Goodwill Wares

I am so glad that you guys wanted to see what I bought at Goodwill. 

Because it really makes me happy knowing that it’s something you are actually interested in seeing…not just me tooting my own fabulously cheap horn. 

We scored this lamp base for $6.  Actually it was $5.60 but just for technicality sake, let’s call it $6.  I think I might see if I can change the gold brassy stem and lamp socket and harp to a oil-rubbed bronze color.  Dontcha think that would look soooo much better?

And you might be wondering why I bought this lamp…especially when I have two already in the den and three in the master bedroom.  Well, my new project is the basement bedroom.  And this beauty of a lamp is going to be used in that space.  

I love the shape.  I even love the swirly details.  And I think it would look just darling with a patterned drum shade.  Kinda like this: 

And this little creamer?  77 cents.  And I think it would look just darling on a stack of books with some flowers tucked inside.  Plus it has blue stripes…and the basement bedroom…well, let’s just say that cottage-y blue stripes are going to be involved.

Speaking of cottage appeal, this little fish had to come home with me.  I can’t help it.  I am addicted.  And it was $1.  A DOLLAR.  I couldn’t make this thing for $1.  So into my cart it went and home with me it goes.  The guest bedroom will also be it’s new home.  Does anyone notice a theme here?

Then I also bought some miscellaneous items.  Such as this big bag of bottles.  I know.  I know.  I am a terrible mother.  I am going to use some other kid’s bottles for my unborn baby.  Will will probably get herpes or something just gosh-awful.  If nothing else, all the other kids in church daycare will make fun him & his poor ego will be bruised for getting hand-me-downs from Goodwill.  But then I’ll have to remind him that his toosh is riding in style….expensive style…and that he better get over it real fast or else. 

At least I pulled out the pink ones.  And the purple ones.  But still, I can’t pass up over 15 MALE hued name brand bottles in good condition for $7.  Plus, I did call my mother prior to tossing this bag in my cart…and she said that we kids used hand-me-downs…and there ain’t nothing wrong with me.  

…err…nothing TOO wrong….



I also spied some hammered aluminum rimmed coasters….8 for $5…which isn’t the best deal in the world…but the color of the day allowed me 50% off.  So 8 chic coasters for $2.50 ain’t that bad.  Plus they look a world better than cup-rings on our side tables. 

This wee fake plant made it into our buggy as well.  I liked it.  It’ll go anywhere.  It won’t die.  It was $2.  Those were the perks to purchasing it. 

And last but not least, I got two crystal champagne flutes….perfect for a newlywed gift with a bottle of bubbly or just for celebrating anniversaries with my boyfriend…and a scalloped edge plate with purple flowers and green leaves. 

I thought the plate would look good on a spring time table…maybe with some sugar cookies when Will & I celebrate tea time.  With a big vase of hydrangeas.  Like this one:


So that’s it folks.  All I checked out with…oh, I neglected to show you the cutesy Baby Gap clothes I picked out for Will…but that will have to be another post on another day.  For now, it is purely home related items.  Now that I shared it with you…share with me if I made an uber-mistake with any of my Goodwill wares.  Was the fish a boo-boo? Or maybe you actually liked the lamp?  Or perhaps you were like me and don’t mind hand-me-down bottles…especially since we are replacing all the drop-ins & nipples.  Oh…I just typed nipples on my blog.  Oops.  I just did it again :)  



  1. deb says

    Hey Katie, You never used a bottle. You went straight from mom’s milk to the cup! Didn’t you know!! I am sorry to not have told you! Your big bro was the only one who used bottles because I was still teaching. Love you – Mom

  2. Sheila says

    I have my own Goodwill collection, having just cleaned out my late Father’s condo. I have two beautiful-but-slightly-pitted brass lamps that I hoped to refurbish. I love the idea of “bronzing” them. How you gonna do that?

  3. Julie says

    I love shopping at Goodwill and thrift stores. Half of my house is decorated in thrift! I can’t believe the stuff people get rid of- lucky for us! My good friend and I send pictures to each other when we score something really cool. I just got a fabulous wood headboard and Im turning it into a chalkboard/information center and adding coat hooks at the bottom. I love the thrill of the hunt.

  4. says

    One of your pictures really struck me – the one with the hydrangeas in the teapot. We had an “afternoon tea” themed wedding in the garden, and each table had a vintage teapot filled with blue hydrangeas, just like those. It was beautiful!

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