Stenciled Paver

Have you ever seen this stuff?

It’s called NeverWet.  It’s supposed to get sprayed on fabric and make it waterproof.  I bet you a bazillion dollars that a mad scientist mom who was tired of wet and muddy shoes created this.  Ibetchya that much money and I would win.

On the front of the package, Rustoleum brags that you can use it on wood, metal and concrete.  It also says on the back you can use it on fabric.  Well….I got it for a totally different project than this one (maybe I will still try it…I am on the fence) and then decided to scrap the original project (yes, I think I might try to tackle it) and do this one since I already had the materials (no longer on the fence…firmly in yes-camp.  thanks for convincing me.)

Back to this project….I decided to put paver stepping stones in our front garden bed.  It was out of pure laziness.  I was tired of taking those ten extra steps….it was exhausting.  I found some cute (and super cheap) round concrete pavers at Walmart.  I had to trek through the ‘parking lot aisle’ to get them (yes that exists) and grabbed five for under ten bones.

On one of the pavers I decided to make it a little special….stencil style…

First I placed my stencil (it’s from a Martha Stewart stencil pack from Michaels) and then covered the rest of the stone with tape.

The Never Wet is really easy…you just spray on Step One and wait…then spray it on again and wait…repeat.

Then after it’s dry, you do Step Two (which is another spraypaint type can) and wait….then remove all the stuff.

After it’s dry and free from bondage, you set it in place.  It looks like a normal paver….but when it gets wet, the suprise pattern will suddenly appear.

It’s really fun.  I might move this paver over to another area and do these five stepping stones with number stencils instead….that was Will’s request….

But overall – I love this idea of sprucing up some regular ole concrete.  It makes them special.  It makes them a little shocking.  It makes me wanna dance in the rain just so that I can see my stencil!


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