Pumpkin Patch 2015

In true fall fashion, we hit up a legit pumpkin patch…aka a church front lawn where they sell pumpkins….but hey! it’s more festive than the pumpkin display at Walmart.  Not that I am above bringing my kids to Walmart and taking their photos all over the inflatable pumpkin display.  I have no shame, remember?! :)

So this was completely impromptu….I had it slightly planned in my head but didn’t tell Jeremy (no need to stress him out.) and on our way to grab some pizza, I casually mentioned “Hey let’s go over to the pumpkin patch and take some photos.”  The kids aren’t dressed like internet babies…nobody is wearing moccassins or suspenders and I’m pretty sure that someone had jello smeared under their hoodie but that’s okay…I can do those photos later :)

We told the boys they had to pick ONE pumpkin.  And they had to be able to lift it.  That meant that the $50 pumpkins were off the table….literally, they stayed on the pallet in front of the church.

LJ loved the little excursion.  There were cars going by and he got to climb all over the “balls”.

Weston ran ALL over….one end to the other and then tried to go through each pumpkin to lift it up.

Will’s mission was to find the largest pumpkin that he could carry.

LJ found the little guys at one point and started kissing them.  I wished I had a photo of that.

It should be known that Weston always strikes a pose.  It could be facial expression or body parts in the air….the boy loves a good pose and this one legged version is a current favorite.  I should make him a flamingo for Halloween :)

Weston found this beast and I think the big boys thought they might be able to carry it #hahahahaha

Will does CrossFit.  Good form bud.

After this photo, he said “I don’t think I could carry this one right now because my muscles are hungry.”

More pumpkin lovin….

At the end, Weston got to hold Maxi Knight on the chair and he was so happy.  He wouldn’t let go!  We had to pry his hands apart so we could take the baby!  This dude is gonna make a great daddy one day!  I know that’s weird to say considering he is only two but it’s true!  Just don’t rush into that, mmkayson?!

Max was on the fence about the entire thing.  I think he enjoyed the cars.  That’s about it.

I might try to get a couple more pics of him in fall clothing (whip out the moccs!) but we shall see.  A long time ago I cut out a pumpkin and put Baby Will in it….I don’t know if Max would go for that…..I think I would have to make him a pumpkin recliner or barcalounger or something for his chunky thighs :)

All in all….super fun and laid back and we bought the pumpkin that Weston found in the first photo of him.  Right now it looks like a Ninja Turtle because we went to a pumpkin carving party last night.  By default it is Michelangelo (orange one for those of you who need to brush up on your mutant reptile facts).  Ninja Power!