An Alternative

This past week we hosted my in-laws and it was really nice to have a moment of peace with them before the storm of the holidays.

We decided to do a certain number of things…show them the Monroe house, eat at a local sandwich place, have them help Jer with the kids so I could help a friend tile a backsplash, and we saved our Kiwi Crate for them to do with the big boys.

I’ve talked about Kiwi Crate before…I like keeping with some of the same companies for sponsored posts because the vetting process is so tedious and because well…gosh, if you don’t love their products and services already…well, I know you will.  And this is definitely one of those times…it is just a great service for us moms who want their kids to create and imagine and learn.  Each box…or ‘crate’…is filled with fun activities that have a theme and activities and craft.  Last time we talked about this product, it was my mom and me doing this super-box with the kids…and it was a barnyard theme.  This time around we told Gramps and Grammy that it was their turn.

Will was the one who got to open the box and decide which activity he wanted to do first.

I think it’s pretty obvious which one he would pick….the catapult.  Because castle building is not in the same category as the launching items into the air.

I think I and Will are going to treasure these photos one day.  I only have a few photos with my grandpa and my Pappap when I was so young.  One day they are going to see what a lovely thing these photos, this time, these memories will be.

Like this one…oh the hands get me every time.

Grammy had the tough job….Weston.  They did the job of castle-decorating…it reminded me of my job :)

After Will finished chunking pom-poms at Gramps’ head….he finished Weston’s castle and the new targets (aka the princess).

I asked Will what he thought of the box later and he said that he wished he could make it everyday.   I wish that too baby…I wish that too.

We ended up telling Gramps and Grammy that this year for Christmas we wanted them to not buy toys…but we would prefer experiences.  I think Kiwi Crate is a perfect example of that.  My kids already have SO much.  Literally, we have a pack-n-play in the basement filled to the brim with toys they haven’t played with in over a year.  The toys just break in two seconds and there are no memories behind any of them.  I know it’s not always a grandparents dream to have zero toys under the tree for their grand babies but this kinda option would be perfect.  It gives grandparents something to DO with the kids…something to create together and play with together and in the end…that is what we all want – togetherness.

We also received this time a Koala Crate.  It’s right up my alley – totally themed and much more geared toward the little ones ages 3-4.  So the Kiwi Crate usually has two to three projects that require making and Will can do all the activities inside (ages 4-8)….whereas the Koala Crate is like preschool play and learn.  For example…the sample box we got was ‘color’ themed and it teaches all about colors and has crayons and paint and a watercolor banner.  The Kiwi Crates were a little harder for my almost-two-year old but the Koala Crate is perfect.  We even decided that it would be a perfect treat for him when Will goes to school because it would be definite one-on-one attention.

So that’s what we have been up to lately.  How about you?  Anyone else on team no-toys for Christmas?  Are you figuring out how to get those babes to spend more time with the grandparents?  Are you already getting Kiwi Crate or Koala Crate?

p.s.  You can give the gift of Kiwi Crate this holiday season!  Save 30% on your first month subscription with code [BP30] Click here to get started.