confusing yet still titillating to the senses.

Weston loved it passionately for .3 seconds.

And we got a family photo (#4).  LJ is doing the thinking man.  Will needs to go potty.  And Weston is watching birds?  Hey – one kid looking at the camera isn’t so bad.

Also in Coolidge park is the fountains.  I would have let the boys in…but I got vetoed.  Jeremy is such a dry-clothes-fuddy-duddy.

Okay.  So if there is one thing that you should know about us Bowers, it is that we. absolutely.  love. ice. cream.  Seriously.  SERIOUSLY.

If there is any ice cream brand reps out there that want to sponsor us….we will be fat for you.  We eat ice cream every single day.  And I am not exaggerating.  And in Chattanooga there is Clumpies.  Oh Clumpies!   When I went to college outside of Chattanooga, we would drive down here for dates and Clumpies (it was brand new then) would be the place to go.  That and Rembrandts Coffee Shop.  But if you were trying to win my heart…Clumpies was it.

The boys feel the same way.

After we finished eating, we went outside to praise the creator of ice cream.

While we were in Chattanooga, we also took the boat out for a spin on Wolftever Creek.  Remember our boat?  Not quite the same as when we used to go with Jer’s boat when we were dating…but Wolftever is great.  It’s quiet and still and the perfect spot for our family.

Will tried jumping off the front of the boat and turns out that he is a natural at splashing :)

We told him that fish were gonna start biting and this was his face.  Mr. Literal.

This marks LJ’s first time in the water!  He was in a cranky mood so we thought he might be hot in the life jacket and turns out…he loved the water.

Oh and I wanted to show you how the life jacket works on these little babies.  It’s got a head flap so the babe uses it as a pillow when he’s in the boat.  We’ve been practicing with these jackets in my mom’s pool so now all the boys are used to them.  Sometimes that is half the battle – getting the boys used to wearing something new and bulky but safety first, right?!

Weston has been making this face lately and it is hilarious.   I’ve only captured it about three times with the camera and each time I die laughing.  This guy sure is a munch.

We got to visit Jer’s mom at work (I didn’t take in my camera but I had posted an Instagram photo of her with the boys) and we explored Jer’s dad & stepmom’s garden.  It made me miss a garden big time.  They had so much zucchini that they were giving it away, baking zucchini bread and delivering it to neighbors.  Next year I will have a  garden again….I’m promising myself here and now.

Also, I have been trying to practice more with low light conditions.  I love this photo.  It feels very old school to me.  No faces or real expressions.  A picture of shadow and light and real life.

And my very very favorite part of the trip was introducing LJ to Jeremy’s grandma.  He may be named after my grandpa but he totally looks like this sweet lady to me.  I don’t mind…she’s pretty beautiful :)

Grandma with her great grandbabies.

She is in a nursing home and we brought her a few things (a plant, a bunch of photos in a big frame, candy) but we didn’t really know what she would like.  We asked her if she wanted a rug or something new for her room but she just laughed.  Do you have any good ideas for things the-worlds-sweetest-lady in an assisted living home would like?  Any tips?

Okay – so that wraps up our most recent Chattanooga visit.  We will be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled programming :)