My Big Boy

The day has come where my heart has literally left my chest cavity and is walking out there in the world.  Gruesome yes….but true.  My little man…my sweet first born…the one with the thousand freckles and the dimple and the heart of gold….the one that taught me how to truly love another human…he has officially started school and I think I am gonna need all the tissues.

I remember the day that he was only about one week old and I was walking to the kitchen in our old house and I looked down at this newborn little squish in my arms and started SOBBING.  Not in a cute tear-rolling-down-my-cheek way….no….more like snot running into my nose and my eyelids puffed up to block my vision VERY UGLY cry.  And I said to Jeremy “he is so so big and next thing you know he will be in school and then get married and then leave me forever.”

DO YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE PEOPLE!?  It’s begun.  The next thing.  And I am officially DYING.  I need a corner so that I can go sit and rock in it in the fetal position.

Pray for me.  I am gonna probably need some medication if they ever decide they want to go to college.  Heavy medication.  And possibly a padded room.

Nextly….I’m making that a word by the way….Nextly I have about a million photos of the beach I need to go through.  I know I promised the basement kitchen update and I am so excited to share that but it’s kinda weird to talk about summer vacation once school has started…so I think I am gonna push the kitchen back a little.

Also…if you follow me on Instagram (I’m @bowerpowerblog by the way and I am pretty talented about talking about random things on there…so you should consider following me.  We could be IG friends.)….if you follow me, you’ll know that we had the living room and foyer painted…here’s a sneak peek…

I know!  Boring, right?!  But seriously beige/tan/latte/greige has never looked so freaking awesome.  I have waited over four years for this and it is literally like I can breathe in my house now.  Imagine holding your breath for that long!  I walked in from vacation and it was all done (Bravo to my painter Carlos and his wife  who rocked this!) and now I am slowly putting my house back together!  I think I am gonna post about this next so stay tuned, mmkay!?

And for those of you that are wondering…the color name is Benjamin Moore’s Stingray. It’s exactly the color we have in our hallway downstairs and upstairs and was the plan for these spaces and I absolutely. love. it.