Creators Studio

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored video post brought to you by Rust-Oleum.  All opinions are 100% my own.

I have something really fun to introduce to you…a video :)

I know.  I am ridiculous.  Ridiculously passionate about DIY projects :)

So now that you know what I am about to talk about, I am gonna warn you that this post might end up with us jumping on beds together, flinging stain in the air and singing Beyonce.  I have the best readers in the world and I absolutely couldn’t wait to introduce you to Creator’s Studio because I know that a lot of you are here to learn new things, be inspired to improve your home, and to save money by tackling DIY projects.  You might be a rookie, a pro, or just someone that is interested in paint and stain projects.  Well, Creator’s Studio really lights a fire under my bootie because it is a collaborative environment meant for sharing insights and ideas through activities and challenges.  If you have a do-it-yourself spirit, this is for you!  It’s like a virtual community workshop.  A she-shed.  A man-garage.  A space that brings passionate DIYers together.  Rust-Oleum created this place to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, discuss tips and tricks and maybe even create the next new product idea.  (HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!)

They want you to join!  You can go to this new site, create a profile and start discussing right away.  Every few months, Rust-Oleum will post an “Innovation challenge” where community members (that’s you!) can submit ideas, vote and comment.  You can win money and a MasterCreator badge!

I have officially used up my daily limit of exclamation points.  I know.  But I gotta say how excited I am to stalk the discussions to get the best info on staining and painting.  Weirdly excited.  Like in a very awkward geeky that-girl-is-naming-her-paint-brushes-kinda-way .  So my virtual friends, I hope you join me over there…I bet you are gonna love it too!