September Giveaway – Oreck

I’m squishing all the giveaways into one giant day (or a week if I feel lazy) of glittering awesomeness. Are you ready for this jelly? This yummy jam is all for you….one day (or week) with many many freebies – so check back often to heavy breathe and eye fondle these goodies. I’m dubbing it the Giveaway Power Day…like the dance – it’s electric!

Confession…I am not the best housekeeper in the world.  I’m not the worst either.  But definitely a D student when it comes to keeping my surroundings clean and tidy.  I always tell Jer that he would make a better housewife than me.   He picks up, tidies outta habit, loves non-clutter, and vacuums regularly.  And let’s just call me a ‘free spirit’ to be nice.  Nobody likes to be labeled “Hot Mess minus the hot”. 

One area that bugs my boyfriend to no avail is the living room. 

See the new (used) rug?  Well, it sheds like a polar bear in Bermuda.  All that molting has driven Jeremy crazy.

We were chugging along just fine with our old vacuum.  It’s a sturdy (aka weighs 46 lbs) thing from the Macedonian era that has no fancy features but gets the job done.  So when Oreck contacted us about doing a vacuum cleaners giveaway for you fine looking folks, I was secretly hoping that they could recommend a lighter, newer, more managable vacuum for us. 

They bested me.

Yup.  It was like spaghetti dinner came early for this pregnant Italian girl. 

They sent us a Magnesium upright vacuum and an Ultimate handheld for us to try out.  Well, did I ever…

 Jeremy asked me to give em a whirl.  If that was his way of tricking me into cleaning…well…it worked.  And here’s what I thought about the fancy new sucker…


  • Super lightweight.  Both things were no problem for me to lift up and down the stairs.  The old vacuum…well, I just let it slide down the steps and hoped it survived the fall.
  • Loved the shoulder strap on the Ultimate handheld.  It meant I had a free hand for moving other stuff…like matchbox cars.
  • Also adored the extender on the handheld so I didn’t have to bend.  These photos were when I was in the middle of some harsh sciatica torment…and bending was outta the question.  The extender meant I didn’t have to.
  • The upright had two settings – low and high built right into the handle.  Again…no bending.  Or pushing something with swollen feet while balancing on one foot. 
  • Sucks better than most.  The old vacuum is heavy duty – meaning, you don’t need to shave your legs, you can just suck the hair right outta them.  So I really was expecting any other vacuum to fail miserably in the ‘suck’ category.  Surprisingly, the upright worked AWESOME on regular carpet and hardwoods.


  • You can’t store all the accessories attached to the handheld.  That means two of the different nozzles would stay in the cupboard while you get your suck on.
  • It’s two different vacuums…which is really a pro and a con.  It means one of your kids could edge while the other vacs the living room :)  
  • On our shaggy rug – it did fine.  I give it a B+.  This is really the absolute hardest test a vacuum could have.  I mean, it’s like the MCAT of sucking.  And it got the majority of it up.  I told Jer that most folks don’t have rugs with inch long fingers gripping the stray popcorn bits…so if you are in a house full of shag, well, first let me hope it’s not harvest gold & avacado, and then second, you might need an exterminator, not a vacuum. 

Overall, I am THRILLED.  Of course, this means that I have no excuse now to not clean…but at least it’s not a full body workout anymore.  Now it’s actually easy.  One Easy Sucker…that shoulda been the name.  (Oreck you can credit that name to me, mmkaythanks!) 

But back to the giveaway – the fine folks at Oreck wanna give you a set of these handy dandy clean-er-uppers….


Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • PRIZE : Magnesium vacuum and Ultimate handheld vacuum from Oreck
  • TO ENTER : Leave a comment with the phrase ”One Easy Sucker!” and let’s talk about the Magnesium.  Go check out the cool features here and tell me one thing you dig about it.
  • PRIZE SHIPS : US 48 contiguous states
  • NITTY GRITTY : This giveaway ends on Saturday, October 6th 8am EDT. Only one contest entry per email address. The winners will be chosen using and emailed to claim their prize. Winners are not announced on this blog so please use your regularly checked email address.


p.s.  did I mention it was lightweight?  7.7 lbs – that’s less than Will at birth.  Whoa.

Disclaimer: Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.



  1. Lauren S says

    One Easy Sucker…I love that there’s a quick switch in the handle. So much easier then having to bend over and find the switch.

  2. Hayley says

    One Easy Sucker!! I’m all about the flexibility in that bad boy. It can practically lay flat on the ground. That and it’s blue. :)

  3. Tracey says

    One easy sucker! I would love something lightweight to make it easier for cleaning all the nooks and crannies

  4. Helen says

    One Easy Sucker! I would totally love this! I am in the search for a new vacuum before our baby arrives on October 27th :)

  5. Cara W says

    One Easy Sucker!

    Oh my goodness, I love everything about this sucker! If I had to narrow it down to one, it would be the 7.7lbs. I too have a HUGE old school vacuum and I sweat more vacuuming than I do at the gym. It would be really nice not to have to shower after vacuuming. Crossing my fingers!

  6. Stephanie Smedberg says

    One Easy Sucker! I love how lightweight it is – it would be so much easier than carrying my current one up and down the stairs!

  7. Allyson says

    One Easy Sucker! I just SO desperately want a vacuum that has attachments to make cleaning easier! I have one that just plain old vacuums with no hoses or nozzles or anything! It sure would make catching these stinkbugs in our house a lot easier! Haha!! :)

  8. Aimee says

    One Easy Sucker! I love that it has awesome names for it’s feature like slimswivel. The fact that it’s a team is pretty rad.

  9. says

    One Easy Sucker! I love that it can be used on multiple surfaces and also that it’s lightweight. Right now I am using a canister vacuum that I have to drag behind me that hits my heels and has brought tears to my eyes a couple times. Having an upright would be amazing!

  10. Julia says

    One easy sucker!!! It is so sleek and clean looking. It also matches my decor…I love blue. I would love to have such a lightweight vacuum to clean my stairs!

  11. Lauren says

    One Easy Sucker!
    Katie-I love that you admit to being a mediocre housekeeper. I wish my house would clean itself and often feel that this is the one part of motherhood that I am doomed to fail at. My kids will be loved, my dog will be fed and cared for (most of the time) but my house (nostly because of the aforementioned kids and dog) will be dirty. This is one mama who could definitely use the assistance of One Easy Sucker!

  12. Kate says

    With two young boys and another due this month, I could sure use One Easy Sucker! Plus, love that it is blue, my favorite accent color, and goes with our all boy house! Also love the fact that it’s under 8 pounds. If I have to clean, I want it to be as easy as possible :)

  13. says

    I love that this is lightweight and I could do my hardwoods and carpet! Our main level is all wood with rugs, the other 2 levels are carpet, so I’m constantly hauling our (heavy/clunky/old) vacuum around the house. Help!

  14. Raquel says

    One easy sucker!
    I love that’s it’s as lightweight as it is–I have a 2-story house and lugging my heavy vacuum up and down is killing me. And the HEPA bag!

  15. Leah says

    One Easy Sucker! I’m all about the light weight. We have two sets of stairs, so anything that’s easy to carry up and down those bad boys gets an A+ in my book!

  16. Amber L says

    One Easy Sucker! I love that it is only 7.7 lbs. Thanks for the opportunity! I am a huge fan of the Bower Power blog!

  17. Nikki says

    One Easy Sucker!! With four kids and one on the way, I like that it’s lightweight as I am always toting someone around!!

  18. Kelsi says

    One Easy Sucker! Love that it’s lightweight yet heavy duty… And the fact that it’s not my clearance grocery store vacuum for my first apt that I still use on our house. Time for an upgrade? Yes, please

  19. Susan Devanney says

    I love that it would replace my broom and getting down on my hands and knees cleaning up after my one and three year old in the kitchen three times a day, our hand vac is old and needs replacing!

  20. Susan Webster says

    One Easy Sucker! I love that it s light weight and has a shoulder strap for one arm and kids for the other!!

  21. Caitlin says

    One Easy Sucker! Husband always says if we get a nice vacuum, I’ll never have to vacuum again… here’s to hoping!

  22. Olivia Chelchowski says

    One Easy Sucker! I love that it looks like it could go under every piece of furniture I have…no more dustbunnies! That is of course, if I use the vacuum regularly.

  23. Sue Turissi says

    One Easy Sucker! I was so impressed I went and checked one out at my Oreck store! Love the shoulder strap

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