Ghost of Halloween Past

Know what is spooky?  The fact that I blinked and fall is upon us.  We actually had jeans weather yesterday and it was unbelievable.  Um, hello, where did summer go?!   

Know what scares the wax right outta my ears?  That statement and the fact that I am pregnant and due in less than a month.  Totally FREAKY!  especially considering we have done nothing to prepare for the Little Baby.  We’ve basically digested the fact that we are pregnant and it only took us 8 months.   

Know what else freaks me out?  My stack of dirty laundry.

Know what makes me feel better about wearing *clean underwear that is two sizes too small and not having pulled out a single newborn item?  Looking at fall stuff.  anything fall related.  or Halloween themed.  or Thanksgiving inspired.  That’s responsibility at it’s finest folks.   

I thought you might like to see some stuff we did in the past that is Thanks-fall-o-weenie.  I made that up.  Feel free to use it in the presence of dignitaries :)


Orange thankful table

Purple & brown fall table


Leafy fall tablesetting

Golden Autumn tablesetting


Turquoise & amber tablesetting

Black & orange halloween tablesetting


Brown & Navy & Orange living room

Sprucing up a little corner


A spooky candy table

Black & White spooky decor


Brown & white mantle

A basket mantlescape


Simple exterior fall decor

Making a spider pumpkin & spiderweb rug


Our spooky front porch

Simple coffee table decor


Mummy announcement

Owl pumpkin carving


Pumpkin bread

Will’s Costume Parade


Spider art for toddlers

Baby footprint ghost


Our first costume from last year

Our second costume from last year


p.s.  just so you know – you can pray that this baby is born on the 3rd of November (I’m due on the 5th).  I would really like to dress up and trick or treat with Will…and my dad’s birthday is the 3rd :)   Either that or this baby needs to come at least a week before Halloween so I can come up with a costume for it….because yes, I am that girl that needs her newborn to look like a Disney character :)



  1. Teri says

    Thank you so much for the Fall themed post. I hope the babe is born on Nov 3rd is my Kelsey’s birthday too! Hope you are taking it easy and getting plenty of rest!!! LOVE your blog BTW.

  2. says

    In the first picture of your 1st costume from last year? The one where you’re dressed like a cave girl (??) – you TOTALLY look like Britney Spears. Maybe that’s what you were going for. ;)

  3. says

    I totally feel like summer flew by too! Yesterday my husband asked me when Daylight Savings was. I told him I thought it was at the end of September. Uh, hello, it’s October already!! :) We’re totally sending out the footprint ghost cards this year. So cute!

  4. Chrissy Henry says

    Girl! That little Bower Baby will be here before you know it!!

    Forget the laundry, go commando, and get working on that nursery!! ;)

  5. says

    I remember almost every one of those previous blog posts. This year I am skipping fall and try to focus on that Christmas will be here soon. The reason is our first baby that could arrive any day now (I’m 38 weeks) and I am turning 30 next Monday. Fall just happened… too fast.

    • says

      I know just how you feel! I contemplated (for half a second) not even pulling out Halloween stuff…then I remembered that it’s one of my favorite holidays and scrapped that idea :)
      xo – kb

  6. says

    Ah jeans weather – I wish! This fall we have moved quickly into heater weather, I woke up to a house that was a balmy 52 degrees.

    My dad’s birthday is Halloween, when I was a kid I thought it was just amazing. If you have a pre-Halloween baby you could whip up a little ghost costume that would be nice and cozy for a new born.

  7. says

    I feel you on the clean underwear! I had to break down and buy bigger ones and now I am rotating the only 5 I own that fit… well who am I kidding I wear the size small that either doesn’t cover the whole cheek or the plumbers crack is there. Love all the Thanks-fall-o-weenie ideas! I need to get on top of it

  8. says

    My mom had to be induced since I was a over a week late but refused to be induced October 30th or 31st because she wanted to take my brothers trick-or-treating. I was born the next day. Hopefully your little one will wait until after the holiday too. :-)

  9. KiTx says

    Nov 3 is my dad’s birthday, too! But I think you should probably go into labor late on Halloween (post trick-or-treating), and then have the baby on the 1st, since that’s MY birthday. =)

    And the nursery/baby prep will get done, you got this! =) So excited for your bambino!

  10. Whitney Dupuis says

    I cannot even believe Fall is already here! I am so far behind this year!!!

    It’s amazing that your new Bower is set to come in less than a month. How did that happen?!

  11. melissa says

    OR BabyBoyBower could born ON Halloween! I was a Halloween baby, and it was SO great as a kid. And now that I’m an adult, there’s never anyone out to eat but my family and other people with Halloween birthdays, like a secret club!

  12. Rachel says

    Don’t fret – I was supposed to be a Halloween baby and didn’t show up until Nov. 9th. Totally off the main subject but you are not alone … I am due in February, much more time to get ready than you obviously, but was reading that after 24 weeks, shouldn’t be moving any furniture, etc and began having a panic attack as I am definitely not preparing as quickly as I would like to be. You look fantastic for being due in a month!

    Cant wait to see what you come up with for this years Halloween posts!

  13. says

    Our family has several shared birthdays, and I hope for everyone’s (future) sake that you dont give birth on your Dad’s bday. It make planning parties a PAIN. :)

  14. Nikki says

    LOVE your blog. I can’t wait for your posts. They are a guaranteed laugh I read your blog before I start my daily dissertation writing session. It really helps calm my writing jitters and get a good laugh in (thanks to your puns & energy) so I don’t take myself too seriously when I write about my research crap.

    So, thanks, for helping me break through my writer’s block. I will have to invite you to my PhD graduation. ; )

    ps- I’m not even kidding.

  15. says

    Things I learned from this post: your mom and I have the same dining room chairs, and probably the same table. Her fall table setting is a lot cuter than mine.

  16. says

    I love how we dressed our boys up in the same outfit for Halloween last year! I just started reading your blog. I found it via young house love. I love your style!

    Here’s a pic of my cutie in his Yoda costume from last year! (Sorry for the long link, it’s from my facebook)

  17. Ashley says

    Don’t feel bad ! In the same boat over here- we have a baby boy due Nov 7 and just started on the nursery last night. Somehow it becomes so easy to procrastinate the second time around!

  18. says

    I’m due next week and praying that our baby girl shows up before Halloween! (If not, I’ll be 2 weeks late!). I thought about a Halloween costume for her, but since she’ll be so teeny tiny, we were given an adorable onsie that says “I’m itsy-bitsy and cute!” and I have a black tu-tu for her to wear. Next year, it’s totally on!!

  19. says

    I was born on Halloween, the first year that my sister was going to be taken trick-or-treating and was unable to go since everyone was in the hospital with my mom/me. 35 years later, I’m still not sure she’s forgiven me for that.

  20. Jill says

    Girl…if only I actually knew you personally and didn’t live in MN…I would totally be at your house doing your laundry and avoiding my own. Here’s hoping you have a friend or your mom that can help you get ready for that baby!

  21. Kristi says

    Will is such a cute Yoda! Our daughter is obsessed with all things winnie the pooh so she’s going ot be pooh bear.

  22. says

    Girl, I’m one day overdue with my first and I’m STILL in denial about it. Hospital bag packed? Nope. New paint project started? Yep. I’m not sure reality will hit until I am literally pushing the baby out.

  23. logan says

    I thinks that’s the norm for second babies! At least it was for me! We had done nothing except order a crib before our little girl came (4 weeks early too)! Just get that hospital bag packed! It will be here so soon!

  24. Emily R. says

    Has has time flown by so quickly, it seems like just yesterday that I cried at your pregnancy news and had my eyes glued to the screen to see the sex. Everything is coming so quickly and before you know it, it will be babies first Christmas and Will’s first Christmas as a big brother.

  25. says

    Hi Katie, not to get too serious on such a fun post, but I was wondering if you think part of your reluctance to do the nursery is tied up in how long it took you to get pregnant (I remember your worries about whether it was ever going to happen). It took me an age to get pregnant last time and once I did, i still never quite trusted that everything was going to go right. That meant I just kept putting off doing the nursery. There were lots of good reasons to delay, ie that bub would be in our room with us for a long time first etc, but that wouldn’t normally have stopped me. It was like some silly superstition. Just a thought, I hope you’re not having such feelings, I am sure I’m the only neurotic one xx :)
    You can look forward to a beautiful healthy baby boy!

  26. says

    Alternatively, and more likely, you are looking after a little boy, feeling tired with pregnancy and still doing a huge amount of work in your kitchen so it’s completely understandable that you haven’t gotten to the nursery yet!

  27. Courtney C says

    What about a two-for-one? Decorate the nursery with all your halloween stuff and encourage the little bean to roll up for the holiday? ;) xoxo best of luck!

  28. Meg says

    Good luck on having the little one on your dad’s birthday! It took preterm labor and five weeks of hospital bedrest, but instead of having my first son on my mom’s birthday (September 10th; within the realm of possibility for his September 22nd due date), I managed to have him (safe and sound) on my dad’s 60th birthday on August 25th! That kind of made up for the drama preceding his arrival. :D

    Here’s hoping yours arrives on November 3rd, since two days early is awesomesauce.

  29. says

    I was just wondering where you got you black candelabra or if you’ve seen any like it recently (because you obviously got it a few years ago and I’m too late to that particular sale:)? I have been desperately searching for just the right one for months and yours is awesome.

    • says

      I got that one at Hobby Lobby I think. You might wanna check thrift shops and Goodwills — I always see brass ones in there that would look fab with a coat of black spray paint!
      xo – kb

  30. Bryn says

    Katie you stress me out every time you say you aren’t ready for this baby, lol. My son came 5 weeks early (fast and furious) and I was throwing things into a bag to take to the hospital like a crazy lady between contractions. That pic of Will with the pea-in-the-pod outfit is so precious! And I love your black & orange table setting. I bought a black sparkly pumpkin from Target like that last year but didn’t really know what to do with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. says

    Yep, I too blinked and fall was here and my house is still bare with not a hint of Halloween or Fall decor. My hubby brought down all the decorations from the attic (after I demanded them because I was going to deocrate right away) and my poor kids have been asking about the Halloween decorations. So I said that today would be the day no matter what. And that what is that I have loads of laundry and one messy kitchen to clean up after a crazy three day weekend. :/

    By the way, you have had some fun in year’s past with fall and Halloween. I’m a little jelly!

  32. says

    Oh, I love this! It’s making me strangely nostalgic for your old house! Have you been back recently? Did the family buy it? What a sweet house that was. I guess it’s not so weird when you consider how many times you’ve invited all of us readers to come inside for some bacon. ;)


    PS I came in and I don’t even eat bacon – the real kind anyway. The soy kind and I are BFFs.

  33. Kellie says

    THANK YOU for the table scape ideas! love the teal and gold one! and every one actually because I just love fall! Also, I know this is not the purpose of the post but when you did your mummy announcement, did you just roll yourself in toilet paper??

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