A Random Bunch of Baby

I am really grateful for the support and kind words from so many people about this little surprise bump I announced recently.  I gotta say…it is nice to hear that I am not alone in the pregnant-and-didn’t-know-it-until-later category.

SOoooo….I thought in the spirit of love-month, I would fill ya in on the answers for some of the most frequently asked questions….also, you get random pictures of the boys because that is never the wrong answer :)

Question – Is it a boy or girl?  Will you find out?  Do you already know?!

Answer –  We don’t know yet.  We honestly have loved finding out the sex of the baby in the past but the last couple times it was very…well…unexciting.  (By the way, my mother mocks me openly for wanting everything to be exciting…complete with eyeroll.)  For Weston, I assumed it was a boy and when we went in for an appointment at 14 weeks, Dr. Tate asked us if we wanted to know and then told us that he thought it was a boy too….but that he wouldn’t know for sure till 20 weeks.   So that was sort of like a YES WELL MAYBE.  Eh.  Not really the most exciting reveal ever.  And then when we tried to find out early with LJ (we had a panorama test done), there was all these mishaps that prevented us from knowing till almost 19 weeks.  And then we got the phone call that you have no control over….so I was in the parking lot of a Walgreens….and I told Jeremy in a doctor’s office while waiting for a checkup.  It was all very anticlimactic.  So this time we have discussed the option of finding out early and the option of waiting till the baby is born…and we haven’t quite made up our mind.  Jeremy definitely wants to find out as soon as possible.  I definitely feel like everything is flying by at light speed and it just doesn’t feel right to know quite yet.  We are however far enough along to find out.  I promise that if we find out, we will let you know.

Question – So do you want a girl this time?  Are you excited to see a girl?  (one million versions of this same question)

Answer – Obviously any baby is a blessing.  And we all want our babies to be as healthy and whole as possible and if we get a baby at the end of this pregnancy, we will be THRILLED….so that’s the very obvious and politically correct answer.  In terms of preference, if we had any control, Jeremy is definitely in girl town and I am firmly planted in boy camp.  I know most people probably think that is crazy but my dad is one of four boys and I always kinda thought that would be what I would have…lots of boys.  And honestly….now that I have lived in boy-world….girls kinda scare me.  They are definitely ‘the unknown’.  And yes….I realize that I am a girl.  But honestly…I’m not even that good at being girly.  On the other hand, I LOVE being an aunt to a baby girl and Yaya (that’s what we call Isla) is the sweetest little nugget on the planet that I get to shop for and snuggle whenever I want.  And all the girls clothing and accessories and PINK stuff that I have found at thrift stores and consignment shops over the years and anything that I find now online or in stores get a good home at my sister’s house.   Also….I don’t mean to brag but here I go….but I am a dang good boy mama.  I love wrestling and teaching them gentlemanly manners and playing with mud and worms and making tooting jokes.  Those things come very natural to me.  And I have all the boy things.  Some of my friends think I am crazy but yes…I want another little Jeremy Bower…and if things turn out differently….well, I guess I’m gonna have to google how to change a girl diaper.

Question – Are you going to do the panorama test again?

Answer – At my first appointment, Dr. Tate asked me if I was gonna do the test and I said no.  Then he told me that he believed I was 21+ weeks along.  This causes some issues.  Because I am a VBAC and didn’t have a pre-20-week ultrasound, they have made it mandatory that I get an anatomy scan done.  This is just to double check the development of the baby and to tell me a more reliable due date.  The due date is really important this time around because my hospital won’t induce me because I didn’t have that pre-20-US.  It’s a weird rule but I guess it is in place because they don’t wanna evict a baby before it’s full-grown.  (I don’t know what will happen if I go overdue…if induction is out of the question then how do they get the baby out?  a csection?….all questions for my next appointment)  So I need a really accurate due date and I need to go into labor on my own (that could be an issue because of my history but I always say that it’s nothing till it’s something so I am not worrying about it right now).  I did go into my anatomy scan last week and basically some measurements came back a little off.  So the doctor told us that we should do the panorama test just to be well informed.  So we did do the blood draw and will find out anything in a week or so.  Again…it’s nothing till it’s something so I am not worried, just eager to hear results so that we can move forward.  So yes…we did the test….unexpectedly.

Question – Are you still nursing?  Is LJ weaning?

Answer – At Thanksgiving, I was still breastfeeding around the clock….every three hours.  And then slowly over the last two months, he started REALLY liking food.  Like a lot.  Especially meats….which is weird because none of my other kids liked them but LJ LOVES it.  And then he got sick and basically stopped nursing in a matter of two weeks in the last month.  It was kinda heartbreaking because he was a comfort nurser and such a mama’s boy but in the end, I am really grateful we got at least ten months.  Now I am hoping to put some serious weight on the kid because he is a bundle of energy and burning every calorie even though he eats like a horse!

Question – What do your boys think of the baby announcement?

Answer – LJ is so opinionated about it :)  And Weston loves babies (a little too much sometimes) so I imagine that if he understood, he would be excited.  Will does understand and he is really cute about the whole thing.  He originally started off saying that it should be a boy….but the other day he told me the other day that we should pick a baby girl this time because we have too many boys.  I think that may have something to do with the fact that we have two little girls living in the basement and he thinks they are pretty cool playmates :)

Question – When are you due?  What’s your due date?

Answer – Dr. Tate put me due on June 13th.  That might be changed when he gets the results from the panorama test.  We shall see :)

Question – Do you think that is why you were sick on the cruise?  Any other symptoms?

Answer – I honestly don’t think that is why I was sick.  I mean…my dad was basically sick the same exact times I was and I am pretty sure that my sixty-something year old father wasn’t in his first trimester.  It could have added to my motion sickness sensitivity though so I am not ruling it out completely.  I will say that on the cruise, I was sick when we were moving and it completely subsided when the ship stopped and when I was on land….it could have been a timing thing but I doubt it.  As for other symptoms, I haven’t really had any.  It is kinda like when I was pregnant with Will or Weston….no morning sickness, no real cravings (although pickles and banana peppers do sound really good), and overall in a pretty solid mood.  In the past couple weeks I did get some sciatica action which is a real pain in the rear but I have found that if I do my stretches and limit how much I am carrying the boys, it helps tremendously.

Question – Where are you going to put this new baby?  What room is the baby going in?

Answer – We are not really orthodox when it comes to getting the nursery done before the baby comes.  Also we believe in co-sleeping and room-sharing.  So right now Will and Weston are in the ‘big boy room’ (Will’s room) and we are thinking that we will transition LJ to the ‘nursery’ prior to this new baby arriving.  That means that I have to repaint the big boy room (the walls and ceiling both need it) and make it represent both Will and Weston and then we will figure out a double crib/bed situation for the nursery.  If our track record proves anything, LJ and #4 will be in the nursery in 2017 :)

Question –  Do you have any baby names picked out?  What are you gonna name it if it’s a boy/girl?

Answer – Yikes!  We definitely don’t have a boys name.  We have tried to use a lot of family names and Jeremy and I have very different tastes.  And we have a girls name from a long time ago and we are big fans of it because the first name is my great grandmother’s name and the middle name is basically every other grandmother’s name.  I’m not telling you because I know you are name thieves and you would steal it outright.  That’s a joke….but I am still not telling you :)  So long story short…we are still deciding for a boy and got one for a girl.


Well folks, that’s it!  And tomorrow I am coming back at ya with a big basement kitchen post….it’s gonna be juicy and delicious and meaty (am I describing a hamburger here?!)….and I will need some help so there are things to vote on.  You will need to be here.