Something Blue

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Blue Apron.  The opinions are 100% my own.

This past month our family got really exciting news!  My little brother Tim (some of you call him Hot Tim….shweebies!) got engaged!

That’s right!  He is officially off the market.  And I am so thrilled for him and his girlfriend…err….fiancee…Jessica.  They have been dating off and on for the last several years and then in the last year, Tim told us that he was getting more serious about her and BOOM!  Engaged!

You haven’t seen a bunch of her because she is extremely quiet….like you could walk into a room and never know she is in there kinda quiet.  Which is VASTLY different than everyone else in our family….but for some reason she keeps coming back :)  Her family lives in our area and we had everyone join us for Thanksgiving where I got to snap a photo of the whole bunch.  Note that my brothers physically can not take a normal photo….ever.

While we were getting the basement ready, we had some furniture that we thought Tim and Jessica might be interested in and we invited them over to ‘shop’ our garage sale and then we ended up celebrating their big announcement by making them dinner.  We had a Blue Apron delivery earlier that day and it was perfect timing because I didn’t have anything defrosted!  I am a big believer in that if you really want to get to know someone….eat with them.  Make them dinner.  And since Jessica isn’t a big talker, this meal was the perfect opportunity to get to know her a little more.  And it was the perfect opportunity for my big kitchen helper to show off his peeling skills…

Seriously I am such a proud mama!  Have you ever even seen a better peeled sweet potato?!?  It has never existed.  Nope.  Never.  Top Chef here comes Will Bower!

If you haven’t tried it or are one of the few people on the planet that haven’t heard of them, Blue Apron is a delivery meal service….that really forces us to try new dishes and expand our meal diversity (and helps my kids hone their culinary skills!).  They deliver a refrigerated box right to your doorstop and then we make the meal using the fresh ingredients here in the comfort of our own home.

Everything comes in the box that you need.  There isn’t any additional grocery shopping or whatever.  It’s all there ready for you to make chef-designed meals.  And they give you the instructions too…step by step ones with pictures…ya know…for people like me that need visuals.  I hoard my meal cards…they are gonna make a fantastic recipe collection when I get them all.  They also have tons more recipes online…you should go check them out and pin some for your next dinner!

I know that you probably have heard everything there is to hear about Blue Apron…both here and in the rest of blogland….and I have to tell you….there is a reason why so many people love it.  It takes a lot to convince so many different tastebuds that something is tasty…and I truly believe that Blue Apron is delicious….that is what matters to me….delicious food at a reasonable price.   And to all you anti-sponsored-post people…I get it…but as a blogger, I believe that there is a balance to be had…I do want to introduce new products and services and also select a few to be faithful supporters.  Putting my stamp of approval on something long term is a big deal to me.  But Blue Apron makes that easy because I truly do love the service, the food, and I actually tell my friends about it all the time.  The fact is…sponsored or not, we are fans.

I mean seriously…who wouldn’t be a fan if you could eat this….

We served Tim and Jessica blood-orange roasted salmon with avocado, pepitas & israeli couscous salad and pan-roasted pork with bacon, brussels sprouts and sweet potato hash.  Everyone loved the couscous salad….there wasn’t even leftovers!  And the salmon?  with the oranges?  Amazing.  I think the boys liked the pork but I wasn’t paying attention what with all the chewing that needed to happen :)

If you want more info on Blue Apron, here is the run down….

  • Blue Apron boxes now come in TWO PLANS!  There is the 2-person plan (serves 2 people 3 meals per wk) or the family plan (serves 4 people 2 meals per wk).
  • Meals are $9.99 per person for the 2-person-plan and $8.74 per person for the family plan
  • Available to most of the country (full map of delivery zones click here)
  • No commitment – skip or cancel service at any time!
  • Each meal is 500-700 calories per person
  • Ingredients sourced from quality local suppliers and artisans
  • All meals take 40 minutes or less to be prepared
  • They have a COOKBOOK and other products!

An awesome thing about Blue Apron is that it is great for families like mine….people that enjoy a nice meal in your home with the people you love.  I love going out but it just isn’t practical with the little ones…they end up trapped in high chairs and crying for constant entertainment while they wait.  It isn’t fun.  And this FEELS and tastes like a meal you get at a fancy restaurant.  It just is special.  And it is perfect for those moments of celebration.  Try it once and you will see what I mean.  You’ll want to tie the figurative knot :)

As for the OTHER knot….Tim and Jessica shared all sorts of plans…like they are getting married this fall, having a small wedding and they are using turquoise in their colors!  Now I can’t wait for my next Blue Apron delivery to arrive just so that I can invite them over again and hear more details!  Ahhh!


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