Introducing Isla

I am seriously obsessed with this girl.  Like in a completely unhealthy maniacal kind of way.  Like in a I-wanna-squeeze-her-cheeks-off kinda way.  Like in a yes-I-created-an-Aunt’s-birth-announcement-kinda-way.  I am weird.  I know it.  I embrace that.

Isla Carys

So for those of you that don’t follow me on Instagram or just look at the blog photos – here’s the info….two weeks ago I got to meet my newest family member, my neice Isla.  She was born after the shortest labor ever (ok ok maybe not ever but it was FAST) and I missed her birth by thirty minutes!  I was in traffic trying to get to the hospital for TWO HOURS (con of country living) but dear lord, she was worth it.  She is just the sweetest little thing.  And I totally am relishing in the fact that those baby girl clothes that I have been stashing are finally getting put to good use.  I think that they call that phenomenon a Hoarders Paradise.

My sis Nornie claims this is their last baby which is just a terrible idea because DANG they make beautiful babies.  But since she will be the baby, I fully plan on spoiling her rotten.  It is so easy to just sit and love all over her…which is the agenda for the rest of my life.  Overall, I am just so proud of Norn and Boots and it is so fun to see them all grow together as a family.  So I hope you join me in a big hearty congratulations to them, Clay & Cole (her new big brothers) and wish Isla a very healthy first year.  And just consider yourself warned if this place becomes Isla-mania :)

p.s.  I have another post for you later today…so check back for the lamp tutorial!


We got our toes in the sand party people!

As we speak (um…type/read) the Bower crew are sea-salt-smellin’ sand-dusting sunscreen-sprayin’ shade-wearin’ fish-eatin’ fools.  That’s right.  We made it finally to the beach!

Many of you probably thought we were going back to Destin.  It’s our favorite spot on the gulf and we hit it up several times in the past couple years.  This time we went to party central – Panama City.  Yes, Jeremy and I feel like we are 21 again on spring break…except now we haul 126 beach toys, swim diapers and wear momkinis – ya know…kinda like a bikini but much more fabric all over and milk stains (Jer rocks it).  We still get to experience screaming in the streets, sleepless nights and cleaning up vomit…so not that much has changed :)

Our drive down went great – one stop for lunch and one gas stop (where the boys got to pick out a piece of candy) and THAT WAS IT!  The presents distracted them great between Curious George/Veggie Tales movies and the favorite gifts were definitely the shark hoodies (both boys laid them on their laps and didn’t want to move them).

And as soon as we got unloaded, we took them down to the beach….

Look familiar?  Throw back to Destin two years ago and our little man still charges the ocean like he did back then…

We also did a little throwback with this photo….

That was LJ two days ago…and this is Will in August of 2010 at the same age…

Just in case you forget what he looks like now…here he is doing his thang in the sand.  He LOVES the beach.  And please don’t strain your voice – I know the photos in this post can cause excessive aww-ing.

Weston at first wasn’t too sure.  Rip currents, jellyfish stings and shark bites don’t happen to everyone Weston.  Geesh…overdramatic much :)

Once he warmed up to it, it was time to find buried treasure…

Also another throwback…last year at Gulf Shores…same pose, less slobber…

Overall, we are all really excited to be here.  We have a few REALLY big exciting things happening when we get back home so we are trying to soak in as much rest, fun and family as we can.  And I will definitely do a recap post once we get home.  Hopefully we will have lots of adventures to tell you about :)

And photoshoots.  HEAVENS.  Mama needs her photoshoots.  I have already seen two sunrises and squeezed in two little shoots with this babe of blue-eyed beachy deliciousness…

Of course…another throwback…to Will in the same outfit….because dude….it’s babies.  on the beach.

Just make sure you sit down somewhere away from sharp objects before you pass out from the cuteness.  Because eyebrowless babies in sand are the best.

If you want to follow along with our beach adventures and get sneak peeks at what we are up to….we are excessively instagramming.  Follow us @bowerpowerblog and be with us as we explore the Redneck Riviera!