LJ’s First Birthday Infographic

Last year, after LJ’s birth, I shared an infographic that contained all the details of our third born son.  He is just the sweetest addition to our family and such a joy to watch grow.  I figured that for his first birthday I would make another infographic and have it share even more LJ details.  My how things have changed!

Here are the two side by side.  Hopefully I can keep doing this till our little man turns 5 and we can see how big he has become!  Sorry about the low quality but I had to resize them quite a bit to allow Photobucket to post them!



Obviously I love documenting our lives (hello I’m a blogger!) but even more specific than that, I love documenting our little guys!  One of my favorites on the internet is how my BFF Sherry photo-documents her two little people (click here to see how Clara and Teddy have grown!) but I also love seeing your ways so if you are documenting monthly, yearly, daily growth of your babes….leave me a link!  I’d love to check it out :)