A Crate Date

When I was pregnant with LJ, I decided that it was high time to start going on little mini dates with Will.  He was old enough to understand that it was special alone time with Mommy and that we would be doing fun things and having special treats (the kid thinks a Gatorade is special so he isn’t hard to please!).  Being such a daddy’s boy naturally, it honestly was one of the best things I could have done for our ‘bond’ and I think I look forward to it just as much as he does.

This month, when the Kiwi Crate delivery came, I knew that it would be a perfect way to make our monthly date just that much more special.

For those of you that don’t know what Kiwi Crate is, it is a monthly subscription service for kids.  Each month a box gets delivered to our house with all the materials to create 2-3 hands-on projects based on art or science, etc.  Each month has a different theme (think gardening, dinosaurs, space!) and we really love that this is just another alternative to passing over the iPhone or same old coloring book.  I love telling you about it and how we use it because I love promoting educational and FUN ways to spend time with your kids or grandkids.  They are our future people!

This month, I took a peek inside and saw that it was cooking themed and I knew that Will was gonna LOVE it.  For those of you that don’t know, my kid is obsessed with cooking.  He told me that he might be a chef one day and that I could come over and eat the food he makes.  I may have scared him a little when I screamed “DEAL!”.  So I decided that the best way to do our date was to take him to a local cafe for an early breakfast and let him get cooking on his Kiwi Crate while we waited on our meal.

I have been taking the ‘dates’ as an opportunity to teach Will some of the basics too…like opening doors for people and how not to interrupt conversations and getting brave enough to order his own meals.  My boys are definitely a work-in-progress but on these dates, Will does his very best and I can tell he is trying so hard to be a ‘big boy’.  #proudmama

My friend Alexis owns the cafe so I knew she would be cool with us camping out for a little before the morning rush.  If you are ever in Monroe, GA….antique shopping perhaps?…you definitely need to stop in and get something to eat.  The baked goodies are amazing!

After we ordered our food, Will broke into the box and was really excited to find icing.  I think he was only mildly disappointed when I told him that he couldn’t eat it :)


In this box, we had two options….make a cake or decorate aprons & a hat….he chose the icing first….of course….

First, we built the cake (sponges) on our paper ‘plate’…

And then Will got to the icing part (it was really clay that dried hard but squeezed out of the tubes just like real icing).

After a little bit of time, he asked me to join in and we had a polka dot competition….

Right after we got done with the icing part, our breakfast was ready so we dove into that to fuel up for part two of cake decorating.  Who knew we would require bacon to keep going?!  (btw my hand is up).

We scarfed down the food extra quick because Will couldn’t wait to keep decorating.

Just check out that face!  If the dimple comes out to play, it means that we have a winner!

Ready to go on part TWO!

Next came the coloring activity!  I seriously thought that this would be a total dud after such a fun hands-on adventure but I was so wrong.  Will loved the fact that there were stickers to color over and make the fun shapes.

The hat was a little too small for his noggin (big head like Mommy) and so we clipped it a little in the back with the enclosed scissors and then it could fit his giant cranium.  As a parent, I do love the fact that everything is enclosed in the box (like crayons that will actually work on the fabric and scissors and popsicle sticks)…it makes the crate travel well :)

He did an awesome job with both activities and was so excited to save the cake to show his daddy and ‘brudders’.

Overall….perfect breakfast date with my biggest boy.  He is literally growing up WAY too fast and having these little moments are priceless.  He still is in that stage where he wants to ‘marry mommy’ and I know that someday, he will not say those things or want to wear a chefs hat in public or think decorating sponges is cool….so I better slurp up every ounce of sweetness I can now!  He is literally flying into big boy status!  Oh I need a minute to pull myself together now…someone get the tissues before my face melts off!

So that is just one little idea for using your Kiwi Crate…go on a little date with your love!  The best part is that they make them now for lots of ages – they have the Koala Crate (age 3-4), Kiwi Crate (age 4-8), Thinker Crate (age 9-14), and Doodle Crate (age 9-16).  Here is some more info on the crates themselves:

  • “Kid tested, expert approved”
  • A test crew of kids make sure the projects are engaging, fun, and universally appealing.
  • Plans start at just $16.95/month
  • Sibling add-on: transform your subscription to a “no fight” crate by adding materials for just $9.95/month
  • Free shipping on ALL subscriptions!
  • Here are the most popular past crates – LINK HERE.

And this month, Kiwi Crate is offering Bower Power readers a discount….here are the details: Save 30% on your first month subscription with code BP30 (applies to any type of crate) – 30% off your first month’s subscription!  Excludes sibling add-ons.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

So have you tried this service yet?  Anybody doing the same ‘dates’ with your little one?  What has been your favorite activity?  I am always on the lookout for great date ideas!