My Bro & The Virtual Exterior Makeover

Last weekend, we celebrated my niece Isla and my nephew Clay’s dedication.  It was so special to see both of those sweet faced babies up there in their parents arms as Norn & Boots promised to teach them to love others and to love Jesus.  The best part was hanging out afterwards.  My sister invited us all over for a cookout and during normal conversation, my little brother told me that he was thinking about fixing up the outside of his house.

The problem was that he and his girlfriend had a difference of opinion on how it should look.  That’s the name of the game folks….we always have a difference of opinion.  And this my friends is why Photoshop tutorials should be part of premarital counseling.

Tim sent me a couple photos and what he thought they both thought.  Then being the bossy big sister I am, I told him what I thought he should do.

Okay – so here is his house.  He can’t paint the siding.  The roof is new.  He doesn’t want to invest a bunch of money in taking out the brick or the stone steps and he said that the landscaping is fine.  Basically this was a foreclosure that he doesn’t want to over-improve.  So all that being said….here we go…

This is his girlfriend’s idea – painting the shutters, the columns and the arch with a dark brown.  It’s okay but I think the overhead archway is way too bulky to be painted.

Tim’s opinion was that it should be painted lighter neutral like a medium gray.  Again…too bulky.  I think the shutters don’t pop enough.

So here’s my opinion.  Instead of going brown or gray….go black.  With the yellow siding, everything looked so washed out.  I think that the black shutters is like the eyeliner on the face of the house.  And I totally nixed the idea of painting the arch or columns.  I think they should stay blended in with the siding.  Then instead of investing any time or effort into the front door or front porch….I would spend about $50 and update the garage area.  In the original photo, you can see the light is old…so a quick $20 would update that…and then I would add some cheap carriage door hardware just to add some style to the big front facing garage doors.

I told Tim that if he wanted to spend any other money that I would update the front door hardware.  Other than that, I think that when it comes to first houses,  it’s better to throw money into improving bathrooms and kitchens.

So what do you think?