Halloween Recap 2014

The tradition began in 2012…

we continued last year…

and this year we did it with all THREE boys.   It’s our Halloween-pumpkin-carving-on-the-porch-tradition!  Basically it’s my favorite time of the year and this is one of my very favorite family activities.  It doesn’t take a lot, it involves us all, and I just know that it is something that we can continue for years to come.

We gather all together on the front porch with our pumpkins and our pumpkin-carving-blanket (weird I know but it’s part of the tradition!) and our ‘scoopers’ and ‘cutters’ (as Will calls them) and we make our fall creations.  In the past, we had more control over the creativity part but this year we were ready to pass that torch to Will and let him decide the porch décor and his carving.  He decided that he wanted nothing scary….but he wanted it to be funny and so we made a silly monster display with things we had around the house.

Weston really got into the activity more than Jeremy or I expected.  He was even more into the blood and guts of the pumpkin than Will.

Will told us that he didn’t want to pull the top off or scoop out the stuff but Weston was all about it.  He was like a zombie on a warm body.

Weston required a smidge of assistance.  He tried at one point to draw on the ground and his baby brother….

Will needed no help at all and he was a pro.  He drew exactly what he wanted and told us exactly what parts to cut out.  It brought a little tear to my eye because he is so grown up now.  Oh geesh.  I am gonna start crying again if I keep talking about it.

Weston’s favorite part was sticking his pencil through the eye (not something we practice with anyone else) and seeing it fall into the hole.  Then he would shout UH OH!

My favorite part was making a crazy mom face.  Seriously Katie…you look like you are about to attack.

LJ was a little more limited in his involvement.  I say he was our celebratory expert because the entire time he threw confetti (aka hay).

Let me explain his pumpkin…it has freckles…on the upper lip….it has eyebrows that Will said “look like mommy’s” (apparently I need to tweeze)…and it had hair and ears that had hair in them.

When Jer lit them up, it was like the boy’s brains exploded.  I have never seen them so excited.  It was all shrieks in the front yard.  Will declared his ‘the silliest monster he had ever seened”.

Weston just liked getting REALLY close.  And then he would try to hug them….after the third attempt, we convinced him to not to…but he really loved those creatures.

I told Jeremy that it was probably the best carving night we have had yet.  Everyone was more relaxed (does that mean we are getting older?) and that handing of the torch (err…sharpie marker) helped make it feel like we were learning to do holidays OUR way…not the way we imagine it in our heads.  It felt like we were really embracing the imperfect perfection of holiday memories…crazy monster topiaries and cardboard fangs and lip freckles and all.

Moving right along….ON TO HALLOWEEN!

Like I said last Friday…I had to scramble to get the holiday costumes together.  I had the basics all bought but I had to sew some chaps for Will, a hat for LJ and cut up some shorts for Weston.  Meet my little cowboy, rodeo clown and bull!

Seriously….that is the best thing ever.  ever.  ever.  I love me a themed group of kids in costume and when Will was ADAMENT about being a cowboy, I couldn’t have been more excited.  In fact, one of his neighbors (who is two years older than Will) told him that he should be a Ninja Turtle and Will said “yes, I will be a Ninja Turtle except I’m being a cowboy”….and my heart exploded in joy.  And then I died on the road a couple times because Will loved saying Howdy Partner! to all the people who answered the bell.  Seriously…I’d ride off in the sunset every night with that kid :)

Weston didn’t know what to expect and didn’t LOVE wearing his wig so we let him go without it and at the end of the seven house run, he came home, dumped out his five pounds of candy and walked around with anywhere from three to five lollipops.  Best. Night. Ever.  At least in his one-year-old brain it was :)

And just so nobody confuses us with people-with-perfect-lives, this is our post-sugar-up-too-late punishment.  Apparently Weston thought he was gonna get to go to bed with a lollipop in hand…and LJ, well, when you mess with a bull’s costume, you get the horns :)

Overall, it was a really great week of fun.  I can’t wait for this holiday season and honestly I can’t wait for next year to see how much they grow and change and what crazy pumpkins/costumes/porch décor we choose next time!  So how was yours?  What did your kids carve?  Dress up as?  Elsa?  Ninja Turtles?  Any cowboys out there?!  Did the whole rodeo come to town!?