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Spring Photo Challenge

2014 April 21
by Katie

I am really excited to announce a new monthly feature here on Bower Power.  I have been calling them Photo Challenges in my head but that might be the most unoriginal title ever…so I am open to suggestions.

Basically the gist of the photo challenge is this…every month we get a new challenge theme…this month it is SPRING.  You take photos of stuff related to the theme (your kid in a field of flowers, your car covered in pollen, your allergy meds, etc.) and you link up to your favorite photo that you have posted for that month.  This is for all you wanna-be-or-pro-photographers out there!  Sometimes just knowing other people are gonna see my pictures helps me snap better…so this is for us to improve our camera skills and to add to our own portfolio.  I’m gonna guarantee you right now that 99% of my photos will be of my kids…just consider yourself warned.

And after we shoot till our little hearts are content, we share via linky party right here!  That’s it!  So next Wednesday we have the last day of April and that will be our first picture party…so SPRING to it friends!  Grab those cameras and go!


2014 April 18
by Katie

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Izola.  All opinions are my own.

When Izola approached us to do a post about their stuff, I was like…whoa…this is dude stuff.

And then I realized…dude…I have dudes in my life.  Some of which have good taste.  Note I didn’t say all have good taste.  William.

But there is one dude in particular that has great ‘dude’ taste.  It’s completely masculine and very VERY particular.  So I hollored at Jeremy to come over and look at the Izola site.  That’s about when he stole the computer and picked out his favorite things.

As he scrolled, I peered over his shoulder, secretly playing a game in my own head…the “what is Jeremy gonna pick” game.  And honestly I only got about two out of five right.  I apparently don’t know him as well as I thought I did…

Personally I think that Jeremy and his brother compete for ‘coolest’ stuff pretty much any time they see each other.  They are constantly comparing shoes, or watches, or colognes….so maybe this little list is hint at future gifts.  Let’s review his picks…

  • Personally I love the simplicity of the dopp kit he chose.  It’s very Jeremy.
  • And when I asked him about the door mat, he said that it would be funny for the back door at the gym (Jeremy does Crossfit and of course, everything is related to working out).
  • The flask is one of those things I am surprised that he chose…I would totally see my brother in law Boots pick it (or any of their flasks) because he loves high quality stuff like that…but Jer proved me wrong and told me that it was the cheeky saying that won him over.  And no…Jeremy didn’t say the word ‘cheeky’ :)
  • This past year we bought a ping pong table on Black Friday.  It was one of those purchases that I questioned…but Jeremy insisted and during the holidays, it was a family favorite activity.  There were fights, tears, my mom threw out some trash talking….ya know, good clean family fun.  He said that these paddles would be his secret weapon.  I’d like to see him try to beat me :)
  • Last but not least is this leather bag…which is one of my favorite picks.  It looks like a celebrity bag.  Like something Chris Martin would have.  Granted it’s not Yellow…but I’ve heard The Scientist calls it a little taste of Paradise, a Magic way to Fix You and your style.

My picks were very different.  Granted, I wasn’t picking for a dude.  I was picking for me…because I like things with a little masculine edge too :)

  • This arrowhead pouch is just amazing.  I’m calling it right now…the next big boys room trend will be all things outdoorsy…hunter, boy scouts, survival stuff.
  • I’m obsessed with the little Hellos & Goodbyes book.  It’s simply perfect for a foyer and the best kind of house-warming gift so that all your friends and family can leave you little notes telling you what an amazing hostess you are.
  • Red vintage style alarm clock?  Seriously…this will never go out of style.  It’ll be the kind of thing that your kids will fight over after you die.  (sorry about just killing you.)
  • I love the simplicity and message of this pillow.  Who could argue with the boy scout motto?  It’s a great reminder for everyone!
  • And lately I have been on a candle kick.  Good candles burn differently and longer and smell better and they are worth the higher price tag.  I am gonna predict that this Magnolia candle would be a winner.

In general, it was a really fun little window shopping experience.  I liked seeing how different Jeremy is from me and from what I thought he would like.  It’s like when you are dating and realize that your boyfriend is actually a cool secret agent.  That never happened to me…but it was a fun exercise either way.

What would you choose?  Something to give to your own dude?  Or maybe a bunch of bridesmaids or groomsmens gifts?  They are perfect for wedding thank-yous!  Or perhaps a house warming or ‘just because’ kinda item…I love that these are quality, made-to-last items…maybe this means Christmas is coming in April this year for my own dudes :)