Santa, Lights, and Christmas Morning 2014

Geesh Katie, it’s halfway through January.  Get off Christmas’ back.

Well I would but then the grandparents might kill me if they don’t get to see these photos.

No joke.

They would pack up their weaponry, pray for no traffic, and slaughter me in my back yard.  And then they would feel really really bad about it.  And there would be no more future posting.  As appealing as that sounds, please have patience with me as I keep them from committing a heinous crime.  See that?  You are a hero :)

This year we met Santa at our favorite spot.  We always go to the same outdoor mall and wait in line to see Santa and ride in the horse drawn carriage.

Will tends to be my stoic and serious one.  He goes silly willy nilly at home but with other folks, it is straight face and all business.

At least that kid is consistent.  Here are every year of Will with Santa.  I’m bummed that it’s a different Jolly St. Nick…first world problems.


We couldn’t even peel Weston off of us to get him near dear ole Kris Kringle so there isn’t a solo photo with him.

Here’s last years because I don’t think I ever shared it…

Yup.  We are those parents.

And these ones….

This is the closest we could get with Weston.  I imagine he is thinking “MY BACK IS TOUCHING HIM! GET ME AWAY FROM HERE!”  I guess you win some and lose some.  I will say that I think that Santa has mastered that whole what-do-I-do-I’m-innocent face.

We also hit up Stone Mountain this year to see their light display and take a ride on the caroling train.  This was our second year to do that and I must say….totally awesome.

They do an awesome job of covering every square foot with lights.  Next year we will try to go earlier because we didn’t get to see the 4D movie and roast marshmallows….both of the boys would have probably loved that.

If you ever want to go to the Stone Mountain thing, it is a lot more stroller friendly than the Rock City display was with less cliffs and caverns and overall danger.  And they seem to have more lights in a smaller area.


I’m hoping that this year we get snow again but if not, I think we will probably end up taking the boys to Snow Mountain.  It’s expensive and I have a feeling they will want to do it for like ten minutes before saying “All done!” but it’s one of those weird things that I want the boys to learn to do.  I guess it’s because my family is from up north.  I remember seeing snow on the back porch, daring little Timmy to go out barefoot and then locking him out there.  I want that for my boys….the joy of freezing your brother to the point of tears.

After Santa and Stone Mountain, we visited family and did our Christmas’ with them.  Then when we headed home from Chattanooga, we drove straight to church for their candlelight service.  Will was supposed to be in a group that sang but we missed it literally by two minutes.  We were running in while they were coming off the stage.  Enter my frustrated face here.  I blame Arbys.  We stopped there for lunch and if only their toilet paper thing was functioning correctly we would have been on time.

The boys were crying right before this photo….like all three of them were in full melt-down.  Christmas miracle.

On the way home, we stopped at the post office and I cried.  I thought that when I suggested to y’all that you send any extra christmas cards that I might get half a dozen….maybe nine if I were lucky.

The boys and I had a great time opening them and reading all about you and your dogs and your babies and your grand babies and your homes and EVERYTHING.  Will’s favorite was when there were other four year old boys or pictures of alligators or batman stickers or baby bottoms.  Weston loved the doggie cards.  He barked at every single one.

We hung them all up and I just want to say….Thank you.  Thank you so much for your notes and your words of encouragement.  I sometimes think that I write and put up photos of my projects and my kids and it can be super annoying and you taught me something.  You like doing the same thing!  No matter if you are half way around the world, you are so in love with your family and you want to improve your homes and you cherish the same little milestones and accomplishments and things as me.  I’m glad we found each other.  Your family is beautiful.  Your life is so cool.  You gave me the best Christmas gift….thank you.

Moving right along….

On Christmas morning, we settled in around 9am to our traditional Christmas Waffles-by-Jeremy breakfast.  Jeremy has been practicing this year with the waffle maker and different mixes and I must say….these are totally edible and incredibly delish.  He’s come a long way!

The boys were WORE OUT….like think, on the verge of sleeping/coughing/snotting up that rug.  I think it was pure adrenaline about presents that kept them up.

My Christmas wrapping this year included throwing a blanket over things.  Pin that :)

Will declared that he got ‘cool shoes’ from Santa….put them on over his jammies and jumped up and down repeatedly to show how awesome they are.

We made them wait on the big gifts….not that there was much waiting….it was like five minutes of unwrapping new clothing, new helmets and then BAM…time to do the big gifts :)

Will was THRILLED with the new bike.  He’s been on his balance bike for two years now and I kid you not….we took him outside on his new pedal bike (NO training wheels) and he just did it.  Jeremy kinda teared up because he thought he would get to do that whole run-along-side thing and nope….Will pushed the pedals like he had been doing it his whole life.  He even would ring the bell and use the hand brakes.  CRAZY.

Weston got a new four-wheeler.  It’s already the most fought over toy in our house.  We already have two other power wheel type vehicles – a truck and a tractor – and they both need new tires because the boys have worn holes in them….giant grass-tearing holes.

My mom and dad also opened their little gifts…

As did Jeremy and I.  I was really surprised by what Jeremy got me….but now I practically live in my new zip-up jacket and I can’t wait to use my new light kit.

Overall, it was a good time.

We packed up the kids to take them to my sister’s for lunch….the boys opened their gifts from Boots & Norn….Monster Jam tickets!  They were equally excited about new monster truck toys :)

It was good.  Low key.  We watched Frozen on repeat.  Then I fell asleep.

It was one of those sweet, quiet and slow-moving evenings…the type you don’t really talk about but you know you enjoyed anyway.

Will has discovered the joys of Legos.  I know that this is the beginning of a whole new foot-pain adventure for us.

Cole has an epic collection….and I think I’ll be ready for that in ten years.  Right now, I am glad he can be completely satisfied with the $6 kits.

It was good.  It was sweet.  It was definitely one I loved.  We celebrated Christmas with the rest of my family the weekend after New Years…so that means our Christmas gift-giving-toy-opening lasted for about three weeks.  Whew!  I’m ready to pack it up after that long.  I didn’t take any pictures of my family…..I was sick….I thought my head was splitting in two from a cold….and now I wish I did snap a photo or two.  My little brother got engaged.  That’s right…Hot Tim is off the market!  My dad gave everyone these remote control helicopters and I got him a balloon helicopter as a joke.  I don’t know who had more fun…he definitely was more light headed :)  And my mom cooked enough food to feed a small army.  The perfect recipe for a very merry Christmas.